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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. Ive encountered an issue on my account. It seems the faith and alignment are stuck .In consequence,i am an libila follower in an white light template and i cannot convert to any other deity. Some help from any GM available would be greatly appreciated.The ticket ive sent IG doesnt seem to have been looked over. Thanks for anybody who is interested to help.
  2. I have discovered a problem on the Wyvern and Wyvern PvP servers. Apparently I cannot convert from Libila to Vynora on PvE because I started first as Libila on PvP. The only way to fix this problem which shouldn't exist in the first place would be to reset my faith to 1 and become Vynora first on PvE. This seems to be part of the mechanics but it is also illogical and has to reason for existence. If there is anyone who works on server mechanics please fix this problem or let me know when this problem can be fixed.
  3. as a nathan priest you receive +5 alignment whenever you deal the killing blow to anyone. doesn't matter if they are a wl or bl follower. [14:26:58] You cut Madtanker deadly hard in the stomach and damage it. [14:26:58] Alignment increased by 5.0000 to -95.0000 from what i've heard this is also the same for tosiek priests.
  4. Situation: Targeting, killing, and then burying a tower guard on a PvE server. Expected behavior: Negative alignment for murdering a dude to offset the positive alignment from burying a dude, or possibly no alignment for burying a dude you had just murdered. Actual behavior: Killing guards does not get you negative alignment(!!!), but burying one gives you +2 positive alignment, so the character gets a pretty nice alignment boost in exchange for murdering someone and disposing of the corpse. Suggested fix: Negative alignment for killing same-kingdom tower guards. I'm posting this in bug reports because it seems like unintended and exploit-like behavior that you can get alignment with a white light god by murdering someone. I have no idea how much this applies to PvP servers.
  5. I've seen many problems arise from conversions at the WL Atar of 3 from a black light to white light as priests and then getting kicked for negative alignment on a wl priest. Players then have to wait the cool down conversion time to rejoin the wl faith they switched to. Can we please have a check at the altar of 3 for required alignment and if not in the positive , you're not able to convert. This will prevent a lot of undue hardship .
  6. A few friends and I have been noticing Magranon followers getting alignment ticks from cutting down old (or older) trees. The wiki lists this as only applying to Vynora followers. I've updated the Wki entry here: with a note about this specific inaccuracy. Are there any other off-deity ticks people have been noticing? Or perhaps this could even be a bug as Magranon priests aren't allowed to cut trees.
  7. Currently, any alignment gains within 30 minutes from a sermon mean that you do not count as a listener, whether your alignment is already +/- 100 or not. This feels kinda counterproductive, since managing to gather a large enough herd of listeners is already a challenge on it's own. I say remove the invisible alignment gains if you already got it maxed out, instead of hoping that people has been afk for the last 30 minutes EDIT: the 30 minute cooldown for listeners should obviously stay in for balancing reasons, I just want to remove the penalty that comes with gaining alignment, even if you are already at 100.