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Found 4 results

  1. [13:48:34] A small rowing boat that will accommodate three people. Colors: R=36, G=36, B=36. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from pinewood. You must use a mallet on the "Slave Three" in order to improve it. Ql: 34.43276, Dam: 8.981438. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Asolli, has been etched in the stern. This rowing boat has been parked in my harbour for a couple of months now. Please would the owner, Asolli, remove it. Location: Babuskaa's Village, T8, SW Coast of Newspring Island, SW Xanadu
  2. bare with me, this is either a good idea or a ridiculous one. We all know the problem with the abandoned ship eyesore. the new textures may improve the situation but a situation it'll remain. Why not, have a server, just for ships that have been left for more than 6 months? Im sure it'll be very useful for everyone that wants to imp their SB , maybe disallow that lol. either way, it'd solve a very old problem and would also prevent short sighted players from running around imping all the ships that need, to rot. I can't imagine more than 10% of them are on a `long break` On the other hand, maybe the developers want abandoned ships everywhere and the server would look dead without them, who knows, just a suggestion, what do you think?
  3. Since boats cannot be salvaged anymore, we are left with the following scenarios if there is an abandoned boat on our deed that we wish to get rid of: 1. If boat is not moored - drag it elsewhere - problem solved! 2. If boat is moored and obstructs construction - request GM help to move it 3. If boat is moored and does not obstruct construction but simply blocks your nice view - THAT'S TOO BAD. A GM will not move it. 4. Go to the trouble of using days, even weeks to raise land and build something just so you can tell a GM "the boat is in the way" even though you intend to tear it all down once the boat is out of the way. (this is probably the most common way people handle this issue and surely the system is flawed if people have to resort to this method?) How about people who have never had to deal with this issue prior, especially new players have no idea that they will most likely be stuck with any abandoned ships that happen to be on the deed they place. Is it fair? And for those who are the wiser and know they'll be stuck with the ships, they will lose out on getting a perfectly lovely deed plot just because some old ships are parked on the area. PROPOSAL: After one month's inactivity for a boat, accelerate it's decay rate considerably if it's parked on a deed which has a different owner. This would allow people to be parked safely for some time at markets or at a friends place since one month is a more than a generous time for them to fetch their boat. This would free up CA and GMs from having to deal with these abandoned boat tickets. This would allow deed owners a possibility to get rid of these eyesore boats which are ruining their deed without having to resort to the silly option 4. above. Obviously any boats belonging to the deed owner, or villagers of the deed would not be affected from the above mechanic (this could include friends of the deed owner as well)
  4. I've played Wurm some time and really enjoy it however there are two things that are strongly connected and imho are bad for gameplay: Over the time the game world becomes one big construction site, there is literally 10 times as much buildings as people in game. Slowly the game become less enjoyable beacuse all wild land is taken and there is not so much place on "pioneering" - which imho is the most attractive part of Wurm - harnessing the game evironment, etc. The worst part of it is fact that large part of builded structures cluttering the world is abandoned.the player population is dispersed all over the server, sometimes it feels like single player game rather than mmo. From what i know the current solution to this problem is to add new clean servers - i think it's not enough. I would like to propose mechanism which will represent the "Force of Nature" acting against man, something that would allow the "nature" to reclaim the places that belong to her. Some means to fight with excessive player settlement. It could something like traveling bands of trolls or wild animals that seek to destroy player structures and also a process of reverting tiles slowly to "natural" ones. The probability of spawning such band in in the vicinity of human settlements would be proportional to the amount of space taken by settlement and inversly proprtional to the amount of active players inhabiting this settlement. I think that this mechanism or any other similar would solve problem of abandoned buldings. What's more it would force players to form more effective and better organized communites beacuse the weak and sparsely inhabited settlements would fall prey to the goblins/trolls/animals other hazards. I think that such mechanism could bring the player-player interaction to totally new level. It would also bring some thirll and sense of danger into game and it would be realistic and well founded. Regards, Peter