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Found 2 results

  1. We all love DeedPlanner, Warlander's fantastic house and deed planning program. It is an awesome tool - definitely the best for creating and viewing maps of your current or future settlement in Wurm Online! Unfortunately, DeedPlanner is lacking a few functions that would be very nice to have. You cannot copy or move parts of a map, you cannot split maps into smaller parts or combine several maps into one. Also, you cannot store "templates" of your creations (buildings, structures, topology) as separate files. This is where DPMapAssist comes in! DPMapAssist is a little software tool for editing deed map files, made with DeedPlanner. ("DP" will be used as an abbreviation for DeedPlanner.) DPMapAssist offers some edit functions that the original DeedPlanner does not provide: · Select an area of a DP map and copy/paste it to another location in the current map · Export an area to a new DP map file · Import a DP map file and paste its contents to any location in the current map · Erase a selected area of the map · Save the edited map to a new DP map file. With these functional additions (and working together with the original DeedPlanner) it is possible to: · Clear large areas of a map · Copy or move parts of a map to another location of the map · Split a map into several smaller maps · Combine several maps into one larger map. (Please note: DPMapAssist does not replace DeedPlanner, nor does it make DeedPlanner obsolete. On the contrary - you will still need the original DeedPlanner to work with your maps! DPMapAssist only provides some additional functions you may have missed in DeedPlanner.) DPMapAssist was made for Microsoft Windows 10, but will also work with Windows 7/8. It requires the .NET Framework 4.5 (or any newer version), which already should be present on your computer if you are running Windows. Download DPMapAssist here: To install, just unpack the zip archive and copy the two files (DPMapAssist.exe and DPMapAssist.chm) to any folder you like. Double-click the exe file to run. The program comes with a help file (DPMapAssist.chm) describing how it works and what can be done! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check my other tools: WurmClock, WurmDate, WurmSkills , WurmStatus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updates: V 0.10 (19-Oct-2016): First beta release
  2. I talked about this a few times in chat, but it would be interesting to have musical instruments in the game with a music skill, along with subskills for certain instruments. Some instruments would be lute, flute, and drums. Like activating it and using it will pull up something that you can click or type in to play certain notes. Higher skills will allow more notes to be played in order, or less mistakes being made, like you wanting a c note, but you end up getting an a note being played. There is yoyos and puppets in the game, why not musical instruments? When I think the old days, I think people sitting around a fire talking and playing music... even in a pub or something.