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Found 49 results

  1. Hello, Dragone Valley's Market presents to your service. If you have any questions or if you'd like to request some items be restocked or added, just PM me on Dargol Custom casts (coc, woa, nim) Current skill - 71 channeling 3s for 70+, 4s for 80+, 7s for 90+ power if cast on your own items (pay that fee regardless of how much higher the actual enchant is) P.S. your items can be broke. Small chance, but it exists! Price list of already enchanted tools/weapons/materials: 50+ power - 0,45s+ 60+ power - 0,75s+ 70+ power - 1,25s+ 80+ power - 2,25s+ 90+ power - 3,5s+ 100+ power - 5,5s+ Circus of Cuning (coc) - Increases skillgain when using the tool to perform actions. Wind of Ages (woa) - Increases the speed of the tool when using it to perform actions. Nimble (nim) - Increases chances to hit. Stone Strike (ss) - Improve the success chance of a surface mining action. Notes: If the tool is incomplete(in a head or blade form), any casts on it will carry over to the combined tool ! Butchering knife butchering knife blade, iron, 10,11ql, 61coc - 0,80s butchering knife blade, iron, 9,76ql, 63coc - 0,90s Carving knives carving knife blade, iron, 13,98ql, 60coc - 0,75s carving knife, iron, 41,41ql, 67coc - 1,10s Cheese drills cheese drill, oakenwood, 49,43ql, 86coc - 3,90s Files file, iron, 51,36ql, 95coc - 4,25s Grooming Brushes grooming brush, oakenwood, 7,12ql, 70coc - 1,25s Hammers hammer, iron, 50,88ql, 63coc - 1,08s hammer head, iron, 11,77ql, 81coc - 2,38s Hatchets hatchet head, iron, 11,63ql, 64coc - 0,95s hatchet head, iron, 11,63ql, 64coc - 0,95s hatchet, iron, 19,49ql, 65coc - 1,00s Large Anvil large anvile, iron, 50,63ql, 87coc - 3,13s Leather knifes leather knife, iron, 6,32ql, 73coc - 1,55s Lumps lump, iron, 59,70ql, 62coc - 0,85s lump, iron, 59,69ql, 69coc - 1,20s Mallets mallet, oakenwood, 36,55ql, 74coc - 1,65s Needles needle, iron, 9,37ql, 60coc - 0,75s needle, iron, 35,08ql, 69coc - 1,20s Pelts wild cat pelt, 63,24ql, 58coc - 0,69s wild cat pelt, 66,22ql, 59coc - 0,72s wild cat pelt, 63,01ql, 62coc - 0,85s wild cat pelt, 70,42ql, 62coc - 0,85s large rat pelt, 65,77ql, 65coc - 1,00s wild cat pelt, 70,43ql, 67coc - 1,10s wild cat pelt, 71,14ql, 67coc - 1,10s large rat pelt, 64,98ql, 75coc - 1,75s dog pelt, 60,70ql, 76coc - 1,85s wild cat pelt, 71,27ql, 76coc - 1,85s wild cat pelt, 65,83ql, 80coc - 2,25s wild cat pelt, 66,99ql, 80coc - 2,25s wild cat pelt, 72,89ql, 82coc - 2,50s wild cat pelt, 60,53ql, 89coc - 3,38s wild cat pelt, 66,94ql, 91coc - 3,70s wild cat pelt, 73,64ql, 98coc - 5,10s Pickaxes pickaxe, iron, 46,30ql, 65coc - 1,00s pickaxe head, iron, 11,66ql, 73coc - 1,55s pickaxe, steel, 70,95ql, 67ss, 82woa - 7,57s pickaxe, steel, 85,41ql, 104ss, 87woa - ! WTA ! click here ! Rakes rake blade, iron, 11,89ql, 63coc - 0,90s rake blade, iron, 11,89ql, 65coc - 1,00s rake blade, iron, 11,78ql, 66coc - 1,05s rake blade, iron, 11,80ql, 68coc - 1,15s rake blade, iron, 11,87ql, 68coc - 1,15s rake blade, iron, 11,89ql, 69coc - 1,20s Rope tools rope tool, oakenwood, 45,45ql, 84woa, 58coc - 3,44s Saws saw, iron, 34,52ql, 97coc - 4,55s Scissors scissors, iron, 10,08ql, 83coc - 2,63s Scythes scythe, iron, 41,50ql, 88coc - 3,25s Shields large shield, iron, 35,87ql, 96coc - 4,70s Shovels shovel blade, iron, 11,63ql, 62coc - 0,85s shovel, iron, 35,59ql, 71woa - 1,35s Sickles sickle, iron, 41,05ql, 90coc - 3,50s Small Anvils small anvil, iron, 19,98ql, 78coc - 2,05s Small Bucket small bucket, cedarwood, 20,48ql, 52coc - 0,51s small bucket, lemonwood, 25,45ql, 57coc - 0,66s Spindle spindle, oakenwood, 1,00ql, 64coc - 0,95s Stone Chisels stone chisel, iron, 50,75ql - 94woa - 4,10s Trowels trowel, iron, 34,79ql, 78woa - 2,05s Water water, 100,00ql, 72coc - 1,45s water, 100,00ql, 82coc - 2,50s Whetstone whetstone, 64,03ql, 85coc - 2,88s whetstone, 60,28ql, 86coc - 3,00s whetstone, 85,74ql, 87coc - 3,13s Weapons maul, silver, 46,01ql, 63nim, 60coc - 2,65s huge axe, iron, 41,37ql, 68nim, 67coc - 2,75s huge axe, iron, 41,37ql, 86nim - 3,50s maul, silver, 46,58ql, 90nim - 4,50s Bows short bow, willow 55,32ql, 50coc - 0,75s short bow, willow 55,33ql, 57coc - 0,96s short bow, willow 54,23ql, 57coc - 0,96s long/medium/short bow, willow 50+ql - 0,30s (long bows ~100 in stock, medium/short on request) long/medium/short, willow 60+ql - 0,80s (on request) long/medium/short, willow 70+ql - 2,00s (on request)
  2. Introduction Hello. I am Christos, that's my in-game name and real name to. I am looking to put my skills to some good use. Current Skills: Cloth Tailoring: 50+ QL Leatherworking: 20+ QL Weapon Smithing: 35+ QL My Location Server CAD on need Stillwater Coves,1232 Services I provide YOUR ORDER YOUR PRICE. Yes, you place your order and then you tell me how much you want to pay. Pretty much like a tip, for my services. Keep in mind that the COD is 1C per item. Creating items. Will create any item on demand, just send me a message at Christos. Send items with mail with 8 minutes delivery time. Improving your own items. Cloth Tailoring Items, Examples Normal Meditation Rugs Fine Meditation Rugs Complete Cloth Armour Sets Individual Cloth Armour Satchels Fishing Nets Cloth Barding1 Dyeable Cloth Barding1 Cotton Sheets Bedroll2 Small Square Sail Triangular Sail Square Sail (Big) Any Wool Cloth Armour (1) Cloth Barding is Armour for your Horse. (2) Bedroll, when placed within 2 tiles of a tent owned by you, is a portable source of sleep bonus, functioning like a bed, but only providing 75% the amount of sleep bonus over time. Leatherworking Items, Examples Normal Leather Armour Sets Individual Leather Armour Leather Adventure Hat Saddles Bridles Saddle Bags Backpacks Quivers Waterskin Weapon Smithing Items, Examples You can choose any metal you want. For reference on properties look: Swords Axes Maces Polearms Carving Knives Butchering Knives Sickle Scythe Sacrificial Knives1 Optional: You can send me the Gems (3xSapphire, 1xDiamond, 3xRuby) for completion. Farewell Thanks for visiting my humble store. Feel free to contact me in game at Christos. See you soon.
  3. Platesmithing (Steel) Brand new 90QL Steel Set - 8s Existing Piece Imped to 90ql: Chest - 1s Helm - 50c Leggings - 50c Vambrace - 35c Sabatons - 25c Gauntlets - 25c Weaponsmithing (Iron) 60ql - 5c 70ql - 10c *Anything not listed or for inquiries/custom orders please contact Daleebread or Henryoldfellow. *Kalayaan is located at L12
  4. Hello all! Today i've finally decided Vandle really isn't getting enough use by me. As I use Aetherwalker, Redhawk, and a few priest. Vandle seems to have fallen out of usage by me and due to sitting un-prem for a bit, i'm looking to see if there's any interest in the toon. if not, there's potential in the future I suppose! I am mainly interested just to get a idea of what his worth is by price checking, However, if you're interested in buying him, feel free to post or PM me a offer. (I'm USD, However for simplicity's sake I understand most offers in Euro, Just know for any potential buyers, I'll be accepting USD, Via Paypal Verified only) Assume the character comes with no items. Character's Niarja Link Meditation Released, on the Path of Power (should be ready for rank up, I believe) 76 Titles. [18:26:18] You have premium time until 15 May 2019 07:22:07 GMT [18:26:18] You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of the Ant, week 4 of the White Shark starfall, 1012. That's 2993 days, 18 hours and 38 minutes ago. [18:26:18] You have played 517 days, 15 hours and 13 minutes. Location; Deli - Deed Lunafreyja. M18 on the in-game map. (Have a small deed under main deed with access to coast) Character's Look. A Important note. A lot of this characters lesser stats (Weapon skills, Bowyery, Fletching, PaS) are a few skills higher than shown due to deaths in PVP. they're at a 3x skillgain, but I don't think most of these add much value to the character, so I haven't gone through all of them specifically. if your very interested in the character, I can go through these with you, but honestly, they're usually around the lower 50-60s and only add 5-10 skill, so it's not a big boon, even though it does effect a lot of his skills!) Thanks to anyone checking it out and giving me some ideas, And if there's anymore information that I may have forgotten, Please let me know or ask. have a greay day.
  5. Starting Bid: $400 us Increment: $10 us No Reserve No Buyout Sniper protection: 1hr
  6. Goblin leader = Potion of mining Blue dragon hatchling = Potion of fletching Goblin leader blood - 2s each The rest - 1,5s each
  7. Good overall account. Starting bid: €500, no silvers. Paypal Only. Reserve: hidden Min increase: €10 Sniper protection: 2 hours End time: Friday 14th 20:00 CEST Buyout: Give me an offer been an idle account for over a year. No premium, 3 referrals left that can be activated for ~60 days premium time. No items, stuck on Xanadu R12 without any transportation. basic plate armour without a helmet, maul and shield. Crooked of the path of knowledge. Oldschool account, 13+ years of wurm history. 112 titles, some unique ones (if nothing has changed since i quit) For example: Clairvoyant keeper of faith Ageless I reserve the right to cancel the auction without reason if i feel like it.
  8. Close please selling on Auction
  9. Potion of mining - 3s Sold Oil of the weapon smith - 1s Sold
  10. Hi , i'm Improving iron weapons to 80 QL for 25 copper Send Weapons to Exopath No aditional fees if i make the weapon rare, supreme, fantastic etc If i do a small tip is always encouraged but not required If You provide steel, i can also improve steel weapons to 80 ql for 25 copper I have 10 seconds rarity bonus always up on my deed also
  11. weapon smith 2.5s stevelee in game or reply to thread or send forum pm. thank you
  12. I have two toons that I would appreciate getting your input on. WS: Enlightened on the Path of Knowledge +25% skill gain Vynora Follower +10% skill gain Zero Warnings You have premium time until 18 Jan 2018 14:29:23 GMT BS: Zero Warnings No Premium Time Vyn Follower +10% skill gain With the amount of skill gain bonus and premium time on the WS the sky is the limit for any industrious player. BS character lacks mining skill but together they make a mighty pair. With a runed rare pickaxe (can be included if i sell) the WS can mine 91ql ore. Thanks for any input you can offer, Kawdzo
  13. These oils will improve your max improving levels. i.e. w/ a 96ql oil you can improve your sword from your current max of 80ql to 89-90ql. Weapon-smith oil: 96ql Weapon-smith oil: 92ql 3.5s each or 6 silver for both Armour-smith oil: 84ql Armour-smith oil 69ql 2.5s each or 5 silver for both Message me @ mrzodiac
  14. I’ve always been a huge fan of player run events, no matter what game they happen to take place in, and for Wurm Unlimited that means the Imp-along. Betty has been the inspiration to bring this to Mythmoor and will be an invaluable asset as Co - Host. Thank you for all your input in advance So what is an “impalong”? The name comes from ‘improve’ which is of course how you better all items in Wurm Unlimited, you ‘imp’ them. The event takes place at Candlekeep, which is on the Prime server, (Top/middle North ) You don’t need to be of high skill to participate.For sign up to help add yourself to the Excel Sheet Online (weekend Fri - Sun) 27 - 28 - 29 In order to hold an Imp Along we will need the following: 1.) Facilities (Done = Candlekeep) 2.) Workstations and Storage (Done) 3.) Resources (please Sign up and state what you can bring) the higher level the better but all quality is appreciated 4.) Players to Improve Items (please Sign Up which craft you are willing to support) 5.) Players who need Items improved (we are planing to hold Imp Along if 1-4 can be filled. So please, spread the word, sign up and gather resources.Of course the more people who help out for this event, the better. I’ll be bringing Tsunami to act as battery /cast spells for those who need it and to help out where she can. Without the players behind this event, it would never happen.If you play Wurm Online but you’ve never checked out this yearly event, or you’re thinking of getting involved in Wurm and want to see what a player run event is like – this is your chance. Come help make this year the best.As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!
  15. Mining, Armorsmith, WC and LW are sold out. Stonecutting - 4s each New Price 3s each Weaponsmith - 2s each New Price 1.5s each Acid - 50c each I will try to check daily and send out. 30% discount for the whole bundle if someone wants to hoard them
  16. Oil of Weapon smith = 4.5s Oil of Blacksmith = 2.5s
  17. Wts my potions colection, prices are listed in the weight slot If you dont like the price, pm me here or in game to Tuga aswell and maybe we can work something out.
  18. Boom

    Thanks for the unnecessary trolling the account is sold. Tada!!
  19. Xanadu Q13 Map location Merchants located Black Forest Bazaar Offering a 10% permanent discount to return customers* 10% bulk order purchase discount on orders over 5 items (stacks with the return discount) *Excluding rares and supremes Bulk purchase discount available *SUPREMES* *RARES* *COMPASSES* *DIOPTRAS* *ENCHANTED TOOLS* *ENCHANTED WEAPONS* *WEAPONS* *TOOLS* *Whetstones* *Special deals* *ARMOUR* *FURNITURE* *JEWELRY SMITHING* *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As I know not everyone has silver coins ready to pay with I take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Gems 2c/QL under 10QL 1c/QL over 10QL Sleep powder 1s Seryll lumps 5s Ash 1s/1k Mortar 2.5s/1k Bricks 2.5s/1k Dirt 1s/1k Slate shards 1s/1k Slate shingles 2.5s/1k Concrete 1s/100 Open to other offers All bulk for barter must be delivered and in crates *DELIVERY* Happy to mail any items for cod fee Any delivery wanted for items not mailable is charged at: 1s for Exodus 1s for Deliverance 1s for South west Xanadu 1.5s for West Xanadu 1.5s for South Xanadu 1.5s for Celibration 1.5s for South and east Independance 1.5s for Release 1.5s for Pristine 2s for South east Xanadu 2s for North west Xanadu 2s for North Xanadu 2s for East Xanadu 2s for North east Xanadu 2s for North and west Independance 2.5s for Central Independance 3s for Central Xanadu (Accessible by knarr only) Chaos willing to discuss
  20. Name: Eucledz Gender: Male Premium: You have premium time until 21 Jan 2016 20:44:47 GMT Current Location: Noth Deli Path: Path of Knowledge (level 5) Payment Method Accepted: Verified Paypal Bids in Euro only please Starting Bid: 50e Minimum Increments: 5e Buyout: PM Offers Sniper Protection: 2 hours from last bid
  21. Welcome to The Golden Hammer ~ Because every Wurmian should have a trusty Smith ~ Feel free to place orders on the thread, or contact the following in-game: Notre/Pravy (Notre for forum PM) Seraine Destroyerd The Glowing Hammer is proud to announce we are re open! Bring on the orders! See Pricing Below Pick-up can be arranged in the North-West section of Xanadu. (Golden Hammer is located at F9 for anyone wanting to come by.) Please note that C.O.D fees are paid by the customer. Enchanting Prices: We are now offering enchanting services based on the prices listed Here. Any blacksmithing tools may be cast on, if you require the tool to be crafted as well please see the price guide below for that. End cost will be cast+quality, if you are looking for skillers (low QL) there will be a base cost of 10c for creation QL tools. Blacksmithing Prices: (Imping service follows same price guide.) Creation QL (Below 20, for skiller tools) - 10c 70QL - 35c 75QL - 40c 80QL - 45c 85QL - 65c 90QL - 75c 91QL - 1s 92QL - 1.5s Blacksmithing tools ready to send: List is being rewritten. Enchanted tools ready to send: Hatchet, Iron (skiller), QL 2.55 CoC 94 - 1.75s Hatchet, Iron, QL 90 CoC 79 - 1s Pickaxe, Iron, QL 90 CoC 96 - 1.85s (Lots more coming, please stay tuned.) Shield Smithing: 70QL - 65c Weapon smithing Prices: (Weaponsmithing is provided by Destroyerd as a sub-contractor and takes full profit from WS Sales. Feel free to contact him, if I am not around.) 70QL - 50c 80QL - 55c 85QL - 80c 90QL - 1.25s 91QL - 1.65s 92QL - 2.25s Bulk In Stock Currently: Bulk Gems 1c/1ql over 10QL, 2c/1ql under 10QL (Must pick up) 1x Star Diamond (Pm me Offer) The Glowing Hammer Team: Notre/Pravy - Owner (Blacksmith/Shieldsmith) Destroyerd - Head Weaponsmith Eyerobot - Sub-Contract Vynora Priest Please contact any of the names above and your order will be processed We would welcome any addition to this team, creators get to keep all profits from their sold goods. Currently Accepting: 70+ Platesmith Vynora/Nahjo Priests. Bulk workers based on projects. PM and ask if any work is available, payment for bulk work paid same day! For the artist's profile that created the picture above please click here
  22. RAMA EMPORIUM OPEN ! Some of our products & services listed as below. *** We would be glad to work on any other orders which are not on the list. *** We are located @ Xanadu 14-S . Also you can search Rama using left panel from this map ---> We may deliver to short distances but for longer routes - depending on location - extra fee may apply. We will take our crates back or exchange with yours after delivery. If you want to keep the crates, 15c per large crate will be charged. And again, please feel free to ask any other orders which is not listed, after a price check we may talk and decide on price & availability time together. Also doing imp. orders too. You can PM; Alpykun - Albedoesp - Aono - Atuan . Let's do some trading together ! Blacksmith Ql Price Lantern ( iron ) 70 12c Lantern ( iron ) 80 55c Lantern ( copper ) 70 22c Common Tools 50 10c Common Tools 60 25c Common Tools 70 35c Iron Lamps 30 8c Iron Lamps 50 10c Iron Lamps 60 25c Iron Lamps 70 35c Horseshoes ( set x4 ) 70 80c Bulk Ql Price Bricks x 1000 - 1.7s Out of Stocks Mortar x 1000 - 2.5s small nail x 400 - 70c large nail x 400 - 70c rivet x 400 - 70c hook x 400 - 70c ribbon x 100 - 70c frying pans x 100 - 70c sauce pans x 100 - 70c iron ore x 100 70 40c iron ore x 1000 < 70 90c plank x 500 - 70c shaft x 500 - 40c Dirt x 1000 - 90c Out of Stocks Woodcutting Ql Price 100 x logs Low (Bulk QL) 20c 100 x logs 40-59(avarage) 50c 100 x logs 60-69(avarage) 70c WS Ql Price All Weapons 60 30c All Weapons 65 40c Plate Armour Ql Price Set 60 1.2s Set 70 25s Shipbuilding Ql Price Knaar 60 9.8s Rowboat 60 55c Sailboat 60 80c Carpentry Ql Price Large Crate 40+ 15c Small Crate 40+ 10c BSB / FSB - 12c Farm Ql Price Harvested Unit x 1000 82 1.2s ( pumpkin, garlic, cotton, wemp in stocks right now ) Gems Ql Price Normal Gems 1199,19 11s Black Opal 40,19 4s Gem List Below
  23. Heylo.. high enough quality to auction.. here it is. A small flask containing a grey oily substance that glows in the dark. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increment: 50c Buyout: Offer A free q79 Salve of Frost goes to the winner.