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Found 11 results

  1. selling full almanacs with 99.5+ reports, only 2s each until midnight (yep, my premium runs out today )
  2. I see no reason why the pages need to decay when inside the book, I think making this a container to start with was rather silly but it is what it is.
  3. Summary QL of reports does not match the pages of the reports themselves:
  4. [23:11:48] An annual calendar containing information about fruit, nuts, flowers and other harvestables. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It could be improved with a leather. 5 day auction starting price is 15s I have reports for all the trees /bushes so far and will send ya the updated ones. adding 2 hour snipe protection.
  5. Items For Sale: 2x Rare Bones Price: 26s Each
  6. close
  7. no sure if its the right place, but you can actually "steal" harvestable items from others deeds with studying (more a grief than stealing cause you dont get the item, but its destroyed). tested with sickle (impossibe) & with pen (possible) on same deed might be a good idea to fix it to fit it to the tempalte: What happened: i was able to use the study action on my neightbors deed, resulting in a loss of his harvestable items (no worries, he is inactive :P) What you expected to happen: he deactivated the harvest option in his deed settings, i wasnt allowed to harvest with a sickle. so i expected to not be able to study. Steps to reproduce: take a pen> fill with ink> study a harvestable plant on anothers deed with deactivated harvest permissions> result is the destroyed harvestable item, in my opinion a grief
  8. ....
  9. I have for sale rare almanac 70ql - 6s
  10. Get your freshly made Almanacs now! Almanac 20c (3 in stock) Weight reduced Almanac! 1.8kg instead of 2kg! 1.5s (3 in stock) Rare Almanac 7s (1 in stock) SOLD Rare weight reduced Almanac 8s (1 in stock) SOLD Get them while they're hot!
  11. Trollwood Keep - Amadee HI Everyone! This week we touch on some more content coming in the next update, with the almanac! There's also info on CA help for the Epic cluster, so why are you still reading this? The almanac An ages old tool for farmers and other crop growers, an almanac is a calendar with important information such as tides, astronomical data, seasons and crops. For Wurm, it will be used to check up on when bushes, trees and trellises will bear fruit! That's right, you'll be able to keep a record telling you when every harvestable item is ripe, and for how long it will be ripe. The almanac will require studying a bush, tree or trellis during its harvest season to collect the information on it, and skill will determine just how much information you can collect and ql of the report will determine how far in the future you can see harvest times. These reports are then stored inside the almanac. Once collected, anyone may use the almanac to check on harvest times and read up on information about the reports they have stored inside. You can even check with a handy command of /almanac (You will need the reports in your almanac to see each harvest season though!) The almanac will also include little bits of information on each harvested produce, with a definite Wurmian twist. New Bushes Those of you with a keen eye will notice something in the above picture, and that's three new harvestable bushes! Blueberries, Raspberries and lingonberries will become bushes that have their own harvest times, Epic CA help This next update we'll be introducing a new CA help for epic, JK help, MR help, and HotS help! These help channels will be across all epic servers, but restricted to each kingdom, names will also not show the server tag, so you can still help while raiding! It's the first step towards improving our support for new players on Epic, we'll have to wait for this to go live before testing (as we don't have 4 test servers to setup the scenario) and we'll continue to adjust anything we need to. WU beta to live delays Due to the last update, we'll be including some last minute fixes and tweaks in the beta, which will extend it to next week, this is to make sure we don't have to force another update our beta version before going to live, sorry about the delay, but delaying is smoother than a second update later on in case something breaks! Caption this Winner The winner of this weeks caption this is Mordraug! We couldn't go past this one PvP updates Ongoing PvP updates include continued balances and tweaks to the catapulting and siege weapons, and also a discussion on changes to how kingdom influence works on PvP servers. These projects are aimed at improving foundation mechanics as we take steps towards the larger overhauls, projects are in the works and we'll be looking at a bigger roadmap to show what is currently being worked on and what is being planned. Check out the kingdom influence discussion here: Community Content This week I'd like to take a moment to put the spotlight on Wurmhole, who opened a thread offering to pay 1 months premium for five players, and asked others to nominate people. While I missed the pm about pizza (damnit!) I think this is an even better use of the income from this sale, and it's amazing to see Wurmians come together to recognise other players, new and old alike for their work in helping one another and I'd like to congratulate those who received the premium time, you've certainly earned it! That's it for this week from us, there's more to come in the oncoming weeks before the big update, and we may just be saving the best for last! What is it? You'll just have to wait and see! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team