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Found 1 result

  1. Something I've been thinking a lot about lately and have considered making the suggestion for is an offline version of Wurm or a self-hosted version with a player cap... Sort of like Minetest (and I assume Minecraft, though I haven't played it). Wurm should have a downloadable offline version which lets us play in our own little world alone or offers the ability to invite others to a server to play. The Pros: -- Since the game wouldn't have hundreds of players to accomodate, the islands could be smaller and still function well for 10 or maybe more people. (I'm not sure how much power it takes to host a Wurm server, so I don't know how many people would be able to comfortably function on a server hosted by one average computer.) -- Players like me who prefer to live and work mostly alone could have such freedom without worrying about land owners, premium vs. free etc. -- Players who would rather have a few friends play together and work towards one great island or two warring factions could host their own kingdoms on a smaller scale. There could also be a public server option so that anyone could enter... though I'm not sure how that would go. -- You could easily make a lot of money charging a basic price like 10 USD for download access which could help to support Wurm Online as well as aid in a greater advancement of the game all around. -- Such an option could potentially attract a larger player base. -- A lot of people would be able to play this beautiful game on higher graphics because the files would be local and not streamed over the internet. One detail that makes this idea a bit stressful is that in order for a single player to run a world of his / her own, a few things might need alteration. For example... decay time might need to be slowed down a bit so that they don't spend every playing moment trying to salvag their crumbling house. Not to mention, I'm sure that much of the coding would have to be changed to accomodate an offline version as opposed to the online one which communicates over the internet. However, I could definitely see such an endeavor working in your favor as well as catching the interest of a lot of new people! My worries / The Cons: -- As mentioned above, it would probably take a lot of time and effort in coding / re-coding it. -- There is potential that some people might make a mach of it and make it downloadable for free elsewhere (though you would probably maintain the majority of the hits). -- There is also a possibility that a new offline version might take away from some of the online player-base who would rather convert to offline / small server. Luckily, I think the Pros outweigh the Cons, and there is still a lot of potential in making a new version. There's potential for more money, potential for increasing your customer base and the potential to discover new avenues for the game to take. I really hope you consider this sort of undertaking. I know that I would definitely buy it if you did! Though if you do consider it, there's another small suggestion I would like to make (if it is a possibility.) If you do decide to make an offline version where we get to have, control and possibly share our own worlds... it would be nice if there were also a greater set of options. For... the ability to control how often dangerous animals appear, to adjust time, to adjust decay rate and other things like that. To go along with the idea of potentially hosting mini-servers; it would be great if there could be a player cap control. Like the settings in the online version, it can have a suggested player count based on your computer's capabilities and from there, you can choose the maximum amount of active players there can be while the server is online. Anyway, I'll stop there. I hope this idea gets put into consideration! Or if not, perhaps it could be put into consideration as a second game from your studios. It would be so wonderful to have that kind of an option for such a great game