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Found 6 results

  1. Since the just recent fix I go to HUD then to my achievement section and as i try to sort by dates my toon immediately crashes.
  2. On an alt (Altbomb), imp'n some signs, for hours (well, definitely over an hour). Just doing that in my house (Teeebomb's Tall House) on my main's deed (Cornersville) on Independence. I got in game skill tracker up and some food affinities are active. Then, just a couple minutes ago, BAM!...for some random reason, Wurm decided to bestow an achievement: Silver, Slayer of the Sly. This account, I'm pretty sure, has not slayed a sly anything. I did review all it's combat logs, nothing sly about it. Well, Altbomb did tame a sly rat before (back in November of 2016). But never killed one. I was able to grab a screenie, just as the achievement notification pop up was fading. Then I checked in my achievement window. It has that achievement listed and the time matches my 1st screenshot. So ya. Random achievement received right here. This account never killed any sly monsters (so far as I could tell). Not in combat at all when the achievement was bestowed. Maybe you want to look at this. Thanks your time. TeeeBOMB-ish
  3. I polished a small sign, did not get drumroll, did not turn to rare but got the Rarity achievement. In looking at achievements, I see that I've gotten this 9 times so far, so each improvement adds to the counter. Is this intended for every imp or meant for a rare item only? Description: Rarity - You crafted something which is better than everything there ever was before.
  4. I made a rare unfinished coal pile (first step, log + kindling), and I got the 'Really Rare' achievement for it. Wiki says this achievement is handed out for making a supreme item. I didn't expect to get an achievement. steps to reproduce: combine log and kindling to make a coal pile, make it rare.
  5. I thought of something that could go with the achievements. Titles that go in front of your name, with a different rank for the progress on that achievement. Say there was an achievement for "Sail X km", there would be different ranks like landlubber, cadet, captain, oceantreader, etc... (perhaps not these in particular) It would look something like: Captain Dudeguy the Mental [Dragonslayer]. This would give some incentive to do the achievements, and let people display them proudly.
  6. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a coincidence, even asked Freedom chat for help. My husband has 100 hauler achievements and no wanderer achievements. I have 47 wanderer achievements and no hauler achievement. Our friend has in excess of 25 wanderer achievements and no hauler achievement. The person who responded in Freedom chat only had wanderer and no hauler. Since my husband and I do basically the same tasks, I'm wondering if there is a bug where if you get one you are prevented from getting the other.