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Found 10 results

  1. I am using an 89.95ql rare chisel with WoA 75 on some unidentified archaeology fragments to clean them. I am able to queue 6 items - so I can use the chisel on a stack of 7 fragments before stopping. I have a fast chisel and so the first action in the queue is always 2.9 seconds. This first action does not increment the 'Actions Performed' achievement in the Achievements window. For example I process a stack of 7 fragments all successfully but the Achievements window only registers 6 more actions on the 'Actions Performed' Achievement.
  2. [22:11:52] Ouch! That hurt! [22:11:59] You start to tend to venerable fat brown cow 'I am a fat cow'. Why do we need to hurt ourself, when we want to have a longer timer in many of the actions that we do? Either we jump down a cliff to break a foot, up to 70% damage, then go groom animals, or we go into climbing mode or we restrict ourself to no food, no water for a long time so the "pesky" stamina does not return so fast ... Couldn't we just have a simple way to solve that? Set yourself how long you want your timer to be? Or have more controll over the stamina? I am quite sure, these tricks in animal husbandry are also not known to most new players - they all want to breed horses and cows, many surely do it with a 10 second timer and will cry. I can see minigames to speed up the timer, or slow down the timer... In any way, i would like to see a simple logic way, that does not resolve inflcing yourself 70 damage, even if that works now quite well, i think most breeders know what i mean.
  3. Notice after the restart last night that this is happening . I farm one tile and que the next to harvest and it just stops and does not complete the next action. [09:47:30] After you finish sowing you will start harvesting. [09:47:32] You sow the tomatos. end of actions doesn't harvest.
  4. It's not really important and it's like that since ages now so we got used to it but if the action queue size it's just a number why is not loaded immediately on startup like all skills do as an example. Sometimes may take longer but maybe it's because of lags i'm not sure. [06:27:30] Welcome back, Keyos! Xanadu - the great mystery. [06:30:32] You may now queue 5 actions.
  5. Greetings! (provided WKM is correct here - thx! Counter wasnt correct, event was about 10h before estimated time Have fun!
  6. If you're a fan of Marvel and superhero/hero movies, comics or tv shows, then I'd suggest checking out the new Netflix series, "Marvel's Daredevil." "A blind lawyer, with his other sense superhumanly enhanced, fights crime as a costumed superhero." - IMDB Marvel's Daredevil premiered on Netflix on April 10th. True to Netflix series fashion, the first season was released in full! If you haven't checked this out yet, I highly recommend diving head first into this kickass, crime fighting series! For those of you who have watched it, feel free to discuss here how wonderful this show is. Just try to put spoiler tags if you can.
  7. New server established 4 March 2016. Come join us. A limited number of pre-built Rowboats are free for the taking to help with expansion on the map. Deeds are free, however upkeep is required. The Starter town is at the tip of the inner peninsula (a little north of center of the map). Expansion to more servers will occur when we get more players. Current PVE map
  8. I have never seen this before and was wondering if any of you had any idea on why this is happening. I have an iron vein on my deed but it does not give me ore with every action but it does give ore still. I can mine 6 actions at a time and maybe 1-2 i get ore but on the rest i get nothing. I would assume that it is low on ore but i have mined it a bit and it still has not broke. My prospecting is not high enough to check the amount but there is no reason that it would not break and it does not give any messages in anyway have any ideas?
  9. Note: Some are good only for PvE 1. less ticks per action for X minutes (this means that it takes less time to perform an action it would help for bulk production) 2. More skill gain per action for X minutes X3. Refresh food and water (suggested high cost so that paths are still useful for that reason) X4. increased quality of all items made for X Mins X5. Increase rare chance for raw materials (preferably only for components needed to make larger projects) PvE?6. Increased vehicle speed for x time X7. Increased output for harvesting, chopping trees, butchering, etc for x minutes PvE?8. Super stamina regeneration for x mins (high karma cost preferably) New Ideas: 9. Increased damage on Mobs for short period of time 10. Decreased damage from mobs for short period of time 11. Faster climbing for x mins or no stamina use while climbing for X mins(useful for people wanting to build tall things but possibly abused) 12. Remove marsh 13. Larger quality improvements per success rate Red is a NO Blue is Revised but not accepted yet Green will be a yes if i get enough comments
  10. I woke up this morning and my arthritis is killing me so I thought this up to save me a bit. If you ever played any of the Elderscrolls games I believe you will be somewhat familiar with this proposal. Many objects we interact with have one particular action that a player will choose. This is a proposal to have one key (space bar) that will perform that dominant action, while also leaving the current UI intact. Examples: Chest/BSB/FSB: Open/Close Items on ground: Take Aggressive Mobs: Target Practice Doll/Archery Target: Practice Tamed Horses: Ride Felled tree: Chop up Cave Wall: Mine The action could be different depending on what you have activated for example: Actions for a tree: Sickle activated: pick sprout Axe activated: Cut down Actions for farming: Seeds activated: Sow Rake activated: Tend Scythe activated: Harvest The possibilities are endless, and can be implemented slowly. I would also suggest that no dominant actions be added for creating objects to deter cheating.