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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking for various kinds of work (digging farming mining etc) Currently located in exodus you can pm me if you need something done.
  2. Welcome to Spotted Rift Locations ..! Im trying to get all the rift locations on this post and keep it updated weekly for the freedom people as there is no way of finding out unless you ask around Anyone who is kind enough to drop me a pm on here or in game "Xcaliber" with rift details would benefit everyone who uses this post to find rifts This page will be updated to a nicer look for next weeks rift's - I do ask that people from the servers send me a pm for the locations of there local rifts to help me get this updated on a weekly the more help the better as I'm doing for everyone I think its only fair that other help me out as this is very easy to find where and when the rifts are and it goes a long way for players who struggle to find them. Please visit my shop at the bottom of this post All times are UK standard time-zone 13-12-16 Rifts Spawn in Exo - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - ( / In Game Map ) 02:39 AM Xan - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - ( / In Game Map ) 06:46 AM Indi - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - ( / In Game Map ) 10:48 AM Del - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - ( / In Game Map ) 01:04 PM Pri - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - ( / In Game Map ) 02:30 PM Cele - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - (/ In Game Map ) 03:14 PM Rel - ( 2016-12-15 ) Finished - ( / In Game Map ) 05:33 PM Would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helps me get the locations from each server without everyone helping me do this it would not be possible - i would put the names on here but there are so many people it would fill the whole page. Thanks guys How they work, 7 days after a rift closes it will spawn again then 2 days after it will open Eg: exo rift closed at 1.15am so in 7 days exactly it will spawn back on exo at 1.15am exactly 2 days after that it will open at 1.15am.. Just to inform people the locations are player based. I have not gone around checking them myself, so they could be off slightly and will not be perfect but should get you to where you need to be !! Please help me help you and ( PM ) me with the locations Please don't post on this thread lets keep it nice and clean (info only) Xcalibers shop here ---
  3. Deli Trade Centre Localization:(37x, 6y) Order Status: CLOSED Contact (ingame): Rafaello Contact (forum): Sizar (only Sizar) Special Offer NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW NEW__Mortar_1k_2s50c__NEW Mining Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Iron____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___80c___1s__ Zinc____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Tin_____100___10c___12c___15c___________________ Copper__100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s________ Silver__10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Gold____10kg__20c___25c___30c___40c___2s____3s__ Rock____1k____1s________________________________ Digging Item____Qt____Rand__50+___60+___70+___80+___90+_ Clay____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Tar_____100___10c___12c___15c___20c___1s___1s50c Sand____100___12c___15c___20c___25c___30c_______ NEW__Dirt_1k_1s__NEW Blacksmithing bulk items Nails_S/L_________10c/100 Iron_ribbons________1s/100 Iron_fence_bars_____2s/100 Rivets_____________20c/100 Frying_pans_________1s/100 Blacksmithing items Item________Qt__40+___50+___60+___70+___80+__90+ S/L_anvil___1___15c___25c___35c___45c___80c_____ Horse_shoe__1_________10c_________30c___________ Iron_lamp___1___10c___20c___30c___50c___1s______ Tools_______1_________10c___20c___30c___70c_____ Carpentry & Fine Carpentry Item_________Qt____Random Support_beams__100_______3s BSB_____________1_______10c Floor_board____100_______5s Large_crate_____1_______10c Small_crate_____1________5c Wagon___________1_______50c Market_stall____1_______25c Plank________100___20c Shaft________100___15c Woodcuting Item_________Qt____Rand Log__________100___50c Felled_Tree__10____30c Sprouts Cedar/Pine/Birch/Maple___100-1s Oak___10-50c Masonry Item____________Qt____RandomQL Colossus_Brick___1000_______2s Stone_Slab_______100________1s Guard_Tower________1________6s Colossus___________1_______25s Mortar___________1000____2s50c Stone_Brick______1000_______2s Costs of Delivery: Free to Deliverance 20c to Indepedence, Exodus 50c to Celebration We DO NOT deliver to PvP servers.
  4. build a HUGE Castle and submit a photo below and Show off your create activity Prove you are the best wurmonline player castle must be Very large and have many rooms and must be complete with bed room a dinning hall a court yard and palace grounds as in a village below or in front of the castle Rules: Must be fully completed must have rooms dinning hall court yard a village your kingdom banner's / or flags must be more than 2 levels high and have lots of lighting to show off the HUGE castle Post a screen shot of your castle in comments below winning castle will have its image post on every server in the game and showed off as the finest greatest best over all the castles in the game Not just by one person will judge when all that wishes to join have built there castle all that wishes to judge the castles message me by pm via forums and the one with most votes wins Starts today 10/2/2013 ends 12/1/2013 join in guys and become the best of the best