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Found 7 results

  1. I'll start out with, I'm new and I have no idea if I'm in the right forum. So the problem I'm having is; When a parent is "venerable fat bison" and name given is "B29", only venerable fat bison 'B is shown. There is no way to resize the column to show enough of the name. Please fix this so the name we give the animal can be shown or another column just for the given name. For horses the issue isn't so bad since "horse" is not added in this, just the age and the name. If we choose to rename the horse though that becomes the same issue. Examining the animal normally will show the names in the event window so that's the only work around right now that I can see. I can see this being an issue with any animal that has been renamed. Thanks
  2. So I've noticed that ages of horses and foals are a bit odd. Now I have 90ah I can see their ages on examine and inspect, however I've noticed that some foals are older than adult horses! This is Walkingqueen, a foal born on 25/7/21. [14:42:37] You determine the age of this creature to be about 4 wurm months. This is Tailstrot, an adolescent horse born on 12/7/21. [14:43:19] You determine the age of this creature to be about 3 wurm months. It's not just these 2, these are just the first ones I found while making this post! I've also noticed that foals seems to pop out of their mums at 2 months old, however if you catch a young horse soon enough on aging up, you'll see their age is 1 month. So ages of horses don't reflect their real ages, just the time since they became adults.
  3. The adolescent lurking lava spider, shows the age when alive, but the corpse (2 adolescent corpses shown below) does not show the age (the aged one does).
  4. I was wondering if there is a mod that speeds up the growth of a horse after it is born, I've been searching everywhere (or searching in the wrong place) for a mod like this (if it even exists), I play on my own single player server and it just seems like a pain waiting for one horse to grow up to a ride-able stage. If someone could please link me to such mod I would be forever grateful.
  5. Why not allow hellhorses to stay hitched past aged but link the ability to drive the cart to the driver's skills? Same as captaining ships, you can't captain bigger ships without the required skills. The horses can be hitched but the cart can't be driven so will effectively be useless unless the driver has the skills, which will not only encourage people to get the required skills if they want to have a hellhorse cart, but also stop the worry about these valuable horses going missing via unhitching. Which means, one hellie has a certain skill, two (on a cart or wagon) has higher (say ten more on bc), three has higher, four has higher (so you can't just have four hellhorses on a wagon without the required skill). This can be adapted to the ql of the bridles and wagons and carts too, higher ql gear and vehicles mean slightly lower skill needed.
  6. I know there has been a bit of resentment from folks that alts get passed around and never die. I personally like it, as a way for folks to quickly get to doing what they love, if they don't have the tolerance for the grind. I'm one of those people. Heck, I skipped school and went right to the work force, because I saw no reason for the book grind. Wurm is no different to me. However, I do understand where folks are disappointed in old alts just living forever and keeping it hard for new players to ever catch up. So here is a "destined to be hugely unpopular" idea, let's have skill decay based on age... and lack of use. It is important to make it a factor for both. Age alone should not drop skill, if a player is actively improving/using those skills. However, if an alt becomes idle AND is 3+ years (2+? 4+?) old, maybe the higher skills start to decay. I know with my alt army, I am often leaving a few alts on ice, as I focus on other projects. What most games do, that Wurm doesn't do, is continually up the max skill limit. That kind of system enables new talent to rise to the top and surpass the old legacy accounts that hit the top and went idle. I don't see that happening in our skill system, so maybe we need to look at alternative methods to allow skill balancing for the new players that work their butts off to achieve the top ranks? This would be a bad system for me and I'd probably have to sell off half or more of my alts, but in the spirit of helping those that need hope for being the best at something some day, maybe this is needed? For those that need to take a break from the game for extended periods, there would have to be some vacation mode option to help preserve, but it would be void if the character did not return within a certain time limit. Is this just crazy talk?
  7. I have this adolescent horse that is the same size as a youngin'. Does the age necessarily affect the size? Are there venerable horses that are this small? Image related: