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Found 5 results

  1. Windowed Resizable Live client UI Scale: 80% UI Text Scale: 90% On the above settings, there are noticeable see-through gaps on the right hand window borders for open containers, inventory, event and chat windows. The window border sections are apparently not meeting up with each other. Container and Chat windows: Inventory and Event windows:
  2. I'm creating this here, just to have a place to show early works in progress of my attempts to create a custom graphic pack for Wurm Unlimited, that will be using textures from the popular Minecraft texture pack: Sphax PureBDcraft. I've gotten the "ok" from the BDcraft team, that if I get the pack to a completed state, that I could have it posted on their forums for others to use it, (somewhat of a rule with their textures - others can use them for games, but they have to give credit, and they have to be distributed via their site). As of right now, I've only got fairly basic terrain textures (not even close to all of them) done so far, and then some other odds and ends here and there, mainly for experimenting with the complexity of how this will get... As I'm only working with textures as texture files, and not in a 3d editor to do it as it's seen in the game world or anything, some stuff that has complex models, like the furnace will take me much tinkering. Some of the stuff that you'd think is complex, really isn't, such as the log piles, I'm quite happy with how those turned out. I'll be posting more progress updates, and screenshots as I carry on with the project though - Credit to the Sphax PureBDcraft Team for the original textures Progress Updates and Screenshots: -Week prior of April 21, 2019: Latest post - Well it's about time that I did an alpha release of this graphic pack for people to give a try, and give feedback for. At present, I'm open to suggestions about all the textures, essentially consider everything to be a placeholder for now, as it's still an early alpha release. Just a heads up, that because this is an entire graphics.jar file, it is quite a hefty download, about 1.3gb. Also make sure that you backup your original graphics.jar file, unless you don't mind doing a reinstall of your game to replace it.
  3. Heya Anyone playing that game? I have been lately, it is alot of fun including pretty fun pvp. Ofc its a alpha, so alot of bugs, and latency, but still imo worth the money. The devs behind it seem very active and working hard.
  4. Due to heavy interest inside my alliance and Deli server, I figured why not go ahead and start a thread for the new game coming! EQNL is releasing alpha next month, and if you're a Trailblazer or Explorer you get to play. (Settlers have to wait for beta) I'm wondering if anyone from Wurm would be interested in possibly teaming up to build something together, or even just to say "Hey, I'm gonna be on there too!" I'm currently not to sure on how well co-op will work building wise - (Not sure if you are allowed to build in others claims in alpha) So we'll have to wait and see on this, Unless someone has info about the claims. We've got about 4-5 people that are Trailblazers at the moment, We haven't discussed joining up together, but we'll all be hanging out over there a bit i'm sure, So if you're already a trailblazer or Explorer, feel free to post/pm your name here so we can talk in EQNL Hope to see you all one day in EQNL, and many-many more years In Wurm too! =) For those interested, My Forum and IGN for EQNL will be DruidNature.
  5. Okay so I had a thought about a way to make the hunting on Wurm a little more interesting and dangerous at the same time. There are already animal conditions so I know this can be done in a way, also the Troll king and Goblin leader show this coding to be plausible as well so I don't want to hear "it would be to hard to code" or anything of the sort, if you don't have any actually useful information to post please move on to the next topic. Now that is out of the way my idea was to implement Alpha versions of creatures into the game. The concept is to have one dominant creature that leads a group of five+ others. The condition of alpha would increase it's size to around x1.2-x1.7 that of the normal character model. It would also increase the attack strength, attack speed, stamina, and defense of said creature by at least a factor of x1.5 for each. The age of said creature in question would have to be mature or older in order to have the status. When highlighted their name would say "Mature Alpha Black Wolf" or perhaps with Alpha at the end of the name in parenthesis like one of our titles. If you wanted to you could take it a step further and make it to where once a alpha gets too old a younger "usurper" of sorts could take it's place either by sheer transfer of power or through the killing of the old alpha(this part might be too hard to code). Adding this idea into the game would make it harder by a considerate amount to hunt, thus making it basically a requirement to hunt and play with others. I believe that this would increase the fun while out hunting and would make it to where villages that have more than one or two people are more common. or at least communities of a great amount of homesteads near one another pop up making it easier to get together with your allies to go on a hunting trip. Obviously not every creature in this game would roam in packs, trolls only around the king, same for goblins with the leader. Crocs, anacondas, scorpions, hell scorpious, cave bugs(?), and fiends would all be alpha-less creatures. But the rest of the creatures from my knowledge are pack/group/herd animals. Not so sure about spiders, boars, and bears(both types) however. The rest being; bison, wolf, bull/cow, chicken, deer, dog, horses, hell horses and hell hounds(not so sure about these cause they are strong alone), rats, gorillas, lions, pheasents, pigs, hyenas, unicorns, and cats. All would be pack animals. Feel free to post any and all constructive criticism. My goal with this idea is to make the game more community driven, I for one think that everyone having their own deed is one of the main reasons people leave this game so easily. They go out, get their deed done then get bored and quit, leaving tons of ruins in their wake. Thanks for reading that long post, Direwolf. ---------------------EDITED Parts of the idea---------------------- I don't want to modify the original post so here are the modifications to the original idea. - Alphas can't be penned, they walk through locked or unlocked gates and bash down pens with no gates - The Alpha title is not a genetic trait and therefore can't be breed to produce more alphas. - Due to the previous two edits Alphas can not be tamed. - Aggro or not if one member of the pack is attacked all the members attack the intruder in defense. Thus making it harder to hunt anything at all. - Make the Alphas the spawn or have them create a spawn for their pack alone in which they roam a minimum 25 tile circumference around that spawn. - Reproduction if there is a male and a female and room in the pack. Giving the idea that the pack will have little ones to look after. If a baby is attacked the pack defends. - Later if running animals are implemented(animals that run from hunters) make it to where if the alpha is attacked they all defend, if any other is attacked they all scatter in a group, save maybe one or two defend.