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Found 1 result

  1. The scenario: You're happily pottering away, planting trees for your woodcutting mad deed-mate to grind on in a month or two, and you have an idea! Why not have an item that holds sprouts and plants them without you needing to select? You rush to the forums and quickly make a post "omg put this in now!" "plant sprouts with a tool!" The thread sort of sits there, occasionally someone will +1 but it doesn't come in-game, what happened? We need to dial it back a few things first. The purpose of this board: Firstly, suggestions are an excellent place for players to post and share ideas about what they would like to see in the game, and we often spend a lot of time reading through them while discussing potential additions or changes to mechanics in the game. What this board is NOT for is voting in new changes, a popular suggestion or a well-reasoned one may be excellent and might be something we'd love to see too, but it does not guarantee something will be implemented. Often it's a matter of time, resource/working hour requirements, or not in our focus at this point. Look before you leap (to posting): Before throwing up your post, take the time to search to see if someone has suggested it before quickly. This search allows you to save time making a new post and add your thoughts to the post, keeping it all in one place with all the old discussion (or maybe even a post by a dev explaining why it can/can't happen). Posting new threads without taking the time to look means the discussion for/against is split up and quite a pain to view everyone's opinions without a lot of running around. Elevator pitch: With that said, the best suggestions tend to have some things in common. The title is always self-explanatory with the idea in a quick single line; you can go into detail in the thread but avoid thread titles such as "devs, please read" or "you need to add this" (we don't think anyone posts suggestions they don't want to be added). Please also avoid claiming an idea is quick or easy, it's not always the case and can lead to feeling negative if it's not added (being hard isn't the reason we don't add things). Content is king: So we've got the title done, now we have the meat, the original topic! When writing your suggestion, it's worth expanding a little more than one or two sentences. We aren't looking for online recipes where you describe your life experiences leading up to this situation, but it would be nice to see what you want to add, and how you might envision it works. Some suggestions are more detailed than others; adding a sprout planting tool is far simpler than suggesting a new mechanic system. Always work on fleshing out your idea as much as you can, I've seen some suggestions of "add this, not sure how it'll work, but that's up to the devs" which means that it's not a thoroughly thought out idea and can't help us discuss and weigh up the merits of the pitched design. If you can find reference pictures or screenshots from in-game that helps to visualise your idea, do it! This board is your place to pitch your ideas, make sure you put in the work for it! Commentastic: Now you're sure it's the only post of that idea, the title is accurate and straightforward, and the post is excellent, now on to the comments! The first rule of commenting, this isn't a voting system. +1 does nothing. We do not tally votes of pluses or minuses to weigh out ideas; it means nothing to us and distracts from the discussion. What we do look for is a meaningful contribution, if you want to say you like an idea, like the main post, if you have thoughts, feelings, concerns, voices telling you things about it feel free to post those. A paragraph about why someone feels something may not be suitable for the game beats a million +1's because none of those explains why someone feels it would be ideal for the game or their play. The comments section should be for discussion about something, pros and cons, if you feel something won't be good for your play say so! We see a few "+1 but only if I can turn it off" which means "I don't want to use this and thus I have no reason to support it" if you say "this isn't something I would use because x" means we get a better idea of why people might not want to use it. The suggestion spectrum: Types of suggestions that are good vs types that are bad Suggestions are for players ideas about adding features or changing mechanics, things you'd like to see in the game or feel the game could use. It's not for "fix x bug" (they go in server/client bugs). Another type of post that is not appropriate is the meta suggestion. The meta suggestion is not a suggestion about something in the game, but about the game as a business. Business decisions (such as pricing, patches, hiring and firing of staff) are not suggestions. If you want to discuss those aspects, you're welcome to use the town square, but the suggestions board is not for that. Many great suggestions have wound up in the game, and many more will come in the future too. I spend a considerable amount of time working through them and finding things to help the devs when they are working on specific areas. Too long, got distracted by shinies: So to sum up in a little TL;DR: Make sure you're not reposting an already existing idea, take a minute to do a quick keyword search. Make your title clear as to what you are suggesting, help us know what's inside when we click. Flesh out your post with all the information you feel gives the best overview. It's your time to shine! Provide constructive comments, +1's and -1's aren't useful, we overlook and ignore them anyways, post why you like or dislike something. Bugs go in the bugs section. Sensitive bugs go in a PM to the GM team, myself, or Alectrys. Don't post meta suggestions, if you wish to discuss something about the state of the game feel free to open discussion on the town square. So I hope that all helps you formulate your post to get the best engagement from your fellow players, and also helps commenters be the best commenters they can be. Thank you for coming to my TED talk Retro