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Found 3 results

  1. Hey I had an idea hit me about a use for lockpicking on the PVE servers. i see alot of dead deeds with wagons and carts that are still locked but the owners name has started to fade. The deed is clearly abandoned cause the only thing left is the stone castle walls and the forges. It'd be neat to use the lockpicking skill on once such abandoned cart or wagon. Since the owner has either quit playing or has moved on to another location and left the cart long enough to imply they did not care about said cart. The lockpicking skill could be used in this instance to "Salvage" stuff off deed and possibly bring it back for use on your own deed. Pros of this skill would be rare wood carts and wagons they where once loved and taken good care of. Cons would be the need to locate a cart that was abandoned long enough and pick the lock. Possibly with the need to bring animals with you to drive the cart back to your own deed. Would be a fun side hobby for people and encourage people to go wondering away from the roads to see what is out there.
  2. I was roaming around look for a place to settle. I came across a deed that looks like its abandoned. I am wanting to build in the area and would like to get in contact with this person to either plan on if the are going to be active and expand or see if anyone knows this person and if the are even active.
  3. Well we all see it. That deed on prime land that hasn't seen player activity in over 6 months. We've waited and waited for it to fall, then one day it does and... Well it was just not worth the wait. I propose the amount one can have invested in deed upkeep on freedom be capped at 2 months. You want to keep your giant castle of doom? Log in once every month and put some silver in. Seriously, not asking for much. The solution will inconvenience players a little (having to log in that one time per month, use your bank and invest silver) but the payoff (no 6 month deeds that lock up prime land for no reason) seems pretty fair. This will require a one time script running to refund players who have more than 2 months stored in their deeds and an extra check on deed creation (again a player might get some "change" when they create a deed). Otherwise implementation should not be too hard. Why not epic? PvP allows the draining of deed upkeep and this might unbalance it (not sure since I don't play on there).