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Found 2 results

  1. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    What does it do? Allows you to change the costs associated with a deed. You can change: Tile initial cost and upkeep Perimeter initial cost and upkeep Guard initial cost and upkeep (Epic/Challenge servers use separate values) Minimum upkeep How much extra money is added to the founding cost that is then added to upkeep Name change cost Requirements ago's Mod Launcher Instructions Download one of the zip files Copy contents of zip into your Wurm Server directory: Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited/WurmServerLauncher or Steam/steamapps/common/Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server Settings To change the settings you can either use the Server Launcher with the UI version, or edit some files. Global: <Your Wurm Server Directory>/mods/upkeepcosts/ Along with two extra lines for ago's Mod Launcher, this file contains the global values that will be used to create any new files. Changes here will not be applied to any server that already has it's own settings file. Per Server: <Your Wurm Server Directory>/<ServerName>/mods/upkeepcosts/ e.g: WurmServerLauncher/Adventure/mods/upkeepcosts/ This file contains settings that will only be loaded for the server whose folder it is in. You can delete this file and it will be regenerated using the settings from the global file. If you encounter any problems, let me know and I'll try to help.
  2. Hello all, I've released some mods for use with ago's ModLauncher v1.7 Mods included in this release: Server Mods: BoatMod Change the wind effect for all boats to be like a rowboat, with a commensurate increase in speed, up to the cap. Make all animals able to swim while led by a player Enable continued leading of animals when embarking on a vehicle (no more having to frantically re-lead all your critters when you hop in the boat) BountyMod - features (as separate config options): Enable skillgain for fighting/killing player-bred creatures Convert the chance of receiving a coin award from a slim chance of a rare coin to a certainty of a non-rare coin. Player-bred creatures offer lesser bounties. (Note that skillgain for player-bred creatures has to be enabled to award bounties for such kills) Bounty for each species of critter can be independently configured Can pay to bank account instead of into player's inventory Configurable multiplier for all bounties, for ease of fine tuning for your server Configurable multiplier for player-bred creature bounties Bounties can be paid out of thin air (thus unlimited bounty payments) or from the kingdom coffers (thanks Netscreever) Non-hostile, same-kingdom creatures can be set to pay out no bounty (thanks again Netscreever) BulkMod Enables placing hot items into BSBs and FSBs. (Further features probably coming, depending on feedback) DigLikeMiningMod A recreation of Alexgopen's Digging Like Mining for use with ago's modlauncher. Enabled dredging to ship Added the ability to use dirt or sand piled on the tile you're standing on if you need to use dirt/sand when flattening or leveling. The game will use dirt in your inventory, then dirt in a pile, then sand in your inventory, and finally sand in a pile, in that order. MeditateMod - features (as separate config options): Enables guaranteed skill success (no more "You fail to relax" or not getting a path question you qualify for) No delay between first 5 skill gains of the day No difference in delay requirements after the first 5 meditations (if the above setting is on, there's no delay requirements for meditation skill gain at all, if it's off, always 30 minutes between meditation skill gains, never 3 hours) Disable distance requirements for meditation skill gains (No more need to move 11 tiles for skillgain) A configurable multiplier for path question cooldowns. This can be set to half to cut these delays in half, set to 0 to disable them entirely, the choice is yours. Specify custom action duration for meditation (NEW) Configure the delay before joining a new path after leaving an old one (NEW) Now imposes a configurable maximum level a player may reach in any path ProspectMod - features: Prospecting cave floors provides the same information as prospecting a rock tile on the surface above (i.e. detect nearby ore veins) PhobiaMod - for those who find the spider models creepy, features (as separate config options) Replace Huge Spiders with Black Bears Replace Lava Spiders with Lava Fiends SacrificeMod Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits. SalveMod Adds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head. Client Mod: SortMod (NEW) My first client side mod, which of course requires ago's client modLauncher Now out of Beta (code unchanged, I have received no error reports either from others or my own testing, though thanks to the chicanery it can give false positives for errors when, say, you get disconnected. Features (as seperate configuration options): Sort Player Inventory On Game Start Auto Sort Inventory Sort Container Contents on Window Open Auto Sort Container Windows Auto Sort Skills Window As ago has come out with a patcher for using his modlauncher when you still need to run the executable (a method I find superior to mine), I've taken down my version.