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Found 6 results

  1. Had a simple idea the other day. Basically a chance for mobs to spawn depending on the action. So far all I thought of was a chance of a rat spawning when tending a field. Maybe we can expand on this idea?
  2. This issue keeps reoccuring no matter what I'm doing or how many clients I have open.. Only one crashes at a time, but its the same kind of crash to desktop and its becoming more and more frequent. If anyone can help me with this I would be eternally greatful ❤️ hs_err_pid26552 Error log! Console Log:
  3. Double clicking on an item in inventory activates that item. This allows it to be used as the 'active item' or controlling item when performing timed actions. Unfortunately this 'active item' status still applies to the item even when the timed action does not require an active item, such as when sacrificing or praying. Muse was sacrificing and praying today and could not put away a bunch of flowers in the BSB, because the flowers were currently active (green). [18:29:16] You are working with that item. Because the bunch of flowers was active it was considered 'in use' by the praying action, even though praying does not require an active item. Today, this was just a simple matter of waiting until the sacrifice and pray actions had ended before putting the flowers away, but some long timers such as forage and botanize can be forced to end prematurely (due to full inventory), if the player is unable to drop a heavy or large item that happens to be 'active' when the forage or botanize action begins. Please fix it so that timed actions that do not use or require any active item, do not prevent simple non-timed actions being performed on the active item, such as dropping or placing in a container.
  4. I am using an 89.95ql rare chisel with WoA 75 on some unidentified archaeology fragments to clean them. I am able to queue 6 items - so I can use the chisel on a stack of 7 fragments before stopping. I have a fast chisel and so the first action in the queue is always 2.9 seconds. This first action does not increment the 'Actions Performed' achievement in the Achievements window. For example I process a stack of 7 fragments all successfully but the Achievements window only registers 6 more actions on the 'Actions Performed' Achievement.
  5. I was playing with some alts yesterday and the though hit me that it would be very useful/convenient if there were a little indicator that told you how many actions you have stacked, and what they are. For instance, if you are building a house and you stack two build actions and then a repair, maybe under the action timer two little plank icons and a hammer icon show up and then disappear as the actions complete. The specific icon could be similar or the same as the one used for improving. Any thoughts?
  6. So I started having this issue in the tutorial and it has persisted even since and through multiple logins. Basically I log in to Wurm and can only preform actions that have no second options: EXAMPLE: O boy I am a noob and a spider is eating me in the face..... Right-Click to open menu on the spider... Hover over "Attack" then nothing happens. Now I know how to attack because I can do it maybe three times max on a fresh login before this bug shows its ugly face again. But once the bug does pop up I have to completely relog to do actions again. It is making the game un-playable an suggestions or out right fixes would be great. So far I have attempted a re-install and done the pack updates on the launcher.