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Found 3 results

  1. UK Albion Our website is still being constructed but its: Hi my 8k x 8k map is taken from Ordinance Survey heightmap data then modified in Photoshop etc. It's on our own server and has been running very well for the past month. We had to do some jiggery pokery with a number of things but we are not experiencing lag. Java was much to blame for the lag by the way. We had to give it more memory. We have to give great thanks to Wurm Map Launcher v2.8, Without which i'm not sure we could have done it. Some of the sights are amazing, the shore lines gently slope as they should do. Mount Snowden is impressive too. We have not opened it to the public just yet and intend to do so very soon; If there proves to be interest. We are very new to all this so any help an advice from anything on how best to run a public server to how to set missions and quests would be gratefully received with thanks.
  2. Hi there We have created our Wurm server using an 8k by 8k map of UK and Ireland initially taken from Ordinance Survey data then modified in Photoshop, and finally finished off in Wurm Map Launcher V2.8. Some of the sights are amazing, the shore lines gently slope as they should do. Mount Snowden is impressive too. We have not opened it to the public just yet and intend to do so very soon; If there proves to be interest. We have just Started a Website at which is still in the construction phase. We have a Fullscale Landmap for those who are interrested.
  3. Hello Good People of Wurm! The City of Albion, of the Desertion Server, on the Epic Island Cluster comes to you for a new important update! After a few weeks of updates not being present from the former city of Ashuria via our old leader, Bashur - I now come to you with new news! The Ashurian Revolution! We, the citizens of Ashuria, have overthrown the old Lord Bashur from his tyrannical rule! Under Bashur's rule, we were forced into doing tasks that were unpleasing simply in order to be appreciated. Much of this included bricks and mortar, but does not exclude other tasks such as terra-forming and tedious tasks. This was obviously very overwhelming for people, especially people new to the game, and it actually scared many of the new recruits away from our favorite game, Wurm Online. After Bashur's leave, his Royal Council followed him out the door. In their place, a new leader was elected. Tedrick, whom is very knowledgeable as well as level headed(a much needed improvement since our previous leader) was chosen in Bashur's place! King Tedrick elected a republic as our government, and under such rule the citizens have a say in everything that is done. Our town's citizens can do anything that interests them, including owning private homes and training skills they are actually interested in!(no more bricks and mortar!) The new council was voted on by the people, and was chosen for their yet again knowledge and honour: The New Albion Council! Under our Lord Tedrick, we have 4 current roles on the Royal Council. These include: MeetyourNaga(known as Naga) as Chaplian - In charge of Priesthood and Priests in AlbionDeletingVirus(known as Virus) as Advisor - In charge of advising the Albion council on veteran knowledge of WurmLei(known as Lei) as Chamberlain - In charge of logistics and organization of bulk and non-bulk itemsJackeylegs(known as Jackey) as Chanceleor - In charge of any Royal functions under Tedrick - second in command.The Wurm Wednesday Update! ~By DeletingVirus, This was last weeks Wurm Wednesday Update, another coming very soon! The Recruitment! If anyone who is reading this is at all interested in Epic, Desertion, Mol Rehan, or the Albion town or community, and looking for more information about us, the kingdom, or joining up, contact the following: Private Messages In Game: Lei, Meetyournaga, SinisterPrime, DeletingVirus, Tedrick On the forums: Lei Contact Via Albion Forums: Also Available: Teamspeak! Thank you everyone in Wurm for supporting our cause! Remember, we are no longer associated with Bashur or the Bashurverse due to the recent events. Thankfully we are under free rule, and request all of your support as fellow Wurm players! Thanks for all your interest! The City of Albion, of Mol Rehan Chamberlain Lei~