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Found 6 results

  1. Dear Developers, As we all know Wurm (both Unlimited and Online, but Online is better) is little known to the major playerbase. I know plenty of people that would gladly play a game of Wurm's likes but just can't ever find one. I don't know if something like this has been suggested before but I will anyway: start advertising How many times did you people bump upon World of Tanks' ad when it was in earlier development? It started out with a rather low playerbase too and look at it now. Same happened to a lot of games and as much as I do realise that newcomers might make some problems every now and then like griefing, building shacks all over the land and leaving to never return again remember that the more people get into the game the more people keep the development up. The more people keep the development up the nicer stuff we can have etc etc. Create some ads, speak to the peoples' dream of freedom, tell them the world is theirs. They will come. PS: Remember to state that it's indie or they'll go off about poor graphics (whatever). Sincerely, Like over a half of Wurm's community I'll leave this thread open for discussion as I believe this is worth looking into.
  2. Was passing by a colossus a while ago that was renamed for a web site, and started wondering about having larger signs or billboards ingame. Perhaps even be able to add custom images or select from a pre-loaded list.
  3. Tinkering with PS a bit, Hope you enjoy, makes a nice background.
  4. Stand As 1

    Hi guys im back and im really missing Wurm but still don't want to part with my hard earned cash for game that has got worse not better since Xanadu. Server population seems to be worse than ever and ive been in the back ground reading the forums about players concerns but as usual they get slagged off and nothing gets done. So i think its time to stand as 1 if you like me love wurm but but feel the game is lost and going nowhere put your thoughts here. My main thing i want is to see better advertising (Steam it works ) because this game is an Masive Mutiplayer Online Elevation players 37/400 Deliverance players 36/400 Pristine players 24/400 Independence players 54/800 Exodus players 16/800 Celebration players 17/400 Serenity players 51/400 Desertion players 28/400 Xanadu players 262/2000 Golden Valley players 1/400 Release players 45/400 Chaos players 49/800 Affliction players 4/400 Total players 624/8000 Dont look like it to me. So come on i think we can all agree that Wurm need a lot more players and it would make playing so much better. So lets stick together and get the devs to do something about it.
  5. Yeah, these are a bit old.. but still funny.. as long as you're not the one being pranked lol Office Interview: Elevator.. to hell... And one of the newer ones.. (Actual "potty" humor lol)
  6. New player tourist mode. This is a way for new players to quickly see what Wurm has to offer. They instantly jump to varius Wurm Wonders and hopefully get inspired after admiring them. They could also talk to locals in new player friendly villages and decided if a good fit for them. Limitiation: No invenotry is carried nor can they carring thing. No aggro will attack them and they can't attack anything either. Basicly they can't do any actions other then walk around and talk. They have to return to the spawn town to resume normal game play. Uncertain: I don't know if players should be able to choose thier desination or if it should be random. The frequence which they can jump is also in question. Destinations: The destinations should be Wurm Wonders picked by the community and of coarse with permission from those who created and maintain the Wonder. Another destination could be Villages that are recruiting and have proven to be helpful for new players. As far as specific game mechanics; it should be possible to make a list of exact locations which players jump to. Maybe ask the players to make some kind of greeting area at these locations. Yes, its not realistic to be teleporting around the map as some astral projection. I just feel this would a great way to show off Wurm's potential to new customers and we just need to limit them so all they can do is look and talk. Edits*** 1. If its possible limit the players range of exploration to a radius around the arrival point. This would server to limit spying. 2. An alternative might be bot controlled toon which serves as camerra. The player could view the game through the eyes of the bot as it wanders around a Wonder. Heck, the bot could even teleport between wonders. This prevents any spying issues.