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Found 5 results

  1. So a game mechanic that is being abused for more sleep bonus from rites/rituals is to change religions prior to a rite to obtain sleep bonuses from said religion. This has recently caused an issue during an impalong held at Cadence where due to the amount of favor that has been gained from the priests doing their work allowing for a the rite of spring to be conducted, but because of a loud minority of "religion-switchers", the rite was requested to be held off by the organiser so that this minority could gain from their abuse of a game mechanic. This causes other people who are non-switchers, and are part of the worship of vynoria, not to receive that much needed 5 hour sleep bonus during their time at the impalong, and the organiser being caught in the middle having to make a decision between two groups to appease. I am suggesting that this game mechanic should have heavier penalities, maybe not being allowed to change religions for the next 6 months to a year, or something similar to discourage the abuse of such a mechanic, so that this sort of behaviour can cease to exist, and disrupt others from enjoying the game as it should.
  2. Currently on chaos F2P's respawning spawn randomly anywhere on the map. My suggestion is to restrict that to be non-hostile territory. Atm we got enemy f2ps suicide spawning around the map, popping locals, popping deed alarms, suicide scouting and in general being a nuisance. Simply prevent the abuse with a short string of code. thanks.
  3. Pretty simple suggestion, this would apply to Chaos only for now as it seems to be the only place people are pathetic enough to abuse alts to retarded extents. People from all kingdoms and sides know that alt abuse is stupid, pathetic, and downright annoying, and almost every kingdom currently does it. When an account dies more than once within 10 or 15 minutes, make them wait a minute or two before they are allowed to respawn again, and increase this every time they die, up to a maximum of one hour. This would mean that if you are a legit player who dies in PvP or near a deed, you are able to get right back into the action. Any legit player is also probably going to be more cautious, and take time getting back to the battle, so this likely wouldn't affect them in any way. But an alt, who dies say, 10 times within 5 minutes would end up with a 20 minute respawn timer. The exact times are of course subject to change and are just my basic speculation on this concept. Thoughts?
  4. Okay. I think papyrus should have a maker mark, and that mark should be accessible at 20 QL or above. Anything below this QL should not be usable as evidence for anything, such as harrassment, etc. Firstly, Wurm has established that we are responsible for our words. If we use profanity or racial/religious/etc slurs, we can face some sort of administrative punishment. If I'm mistaken please correct me. While I have not seen it yet, I do believe there is potential for misleading information and misidentification. A papyrus with no maker mark can have any information and content on it, and can be used to try to incriminate someone. For example, leaving 5000 papyrus notes on a deed that read: "You Suck. Love, Player X" However, Player X did not write these. Instead it was Player Y, his arch-rival, in order to try to incriminate him, and get administrative punishment due to the paper spam. Having makermarks easily accessible would let us know, not only that it wasn't Player X, but that it was Player Y. I believe this has some effect on diplomatic envoys and advertising to an effect. Though I understand alot of this is done through the Forum, I know I have personally used the papyrus to seek out new markets for my products, simply because not all players use the markets. Thus...MakerMarks/WaterMarks on paper.
  5. I did a quick search of the Forum and couldn't turn up anything relevant, so here's hoping this is the correct place to submit this inquiry:.. Is there anyone who can assist me in filing an appropriate, Bot/Spam report? -Thanks, in advance.