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Found 3 results

  1. Wire Hedge Frame Constructed using wire (2kg worth), requires 30 blacksmithing AND 50 gardening to make. Used on hedges (requires 40 gardening), prevents hedge growth till decays away (looking at the hedge displays the message "the wire frame is at x damage", these cannot be repaired once placed and must be replaced. No decay on deed. Can only be removed by person who placed it on freedom or by anyone with deed hedge permissions (removal destroys the frame) or by appling fertilizer (see below). This required hedge permissions to use on deed. Hedge Fertiliser Created using tooth (0.05 weight) and dirt (1kg), requires 30 natural substances AND 50 gardening to make (weighs 1kg). No gardening requirement for use. Used on ANY hedge it allows one extra level of growth (and cancels out wire frames). Note this does not mean it causes instant growth, it just sets the "can grow" flag (or whatever) to true so that the hedge can be effected by growth ticks. This requires hedge permissions to use on deed. Why would these be nice? With hedges getting unique graphics for each type some of us would like to see things like 2 high lavender hedges, or restricted height maple hedges to line paths. A lot of wurm is about players altering nature and this fits the bill nicely, it takes some effort but gives more aesthetic control. The high skill requirement is there because gardening is not really a skill people use at the moment and it could use some fleshing out. Optional Extra : Allow frames to be used for trees/bushes as well to halt growth, with fertilizer just removing the frame.
  2. I've spent a lot of time wandering around ruins, they're rather interesting places but they're gone all too quick. So I wish to propose an additional step in decay, to whit ruins. This suggestion only applies to walls, fences, gates, deed tokens (read below) and guard towers. The concept is when a structure decays to 100% there is a (QL of object)% chance to transform into a "ruined" object. Ruined objects do not function as they once did. Ruined walls and fences are passable, as are ruined gates. Ruined deed tokens just retain the name of the settlement that stood there and ruined guard towers have a habit of attracting more monster spawns... Now there is an upside to ruins. Ruined fences and gates can be "restored" by using one plank/brick/stone shard etc to working order, though the quality will be 1/2 of what it was. Ruined walls/doors cannot be restored unless a new writ is placed including them. They're locations a player can restore if they wish to. Ruins can be easily destroyed (1/8 as hard to bash apart) and can also be rummaged, foraged (50+ forage skill) and botanised (25+ skill). Ruined objects do decay, but slowly (they retain their quality, thus doubling the time to decay away). The hope is that we'll see ruined cities turning up with players looting them for all they are worth. Optional extra : Furnature can also obtain a ruined state and objects within chests/racks etc have a QL/4 chance of obtaining the "antique" tag which can be sold at deeds/merchants for 1 copper.
  3. Rate my aesthetics. Feel free to post your own interior design skills. This is built on the Epic server cluster.