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Found 44 results

  1. On examine you get the following message on wagons and large carts: [16:36:04] The "Mystery Machine" does not have a course plotted. At first I thought maybe this was linked to finding a route, but I checked and it is not related nor does it update. Of course upon right click I find I can not plot a course to Cadence and sail away on my large cart as such a message would imply. Certainly this doesn't seem to have any effect other than cosmetics, but such messages could be confusing to new players or those lacking experience with the game. I never noticed them before so maybe something was recently changed to cause this? This message appears on all large carts and wagons and to everyone I asked to check.
  2. I find that my wagon appears bugged. I purchased it from someone and changed the name. The new name shows on mouseover and also shows when locking and unlocking the wagon. When embarking/disembarking it shows the original name. [17:09:31] You unlock the "Welcome Wagon". [17:09:43] You leave the "CD1". [17:09:46] You lock the "Welcome Wagon" with the large padlock. [17:11:12] You ride on the "CD1" as the driver. [17:11:45] You ride on the "CD1" as a passenger. [17:11:58] You leave the "CD1". Here is the history of the wagon: History of this Large Wagon's Permissions changes Jan 22, 2023, 11:09:46 PM Sacreddraconis Attached Lock Jan 22, 2023, 11:09:31 PM Sacreddraconis Removed Lock Jan 22, 2023, 10:26:56 PM Sacreddraconis Attached Lock Jan 22, 2023, 10:26:50 PM Sacreddraconis Removed Lock Jan 22, 2023, 10:25:15 PM Sacreddraconis Added Libbydraconis(+Can Command, +Can be Passenger, +Access Hold) Jan 19, 2023, 10:20:06 PM Sacreddraconis Changed Name Jan 19, 2023, 10:15:57 PM Sacreddraconis Added Allies(+Can be Passenger), Buttercuprincess(+Can be Passenger, +Access Hold), Citizens(+Can be Passenger) Jan 19, 2023, 9:44:58 PM Yaros Changed Owner to 'Sacreddraconis' Jan 19, 2023, 9:44:58 PM Auto Cleared Permissions Jan 19, 2023, 9:41:48 PM Yaros Changed Name, Added Sacreddraconis(+Manage Item, +Can Command, +Can be Passenger, +Access Hold) Jul 29, 2022, 8:51:29 AM Yaros Changed Name
  3. D.A.R.G.O.N. Furniture And Fine Carp imps Dashingly Awesome Really Great One of a Kind Nifty Furniture!! Fine carpentry IMP and new items D.A.R.G.O.N Furniture is located at L13 on Independence. Here you can get finely crafted hand made furniture, carts, wagons, rope tools, spinning wheels, and looms. If its fine carp D.A.R.G.O.N has you covered! Rope Tool imps WAGON/Cart Furniture QL Cost imping New IMPing New furniture prices based 90 75c 1s 5s 75c on number of items and 91 1s 1.5s 6.5 s 1s actions to create 92 1.5s 2s 7s 1.5s 93 2s 2.5s 7.5 s 2s 94 2.5s 3s 8s 2.5s 95 3s 4s 9s 3s 96 3.5s 5s 10s 3.5s 97 4s 6s 11s 4s Contact Chaoshaze by replying here or /tell Chaoshaze in game! Happy Wurming!!!
  4. I'd like to suggest this as an idea. That carts, wagons and ships be searchable. Many times I've dropped say a tool into a bowl and haven't found it in days. If I could find my misplaced item I wouldn't go crazy, looking and thinking where is it?! Anyways, thanks for listening.🥰
  5. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team. Current Observations: It seems as though 90% of the Wurm Population will use standard Horses for the majority if not all of their needs. Those who choose to use an alternative method typically choose Hell Horses as their main mode of transportation whether it's by Horse-Back or Cart/Transport pulling. Bison seem to receive very little love when it comes to much of anything! Bison are unable to be equipped with any sort of equipment and because Horses are more popular they are rarely Bred for their Traits, making them equally hard to obtain for those of us who do prefer to use a Bison for one reason or another. What I propose: Expand the Bonus a Bison receives from pulling a load to other "Large Transports" from just the wagon to also include Ship Transporter, perhaps even the Large Cart too. Bison are huge, durable beasts and should be able to pull larger loads much easier than a Horse or Hell-horse for that matter. Grant Bison other Colors Many new Horse Colors were added, making collecting all of the different coats an achievement for many Horse Breeders. Everyone appears to have their preferred Horse Coat and prefers to obtain that particular coat when obtaining a Horse for themselves Providing Bison alternative colors such as White, Black, Deep Brown, Light Brown, Grey, etc; would give Bison a variety and help add to their appeal Allow Bison to be equipped with even basic equipment Horse Shoes don't make a whole lot of sense on a Bison Bridles would be just as helpful on a Bison as they are for a Horse or Hell-horse. Bison are the only original intended Transportation Creature that cannot use a Bridle. (We're not counting the Bull here only because they are still "a cow") Give the Large Saddle a purpose again! Allow us to put a Large Saddle on the Bison! Allow us to ride Bison I was surprised to learn that Bison could in-fact not be ridden, they aren't even an option no matter what your Body Control is! I believe this also makes Bison less appealing to many players as Horses (of any kind) are a Swiss-army-knife of the Wurm World's transportation. Why have a Bison when your Horse can do everything a Bison can and then some? Conclusion: Bison were a wonderful addition and a great idea to be paired with the Wagon of course! Currently the Wagon bonus is barely enough reason to make them a viable option and as is hardly worth obtaining for that purpose alone. I feel our "Fluffy Cows" need some serious love to make them a viable option and a loved and welcome member to any Deed. Even half of these proposed suggestions I feel would allow the Bison to "claim more real estate" on Deeds and in our daily lives than they do now. We have a member of our Deed who has been playing Wurm with us for many years now and he loves his "Fluffy Cows". We are all saddened to see that he is only able to use them on his Cart and not able to be excited as the rest of us are when a new color appears in our Herd, his Bison just don't have that to offer him. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team.
  6. Hello everyone! Welcome to the official Wurm University shop. Prices: Wagons - 10s each. Free delivery to Exodus/Deli/Pristine/Release/Cele and coastal Xanadu and Indy. Tents - 5s each Tall banners 1.75s+small delivery fee (no fee when delivered with a wagon) Small banners and flags - 1s The money from the sale will go towards improving our kingdom, it is not for personal gain.
  7. Hail my name is Khaldrogo I am the High King of the Iron Isle of Blacktyde located at O8 on Xanadu in game map, I am interested in purchasing items that bear the Black Legion Mark. These items include, banners and flags mostly but I am also interested in purchasing a Black Legion Wagon if any still exist. Blacktyde's taxes are in and its coffers are full, PM here or in game if interested to sell. Regards Khaldrogo High King of Blacktyde of the Iron Isle Xanadu
  8. How to buy these items: Visiting the deed location shown below! Use one of the three merchants to find the statue you want and make sure to examine them to see what color it will be. Any inquires pm one of the people listed below. Payment Methods: Silver, Euros or bulk materials in trade. Bulk material list includes Bricks , Mortar, Support beams and Dirt. Ratio for bulk materials will be discussed on contact regarding a purchase. Pickup only! Deed Location: North East Deliverance right on the red cross hair (http://deliverance.yaga.host/#1783,248) Wagons - 10s per Military tent - 6s per Tall Banner - 2s per Banner - 1s per Flag - 1s HOTA Statue's All HOTA statues now are adamantine statues, they look the same as the older models but whats different now is the RGB are not all red they vary widely. Examine a statue to get its RGB value (https://www.rapidtables.com/web/color/RGB_Color.html) : Dragon - 30s per Lady of the Lake - 20s per Man vs Snake - 20s per Stag - 10s per Nogump - 5s per Sol Demon - 5s per Dogs vs Boar - 5s per Man vs Bear - 5s per Bull vs Bear - 5s per Scorpion - 5s per Contact : Egard(forums) Gavin(ingame) | Williamwierd (forums & ingame)
  9. Hello. It often happens to give permissions to other players to rack, ships, wagons, carts, bsb; permissions to be passenger, to hold and so on. It is possible to deny the permissions, but the name remains in the list anyway, so slowly the list become longer and longer. I would like to see, next to "deny permissions", the option "remove player from the list", In this way it would be easier to menage our properties.
  10. I like that bison have a speed bonus for wagons. It makes the game more interesting if there are different optimal mounts for different things. Unfortunately, the speed bonus isn't enough to make bison on wagons faster than well equipped horses and hell horses, which makes the wagon speed bonus a bit pointless. I suggest we either allow bison to be equipped with horse shoes and saddles, or increase their wagon speed bonus so that they're better on wagons than equipped horses and hell horses. If none of this is going to be done, the speed bonus may as well be removed, as it's a little pointless otherwise.
  11. -=!Dreadnaught Dynasty!=- !We Fight! New Stock! NEW Prices!! Available For Purchase: 2x Remaining - DD PMK Bundles 50QL (Cedar) = 18s Each 2x Remaining DD Single Wagons 50QL (Cedar) = 10s Each 3x - DD Tents ~40QL = 4s Each DD PMK Bundles consist of: 2x Kingdom Flags 2x Tall Kingdom Banners 2x Kingdom banners 1x Wagon 1x Tent Note: All purchases include Free Delivery to any Freedom Coast Note: Our PMK items will be sold only in small batches every few months! Wagon Tent Flag Banner Tall Banner
  12. Created a wagon in my inventory in a house on deed and ofcourse upon creating the unfinished wagon it drops to the ground. I was not allowed to continue building the wagon that I had just made, but once I took the unfinished wagon outside the house I could, so it was the house permissions stopping me because I wasn't allowed to modify the building, even though I was actually trying to continue an unfinished wagon I had just created and not do anything to the house structure at all.
  13. Hi, I have recently founded a PMK on an offline Wurm U server. I have been able to add custom Banners, Tall Banners, Flags and Tabards (for those interested was very helpful). I am assuming that there should be a file for wagons in the pmk.jar that hasn't yet been added to the game files, however I just wanted to know if anyone had found a way around this and has found a way to add in custom wagon textures. I have found the .dds (image) files in the "graphics.jar/transports" and am unsure if the "Wagon_main.wom" file is what needs to be changed. Also how do you edit a .wom file? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
  14. As the title states, wts Black Legion goodies: Black Legion Wagon- 6s (Free Delivery, all usually Cedarwood above 50ql) Black Legion Tall Kingdom Banner- 1.5s Black Legion Kingdom Banner- 50c Black Legion Kingdom Flag- 50c Currently I only deliver on Xanadu, Release or Pristine. For delivery in other servers please check http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/125639-black-legion-guard-towers-banners-and-wagons/ Post on the thread or pm me to Tuga in forum or game for more info. Thanks PS All items available in bulk
  15. Bug: While on the second story of a multistory building, one can embark as the commander of a large wagon with hitched animals and suddenly find both wagon and animals on the second floor of the building. Observation 1: When embarked as the driver of a large wagon while animals are hitched, attempting to 'Climb up' a ladder will fail, perhaps implying that having animals hitched will prevent the cart from changing floors. Observation 2: When on the second floor and looking down at a wagon and team through a wood floor opening, one can successfully 'Embark - Commander' and suddenly find oneself on the second floor of the structure as driver of the wagon - wagon, animals, and all. Observation 3: While on the second floor driving a wagon with hitched animals, one cannot 'Climb down' as the driver - nor can one drive the cart off an open edge of the floor. Workaround: unhitch the animals, 'Haul down' the cart, re-capture the animals (hopefully before they've managed to make a run for it), and re-hitch them to the cart. It seems that the better solution is to not allow someone to 'Embark - Commander' from the second floor if a team is hitched to the wagon. Or perhaps: to teleport the driver to the wagon on the lower floor.
  16. I use alot of trucking keys and locks, I have over 500 active keys almost 6th satchel is full or my keys. WELL... I did Noticed after update I am no longer able to Lock and Unlock stuff while on my Wagon, or commanding I know have to be on solid ground ?!?!? This was not an issue before permissions. Could you please make it where we can put locks on items while commanding vehicles aging. Its a pain to dismount everyy single time I want to lock something. And I have to lock a ton of stuff with permission With the new permissions requiring locks to manage the permissions I have over 300 bsbs unlocked chests abd food bens etc... spread out all over tge place that still needed locks. I own over 1,000 lockable items mostly locked but I need to replace my locks soon on everything since Mirrormatch might of copied my keys from his last theft. Please fix this. Not sure if this was intended or not. I wear plate and always carry my tools, weapons on me I never walk faster tyan 2.00 km/h I enioy my mounts and Carts etc.. Fix the locks please. (Everything is acticing like a door now) instead of lock it reads attach lock. Which im not sure if it requires solid ground or not but anyways. Also an idea I wouls like to see added to permissions. I already share my merchants but I have to do everything myself. Also could we manage Merchants on permissions? And on the history can you add who bought what items? And what sold? I find myself guessing what sold 100% or the time because I forget due to the many items I put inside etc. I would like to share my merchants with my alts, friends and alliance etc... qity out adding items myself etc. Somw check boxes that could be managed in permissions. Add items Change prices Remove items Remove silver And finally an issue Also I have keys still to wagons I have collected from old alliances members, I am the maker but not the owner they quit the game. So I had wagona recovered I made them. 1) They are locked I do have the keys 2) I was able to command, load, unload and use normally 3) new permssions system A) I can Open remove item and add items I can not unload C) I can not command, thus No loading stuff D) I can not do permissions not the owner (understandable) E) I can not remove the Locks (wtf I got the key) F) I can not Drag,Push,Hitch,Etc... I can still use them as storage containers I guess wince I can open whilw holding the keys, but cant do anything big with then. I have 1 inside my boat loaded. I can unload it so now I got a rare cart inaide my knarr wasting space. Lol Could we fix it where if one holds the key abd the owners doesnt not play the game or exists anymore ( a delete option ) Or Claim command... I already own 8 of my own wagons but 5 additional ones were left behibx. I use them or I did not they are parked in horrible places for storage. I guess I could leave them abd just add items and remove items when needed. Please lets hear some good input on this post.
  17. You too can own one of these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan wagons on the Freedom cluster now!!! Price: 5 Silver They can be picked up on Deliverance at Zanarkand (N19) .(You will need to bring your own horses if traveling by land or either a knarr, corbita or caravel if traveling by sea. Also, wagon delivery charges are PER wagon since onlt one wagon fits in a ship) If you need delivery, we can handle that for you at these prices:(Delivery is to knarr or corbita accessible areas only, you will have to bring your own horses to pick them up if traveling inland) Deliverance or Exodus: 1 Silver Celebration or Independence : 1.5 Silver West Xandu: 1 Silver East Xandu: 2 Silver Release: 2.5 Silver Pristine: 3 Silver **note: If you would like to choose the type of wood used, please place order thru forum pm with wood type desired, and allow approx. 1 day for delivery. PM Nsu in game or on the forums to place your order today!!!! Also selling these beautiful Empire of Mol-Rehan Banners 50 copper each and Flags only 40 copper each!**note** These can not be mailed. How about a beautiful new towering MR Tall Banner or two? Only 1 silver each (due to amount of materials used)(These can not be mailed) Want to have a towering MR silo style tower on your deed? We'll start one for you for only 50c (as of 8/29 these can no longer be mailed). That's one of these nice towers for only a few copper and then the effort to finish it on your deed!!!**note** Unfinished towers can no longer be mailed Merchant with towers located at Zanarkand (Deliverance N19) All prices are for in-game user to user trades only, purchases from my merchant at Zanarkand on Deli are a few coppers more to cover taxes charged by the game.
  18. I have some things I need to get rid of I have a full 9 Piece set of studded leather all 50 ql Full set of bronze chain all 30ql Full set of iron chain 20-30 ql 1800 dirt 2000 sand Saddles and cowboy hats all 20 ql Wagons and furniture all made to order yer choice in wood Small braziers marble brazier pillers Strange devices All items are At S-11 deli Pickup or cod only I do NOT deliver All prices are obo. Leave me a message or contact me in game ty
  19. Please PM Hashirama and Hashirama only if you need any of the wagons. I am really busy with real life so I wont be able to respond for any further wagon sales. For the First time in the Game on Freedom cluster. MR wagons. Currently no one on Freedom owns this car. Get one for yourself today. Pickup from Deliverance West Coast. 15 silver for the last wagon I have available. List of Players who Own these Cars Hashirama Kegan -> NikiLezerGinodealAlyeska/XalloBeezieDestroyerdFairyshineKeyosGoraghMetrix Also now we got HOTS wagons on Freedom Price : 8 silver each Get one today Mighty Horde wagon owner's (sold by me) HuntgremGinodealWoadMakarusDestroyerdSmellyfeetKeyosSubie/TheshawvAndrasteMetrix All raise your hands for JK wagons. Jk wagon Price : 5 silver each Jenn Kellon Wagon owner list (sold by me) BoristheanimalValoMachairaDestroyerdMetrix BL wagons on the way BL wagon Price: 7 silver each BL wagon owner list (sold by me) VelvetsunMetrixWynry HOTS guard tower! pickup at G 8 deliverance in game map, 1 silver for each tower, come get yours today! Unfinished towers in stock: 1 What does a HOTS guard tower look like?
  20. Completing the last part of the puzzle. Finally all wagons are available on PVE, People said it was impossible but hey here is the proof. Selling Jenn Kellon Wagons Owner of the latest and most fancy cars. Niki Destroyerd Metrix Yossarian Price : 15 12 Silver only Open to trades Also selling JK kingdom banners: 2s each. Pickup from Konoha G-8 Deliverance ingame map.
  21. It is well known that we have a positioning bug in this game of two tiles back and one to the right. It is evident when people cannot hit the mobs from the back of your cart, get stuck in buildings, fall through walls and so forth. It is incredibly annoying and has been reported time and again. I believe it seeped into game around wagons came and were two tiles wide and then were changed back to being one tile wide to allow for travel though gates and in between walled one tile wide roads. Now this bug is probably causing heaps of other problems too. My wagon horses must also be experiencing the exact same bug. How do I know? They stand inside a doughnut house on all enchanted grass inside my deed and they pack tiles inside my actual house (where I have just normal grass) two tiles behind and one tile to the right of the horses. Last week, two of my horses - cared for btw - got diseases while on the enchanted grass. One died. They were never off the enchanted grass, they were always on it yet got skinny and diseased. This is while being cared for and on enchanted grass their whole lives. The positioning bug most probably caused them to eat grass, which then wasnt there as they were looking for it two tiles behind and one tile to the right of where they were standing. I have heard others tell stories of how horses pack tiles in adjacent locked camps through walls. This needs to be addressed urgently. Note that you also cannot examine hitched animals in wagons, even though it looks like you are standing right inside of them, you get error message "you are too far to do this". More proof that wagon horses are not in the server where the client shows them to be. This bug also causes the same issue with our bugged bridges, as the client thinks you are on the bridge (and shows it on your screen) yet the server knows you are not and most probably floating in mid air next to the actual bridge, two tiles behind and one tile to the right of where the client shows you: You cannot lead horses on a bridge, you lose them and cannot relead them. You are not on the same bridge as them yet you are... You cannot drop stuff and pick it back up from a bridge, you are not on the same bridge as dropped item, yet you are.... You cannot dismount and remount on a bridge, you are not on the same bridge as your cart or horse, yet you are.... PLEASE FIX THE ANNOYING POSITIONING BUG URGENTLY ON BOTH PLAYERS AND ANIMALS (I think horses/bison in wagons are affected here).
  22. I seem to remember coding being added which would resolve the issue of becoming diseased when riding a cart and/or wagon. (When wagons were implemented) After spending roughly 30 minutes on my cart with two hitched horses I am getting "You scratch yourself. What did you catch now?" This wasn't an issue again until recently. As such, I thought I better check my four hitched bison on my wagon, and they are also diseased. (Front passenger and rear driver side bisons are diseased if it helps) I also had 8 fresh five speed horses die on enchanted grass while hitched by two's to carts. The carts were parked three tiles away facing a building, which left one additional tile in between the horses and the building. When the horses died (they were mature by the way), their corpses appeared in the building, 3 tiles ahead from where they were hitched. This leads me to believe there is a positional issue and they starved to death. I've also had hell horses disappearing and/or dying when hitched to a wagon parked on enchanted grass. All within the last month. I thought I better mention it, so someone could look into it. Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to show you the area which I am describing. P.S. I'm not looking for any compensation. Just letting you know what I have experienced.
  23. Ok, So it has always been a problem to unload ships. Considering this, I think it would be a good idea that the distance from the ship was lengthened so that it was easier to load and unload a ship. Also to make the cart or items visible from a longer distance while on your boat. Not too crazy long but enough that you don't have to park your cart in the water and your boat on the dock. Also make it so you can access your ship hold from anywhere near your ship, not just one or 2 spots. If you are close enough to get an examine menu then you should be close enough to access it.