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Found 2 results

  1. Ever since the last client update, I have this weird problem where the Wurm client will randomly freeze if it's not the focused window - even for a few seconds. And when I say freeze, I mean completely freeze - like I am looking at a screenshot of whatever I was working on at the time. I've tried updating my Java (I'm using Oracle Java), but it still seems to happen. Usually I can instantly log back into the client, and as long as it stays the focused window, or full screen, it's fine. And it only happens about once or twice a day, so it's not horrible. I'm not sure what could have changed recently to make the Client so jealous for my attention, but I've gone through the other information on this thread, and nothing seems to directly relate to the issue. Anyone have any ideas? I'm on Xubuntu 17.04. Thanks!
  2. As a new player, I found it very fast to get online in Wurm. Here is a step by step guide to installation. This guide should also work for 12.04LTS, and other versions that have the Software Center. Open Software Center. In search bar, type "icedtea" (without quotes). Click on OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime, then click Install. Wait for installation to complete. You may have to type your sudo password. Click on IcedTea Java Web Start, then click Install. Wait for Installation to complete. You may have to type your sudo password. Click on IcedTea Web Control Panel, then click Install. Wait for Installation to complete. You may have to type your sudo password. After these 3 items have been installed, download the wurm client from the website. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the wurmclient.jnlp file. Right click the wurmclient.jnlp file and select "Open with IcedTea Java Web Start" This will launch the installer and download the game. It will offer to create a desktop icon. If you do not create the icon, you will need to create one yourself, or start the game from the terminal with the command: javaws "/home/YOURLOGINNAMEHERE/.icedtea/cache/0/http/" You can also always right click the wurmclient.jnlp and click "Open with IcedTea Java Web Start" at any time to launch the game. Multiple Client Tips: Let one client get fully logged into the game before attempting to launch a 2nd client. Close one client at a time, and wait 10-20 seconds before closing the next. Troubleshooting: Occasionally the Java data will become corrupted due to accidentally launching more than 1 client at at the same time (instead of waiting for one to finish loading before starting the 2nd) or closing multiple clients too fast one after another. If you find yourself being stuck at the IcedTea splash screen, open your task manager or System Monitor (depending on your Desktop Environment) and kill any processes labeled "Javaws". Next, you will want to open your home folder, press CTRL+H to show hidden files, and delete the .icedtea and .java folders. Then, re-download the client from the website, and re-install. As long as you stick with the default install location during the install, all your character data, and window positions will be saved. If you have any other issues, feel free to post here! These instructions may also work for Debian, Mint, and other distros that use Aptitude, but you would have to find instructions to install the 3 IcedTea packages for your distro.