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Found 7 results

  1. SOLD, PLEASE CLOSE This is an auction for Venom an enchanted copper sickle. It was made by Pantha and I used it for testing but I do not need it as I have a adamantine sickle now. Sickles are the best DPS one handed weapon in the game and despite being copper this sickle is no different. This sickle could be used for skilling, casual fighting , a back up weapon or hell you could even fight something such as a unique with it because of the insane poison dmg ticks. If you didn't know copper gives an additional 30% poison wound while giving 35% percent less dmg. This means if you were in a long fight or had to run you could come back to the creature even more wounded or even dead from the ticks from both the poison and the regular wounds (this only applies to copper weapons not this one as it only deals poison wounds). Starting bid: 2s Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 8s Private Bids: Accepted sickle (venom) QL 71.93 copper, common VNM 93 BoTD 80 [23:09:22] A kind of small hand-held scythe with a crescent-moon formed blade. It has a malevolent aura. You need to temper the sickle by dipping it in water while it's hot. [23:09:22] You can easily make out the signature of its maker, 'Pantha'. [23:09:22] Venom has been cast on it, so it will deal only poison damage wounds. [93] [23:09:22] Blessings of the Dark has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained and speed with it when used. [80]
  2. As it currently stands now, Life transfer and Frostbrand/Flaming aura are the most popular enchants, while others are almost never used. Bloodthirst increases your damage by a flat amount, making it weak on larger weapons with slower swing timers. (I believe? this one is kinda fuzzy to me in terms of info) and seems to be kinda unreliable. and only seems to work decent in epic. Venom is almost never used due to it not dealing more damage, and having an ability that is near useless when magic healers are around, and instant death from poison wounds are rare and almost never useful in the heat of combat. Rotting touch is okay, again, not very useful in the heat of combat unless you want to give healers a harder time, but magic healing makes it kinda useless. and it does 13% less damage then FB and FA. Proposed Enchant mechanics: Frostbrand: Adds a frostburn wound that is 10% of the damage your weapon deals. Also freezes the enemy for 15% of your weapon swing timer, (At 100 power) Example... A 6 second swing timer would freeze the enemy for 0.9 seconds. During the freeze, the enemy's swing timer is halted (not interrupted) the enemy is also unable to move. 2.5 second cooldown until the enemy can be frozen again to prevent impossible movement during ganks. Enemies can still block, but CR is reduced by 2 when frozen. CR Debuff is only useful during ganks because a single player would never be able to land a hit when the enemy is chilled. Flaming Aura: Same as it is now, adds a wound that is 33% of the damage your weapon deals at 100 power. Making this enchant unique rather then the same thing as FB would add more appeal to Magranon and Smeagain priests, and would add more to the market. Life Transfer: Stays the same, seems to be well balanced since it can only heal one wound at a time. Quite weak in PvP, and giving it the ability to heal multiple wounds at a time however would make you practically invincible if you're a tanky enough. Bloodthirst: Increases weapon damage by 50% at 10,000 charge. Charge is gained through damage dealt, 1 damage increases the charge by 5. This ignores armour, so a 100 damage hit that deals 30 damage would still give 500 charge. So 2,000 damage is required to gain full charge. Charge begins to degrade after 25 seconds of hitting nothing, and will degrade by 80 charge per second, which means it takes 150 seconds to loose full charge. Very good for hunting trips and long encounters in combat, but near useless for the occasional encounter. Venom: Adds a poison wound that deals 10% of the damage your weapon deals at 100 power... Rather then having poison wound kill you randomly on a healing tick, instead the poison wound worsens every second. All extra poison damage stacks into one wound. Very light wounds 0.01 per second, light 0.02 per second, Medium 0.04 per second, Bad 0.06 per second, and Severe 0.08 per second. Uniques would be immune to poison worsening. Remove AoSP poison reflection as it would make it never used in PvP. When a healing tick occurs it turns into an internal wound at which point it will stop worsening every second, but the internal wound would most likely be nasty if not salved, so treatment would commonly be required. A healing tick takes 3x as long to occur on the poison wound. When applied (Farmers salve) or treated with enough potency to heal the size of the poison wound, the poison wound stops worsening and begins healing like a normal wound, and at the same speed of a normal wound. This can be a good enchant for getting decent damage on an enemy and retreating when you're weak. Every time the wound worsens, it does not reset the time it takes for a healing tick. Healing ticks do not add more damage to the wound, just changes the wound type, A very light wound would do 0.60 damage per minute, light 1.2 DPM, medium 2.4 DPM, Bad 3.6 DPM, Severe 4.8 DPM. Rotting Touch: Increases weapon damage by 20% at 100 power. (Same damage as it is now I believe) Infected wounds heal 25% less when healed with magic or bandaging. (Through the initial chunk of health healed through bandaging and casting) Ticks twice as fast when not bandaged or treated, but worsens half as fast. (Carries same difficulty to heal) Remove the brittleness that it brings to the weapon, it turns off players who want to use it casually. The 13% damage penalty when compared to FA I believe is enough. FA is better when your target has no escape and you're fighting till the death. I think these changes to the weapon enchants would add some more interest and opportunities in combat. And would possibly help boost the enchanting market. Thanks for reading! I'm very open to suggestions and critiquing the list, would appreciate it.
  3. Turn the "lol rng instagib" venom into a Damage over Time venom instead. Venom gets applied as a separate wound similar to frostbrand and grows in very small increments every 5 seconds. (by small i mean something like 0.1 to 0.3 dmg) Applying farmer salve completely stops the wound from growing and reverse the effect so the wound heal itself every 5 seconds at twice the rate. Edit: The dmg tick would not apply additional hurt statuses (just like any other wound getting worse), only the initial wound would.
  4. Starting bid: 5s Bid increment: as Reserve: None Snipe Protection: 1 hour Buyout: None Current bid: 6s Jibberish Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here, feel free to PM me with buyout offers or questions. Item will be CoDed to winner at their expense unless picked up on deliverance at Funndy Docks. I will also accept payment in Euro via Paypal, standard 1s:1e ratio.
  5. I recently unlocked life tap and am on my way to unlocking venom (this evening probably). So far I've had 0 requests for venom and a fair few for life tap (6). Now it is often said on here that life tap is far better than venom so I'd like to suggest that the favour cost be adjusted accordingly. Reducing the cost to somewhere in the region of 80 favour seems about right.
  6. Server: Independence, Town: Freedom Market. (close to The Howl, starter point for new arrivals from the tutorial) All these awesome weapons are on "Merchant_Magic weapons" She can be found in the outer north row, when you face north, right side from the middle road, 3rd market stall. I will try to keep the post updated once a day so that you do not run here unneccessary. If you do have an order for an weapon not on the list though, send a forum PM please and I am happy to give you a quote. Most have Nimbleness, COC and Mind Stealer. Those that have additional Frostbrand have that marked blue, those with Life Transfer have this marked green, those with Venom have it marked bright red, thise with Rotten Touch have it marked dark red. RT is nothing I can offer custom at this time. Only one of those left. huge axe, iron (71n 84fb 78coc 91ms), 70 ql - 8.5 s large maul, iron (HD RT 81 BOTD 51) , 71 ql - 5 s large maul, iron (59N 49LT 51COC 60MS), 70 ql - 4.10 s large maul, iron (51N 54LT 56COC 85MS), 81 ql - 6.20 s large maul, iron (43N 46LT 66COC 78MS), 70 ql - 5.30 s large maul, iron (77n 90fb 79coc 81ms), 70 ql - 7.70 s large maul, iron (88n 79fb 70coc 50ms) , 69 ql - 4 s large maul, iron (71n 73fb 82coc 86ms), 71 ql - 6.20 s large maul, iron (64N 62LT 65COC 83MS), 70 ql - 7 s longsword, iron (62N 67LT 66COC 63MS), 80 ql - 6.10 s longsword, iron (76n 87coc 81ms), 71 ql, 5.50 s longsword, iron (54N 58V 56COC 58MS), 70 ql - 4.60 s longsword, iron (76n 76fb 63coc), 70 ql - 3 s longsword, iron (76N 64LT 71COC 79MS), 80 ql - 7.20 s longsword, iron (54n 77fb 70coc), 71 ql - 2.70 s longsword, iron (77N 67LT 80COC 69MS), 80 ql - 8 s longsword, iron (90 coc) - 21 ql, 3 s longsword, iron (77N 61LT 61COC 61MS), 80 ql - 7 s longsword, iron (76N 69LT 69COC 62MS), 80 ql - 8 s longsword, iron (80n 73fb 97coc), 71 ql - 6 s longsword, iron (92N 62 LT 66COC 92MS), 79 ql - 10 s small maul, iron (60N 68LT 69COC 84MS), 70 ql - 7 s two handed sword, iron (48N 49LT 68COC 61MS) , 70 ql - 4.60 s
  7. I'm cleaning inventory on rather decently casted weapons. Life Transfer, and especially Venom, are not the easiest casts to find. Most of these weapons just have either LT or Venom, but a couple have a decent CoC or Nimbleness cast. All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. I will not be accepting buyouts this auction as I feel people should have a fair chance to bid against each other. I do, however, accept private bids and requests on weapons. If you don't see a weapon you were looking for here, don't be afraid to PM me for an inquiry. There are also no reserves, meaning that if nobody outbids your first bid, you get the weapon! Weapon 1: 51LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 2: 56LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 3: 58LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 4: 63LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (AndreC) Weapon 5: 64LT 44C Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Ragnarok) Weapon 6: 65LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 7: 66LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 8: 74LT Longsword Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 17s (Skren) Weapon 9: 52V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 10: 56V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 11: 54LT Small Maul Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 10s (Skren) Weapon 12: 71V 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 2.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Weapon 13: 68LT 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Private Bid) Weapon 14: 54LT 57NB 55C Short Sword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Thanks for bidding, and hope you enjoy your new weapon! Remember, All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. Also, please note that I cannot mail any of the Longswords. I will at my best attempt try to accomdate for this, allowing free pick-up anywhere on the Norhteast coast of Celebration or Southeast Exodus. Everything else will be mailed COD, unless buyer picks up at Northern Sanctuary on Celebration.