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Found 10 results

  1. Simple and useful, just a place to hitch animals like we already do on carts, but they'll be facing the object instead of facing away from it. I suggest 2 designs: a simple pole for just one or two horses, and a wide one for several animals Like this example 'Cause fenced areas may not be what you wanted your deed to look like, and you can also put those in front of buildings to make like taverns Please support the idea to make this happen
  2. Was not sure where to put this and i know it is on test still but wanted to post about it anyway. I was checking out the new wall types and the new "wooden wide window" has a gap at the top.. Note: While i have you here a small suggestion on them as well. Maybe you can make them so that the pliers will work on them to select the roofing material that is used over the window? ( on all new wall types that have roofing for that matter)
  3. This is an older request, but needs to be addressed or revived. Use a saw on a log to make a plank - fits in BSB/crate just fine. It is a non-impable construction material. Use a hatchet on a log to make a beam - will not fit in BSB or crate. It is a non-impable construction material. Why??? This should really be in server bugs in my opinion, but since it was brought up long ago and nothing done, I thought it deserved a revisit here.
  4. WTB Oakenwood Rare Small Wooden Shield Pm me
  5. My shield skills won't raise and my shields are not being used. The character name is Adje and I'm on Independence. I've been playing for quite a while, about 5 years (I think) and I have never ever gotten any use out of a shield. I tried all general fixes such as shield bashing over and over (which I did for a very long time and still no skillgain however I could bash) I never parry with a shield equipped or anything. This problem has never been submitted because I didn't feel the need to. I contacted GM's ingame and they told me to go here. Thank you in advance, Zealord (Adje)
  6. I had an 82QL Stone house in the perimeter of a deed who planted and extended its perimeter over the house. When the deed was founded, it had 5-10 damage or so on the walls. The house was gone in the course of about a month and a half after the deed was founded. I had the writ on me, so someone has logged in nearly every day to flag it as not abandoned. Logging started 2013-02-03 [19:26:00] You see a door with a lock. The lock is of good quality. [19:26:00] QL=82.176, dam=25.867397 There is a 40-50QL Wooden house in the perimeter of my deed which already had 20 damage on it (assumed abandoned) when founded over. It has been 2-3 months and now only has 70 damage, max on it. This house has been here for a long time, and apparently the Stone House decayed much faster than this Wooden one. I don't think the owner has been on in the past couple months. Logging started 2013-02-12 [18:07:22] You see a door with a lock. The lock is of okay quality. [18:07:22] QL=46.118164, dam=35.713398 Both had no roofs. Is it just me, or is something really wrong with decay in perimeter? Are Wooden Houses not included in the coding?
  7. Selling Supreme wooden shingle! Starting Bid: 50c Min. Increase: 20c AUCTION HAS BEEN CANCELED, Sorry.
  8. Start: 4s bid 50c 18,70ql deliverance
  9. Auction for 1 80ql rare large wooden shield Starting bid: 2s Sniper Protection: None, because it's lame Auction Ending time: No Private bids, No Buyout
  10. Im trying to add planks to my tower and at my 3rd floor, I could only finish 2 of the 4 walls. I can plan the walls, but cant add any planks and cant add any higher either. you can't see but I have bottom floor with bed, 1 tiles Floor up all finished 4 walls second floor up all finshed 4 walls, 3rd one, 2 walls Finished, 2 other walls can't add any planks but the plans are there. Can't add any planks either higher . I can delete the wall plans, re plan it, nothing works.