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Found 26 results

  1. SUPREME UNIFINISHED WOODEN ALTAR Starting bid: 10 s Increment : 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  2. I am auctioning off a Rare Unfinished Wood Altar The last wooden piece still needs to be put on to choose the wood type Starting Bid: 3s Bid Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: No Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour No Private Bids Accepted
  3. Contact me via PM or in game as Luttuosa Supreme unfinished oven Supreme unfinished kiln Rare unfinished well Rare unfinished spirit castle Rare unfinished spirit cottage Rare unfinished oven Rare unfinished floor loom Rare unfinished epic portal Rare unfinished stone altar
  4. tl;dr pls I remember first venturing out and becoming a follower and priest my first time. It was a special journey. A milestone. I met people along the way and was warned of the possibilities that I'd be sought after by those who'd wish me harm. There aren't many other games, if any, that I can relate this experience to. That being said, you could make that first journey as a new player, so long as you still had to visit the (un)holiest of (un)holies on Elevation to become a priest. I sure would love to be able to become a follower of a god, just by using a player-made altar on a home server.
  5. Noticed that this page on altars and domains is no longer accurate: This section here: "If you feel the presence of any god other than the one you follow, you cannot start or continue an stone or wooden altar dedicated to your god. Only stone or wooden altars dedicated to the god of their respective domain can be started or continued within that domain. Gold altar and Silver altar need to be blessed after creation and can thus be built in opposing domains." Thank-you kindly!
  6. Not sure if this is intended. I am able to preach to a vyn altar with my nahjo priest. It is also a supreme altar if that makes a difference. I am enjoying my extra skill gains, but not sure if I am supposed to get them.
  7. Hello! As headline suggest, I am looking for someone that will be willing to make me an altar. Gold, 80ql minimum. PM me offers please. Deed is located on Exodus. Thanks Jimbean
  8. (Closed)

    You see an altar under construction. Ql: 2.553804, Dam: 0.0. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. The altar needs 1 metal bowl, and 1 square piece of cloth, and 8 plank to be finished. Help increase your faith bonus for getting those successful casts! This item cannot be mailed, and since I've yet to sail around the world much, the winner can either pickup at Summerholt on Xanadu or include a 5s delivery fee on top of your winning bid (and be patient while I learn how to get to you) Thanks, good luck bidding, and happy 4th of July to those Americans out there! Starting price 15s Increments : 1s Reserve : 30s Buyout : 50s sniper : 1 hr EDIT: It didn't sell, but I'll try again another time. PM me if you're interested
  9. I have another rare unfinished stone altar for sale. The price is intended WITH delivery. If you want to pick it up from me in Release, i can chop one silver off your current bid - i will discuss this with the auction winner. I do not accept euros, referrals or sleeping powders as payment. Sniper protection: 4h Starting bid: 7s Increments: 1s Buyout: 15s
  10. Sermon Group

    Are there any Sermon groups currently running on Xanadu? Alternatively ..... Anyone interested in joining one at i8 (Whitefall) in the run up to the Impalong there? Artisans Hall currently has 4 altars, Vyn, Fo, Mag and Nahjo, fountain by the altars and a forge for cooking if needed. If there is suffiient interest I will start a group up there. Impalong details
  11. This mod for Ago's server Modloader lets you move altars (excludes huge altars) with the "Move" menu options. It also lets you load or unload them. The normal rules for loading apply. Options: Note; 1. Stone altars are always pushable. I tried to find out why with no success. 2. Influence is wonky. They only spread influence when on the ground and it appears this only updates on a server restart. There is nothing stopping someone from unloading altars in another's god's domain. source:
  12. I have a rare unfinished stone altar, up for the auction. The price is intended WITH delivery. If you want to pick it up from my deed in xanadu j16 coast, i can chop one silver off your current bid - i will discuss this with the auction winner. I do not accept euros, referrals or sleeping powders as payment. Edit: one word has to be said about delivery to chaos: i'm not going there. in case you are from chaos, please choose a known deed on the west coast of deliverance and we will arrange the trade there in secrecy, to avoid possible interceptions on borders. Starting bid: 7s Increments: 1s Buyout: 15s Current highest bid: Drused - 11s (please keep in mind that it might be outdated)
  13. Was thinking the oak stump would make a cool altar base. So lets say you plant a oak tree where you want your altar, let it grow to Very old or overaged (overaged pref) then cut it down. Then you could activate a bowl and use it on the stump to get the option to create an "Oaken altar" or something. Mats could be : Stump, bowl, 26 Tar, some manual carving work. Maybe more, whatever would be needed to balance it. Good idea/dumb idea?
  14. Something came up while answering a question in /ca: Also as I brood over the topic, I'm not sure now if there actually was such tower-enhancing tiles ages ago or if it was a rumor that resulted from bugged tower influence.
  15. Churches are nice and all, but in what religion are priests restricted to working at a fixed altar? Aren't the powers of their gods bigger than a lump of gold in a building? Problem: altars scattered all over. Every unique hunt will have 1-3 altars dropped. People leave them behind in mines and when deeds fail. So many other items can be loaded and reused, but sadly not altars, because of the domain issues. Solution: Portable Altars! A new altar type (Marble? Copper?) that has no domain influence, can be picked up (loaded at the very least, but picked up means less altars left laying around) and allows saccing, sermons and praying. Could even make it deity neutral.
  16. Starting Bid: 3s Raise: 1s Buyout: 10s Free CoD ! Really nice for making a Rare altar. 48h Auction
  17. Do you have an annoying altar in your way? is it in the way of your wonderful progress? Well then i got just the service for you! For a small fee ranging from 25 till 50 Copper i will go on to destroy that pesky altar that is taunting you! Before hand i need to clear o couple of basic ground rules for Customer and the Service provider. 1. The Customer is not Responsible for the life or the DMG taking by the Service provider when Desecrating the Altar. 2. ONLY after the Altar is Destroyed is the payment is rated(see 2.1) and payed by the Customer to the Service provider. 2.1 Rate is based on altar Difficulty for example a 70Ql Golden altar will be more expensive then an 20Ql stone altar. 3. Location has to be in the Exodus world for now at some point i may consider expanding or moving for a period but for now i will just do for people in Exodus. My apology in advance for people who outside of Exodus who may need this. Besides that i would like that people tell me before hand what altar i will need to destroy this includes the QL, the Type of altar and God that the altar belongs to. besides that i need a location and a time in which you are online. i will contact you in game and if you are then still willing to get ride of it them i will go towards you and get rid of the altar.
  18. Assuming the loading and relocating of enchanted metal altars and mailboxes would potentially mess something up. Perhaps require the dispelling of the enchants before they can be loaded into vehicles, if not already without enchants?
  19. Howdy fellow wurmian Another shiney item is for sale. A rare Unfinished altar Well this thing didn't do much than slowing decay rate (even I'm not sure if altar are decayable object ) But oh well, as you know, it will shiny glowing somehow. Fit for your deed if you are a collector When it finished, it will automatically turned into your deity altar, so make sure to not complete it with wrong person. Starting bid : 1s minimum increment : 25c Buyout : 10s Reserve : no Snipe protection : no only 60 hours auction. Happy Bidding everyone Edit : Someone kind found this information about rare altar on wiki for me. Altars receive bonuses to normal effects and alignment during prayers and sermons.
  20. Hello! I'm looking for a mag priest to travel to my deed (Ravenstone harbour) West of Stone harbour 45x 48y. Relly liked to get it as soon as possibel, please PM "Giblet". Thanks (Independence map: - Giblet Of Ravenstone Harbour!
  21. Either wiki is wrong or something has changed as i was happy to have found a way to "unfollow" a god on the following page: Also i wanted to remove an altar as i can not move the golden one, and it does not work: "If you desecrate an altar of your deity you stop following that god and have your faith and favor reset to 0. Exorcism xp is gained. The altar is removed from the game." After 4 tries desecrating with a Vynora follower i gave up after getting 4 poison wounds and no damage or removal of the altar itself, nor does faith/favor decrease, the only thing that happened was i got more wounds and damage to myself. "Before desecrating, it should be noted that mayors and everyone with 'destroy' permission are able to equip a maul and right click an altar to select the destroy option." This did not work either as i do not get the option to destroy the altar trying with huge club and huge maul, tried this on 3 characters all with allied status and all but diplomat checked in roles. 1 of these chars is a friend of mine that has all permissions according to the settings. So either i'm doing something wrong or the wiki isn't correct and i still cant leave as follower or destroy the freaking altar. I do not dare to try this with the mayor which is a priest as i do not want to destroy anything on him.
  22. I just had a thought in reading the "I will convert you" thread. Would be nice to be able to see who is available to convert a follower to priest by examining an altar, or by using a statuette of a certain god. I know this may be quite a task. was just a thought.
  23. Now that we are able to find marble veins I'd like to see the ability to use the marble shards as we use the stone shards to make marble statues, marble altars, marble fountains, etc...but with the look of marble rather than gray stone. Marble Pillars would be an improvement also. Thank you for your time and assistance.
  24. as title says looking to get my gold altar (currently ql 46) imped to 70+,would prefer 80+ but not many people bother leveling the skill so that may be to optimistic if you can imp the gold altar from 46 to 70ql+ plz post here or pm me with max lvl you can imp to and the price celebration server x42 y29 on this map