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Found 7 results

  1. This suggestion starts with a disclaimer: I made this suggestion today in Freedom chat as a light hearted joke, but it has generated some interest and someone asked me if it was true. I just want to say none of this is currently implemented in game. Ore Sniffing Horses The basic idea is that horses with keen senses should be able to 'sniff' ores and veins when in a mine or on the surface. Different horse colours are able to 'sniff' different veins: Gold horses can sniff out gold veins Grey horses can sniff out flint Brown horses can sniff out iron Black horses can sniff out lead White horses - zinc Chestnuts - copper Black Silver - silver veins Ebony Blacks - slate Gold Buckskins - sandstone Piebalds - marble Skewbalds - rocksalt and so on.. When standing next to (or on a matching ore tile), the following message would appear: [09:06:41] The aged fat SilverHunting neighs loudly. If the Ore is 2 tiles away: [09:06:41] The old fat IronMan whinnies softly. If the Ore is 3 tiles away: [09:06:41] The adolescent fat FastGold sniffs inquisitively. This idea might also serve to regenerate horse sales - including finding a use for the older, or less popular colours I hope this has brought you all some amusement, I just want to clear up any confusion and reiterate: This is not implemented in game currently! xD
  2. I recently purchased a new deed on an island that was made by wand of the seas. I have now made two attempts to discard a sandstone vein that is blocking me from creating a mine entrance by having the tile erupted. Neither time has discarded the sandstone (melted? idk) My first attempt was followed by a ticket, the Cm that responded was wonderful, their advice was to try a second time. If there was no change, it was suggested to post here... Here I am So can anyone offer some insight.. The first Lava cast was frozen but took upwards of 12 hours to cool down. The second Lava was frozen and cooled faster but the sandstone vein remains intact.
  3. Just had a great idea? googled it first? well done! you've found the thread. please +1 it so we can have perfect mines. here's another thread to save you the bother of the afterthought. it might not be possible to clad ceilings but we already have our work cut out with mining out veins for the sake of geometry, wouldn't it be cool if we could cover up the ones we don't use that are embedded into the walls? it seems perfectly feasible. (once clad you wouldn't be able to mine it until you remove the facade with a crowbar, obviously.. I'm not sure about reinforcements requirements, i figure it's already reinforced on account of not being made of stone, we have no way to reinforce tiles adjacent to veins) thank you
  4. Normal: What we now do today, for mining, chopping down trees, digging. Aggressive: Faster actions, Less skill gain, Higher chance for lower QL results, for mining ore veins, each hit drops the vein by 3, but only produces 1 shard. Precision: Slower actions, More skill gain, Higher chance for higher QL results (up to your max skill level). Skill gains from Aggressive and Precision become a fixed amount per action (dropping the old skill formula). Higher QL tools ONLY affect the speed and QL results. QL results are capped at tool QL +10, but can be exceeded with potions & runes. This will also have the benefit of providing lower QL mats on demand. Seems to me, if I am highly skilled at WC, I ought to be able to intentionally produce low QL results. I really want to see the invers connection of tool QL and skill gain eliminated, but with this system, we keep Normal for those that prefer Wogic and give the option of Aggressive and Precision to those that prefer Logic. Obviously, there must remain a balance. Precision should not be any faster than what someone would do using Normal, targeting the appropriate vein type and using the appropriately low QL pick (for example). Normal, Aggressive and Precision can be a mini bar that appears when appropriate tools are equipped.
  5. Hello! I want to buy a miner deed nearby crystal lake or north Deliverance (by water) for my alt. The deed dont need to be that big, but need a mine with lots of veins. Please PM Giblet if u got any offers for me. Time Zone: (1:00+ GTM). Other Treads: - Giblet Of Ravenstone harbour!
  6. So all of us miners and deed owners with those large mines with a tonne of veins of varying ql hate having to go up to every vein prospecting it to find out its ql every time we need some ore. Usually we have to place signs to mark the vein ql, or we run around prospecting each vein trying to find the ql that's right for what you need at this time. How about a mouseover ability just like farming has, digging has etc, but linked to prospecting skill. It would have the same tile/skill ratio as digging and farming, and it would only tell us the ql range ie, Good, Very Good, Utmost, etc so that tuning forks don't become obsolete. So, what do you think?
  7. I know that previously desintegrate spell was used to remove veins but that was considered waste of resources and removed. Maybe we need new spell for being able to remove veins without depleting it by pickaxe ? I know that some of you will say "too easy 1 spell and poof ! 1 week of work done" but devs can make this spell hard to make without help of other priests (like ritual of sun). If you wondering why someone may need such spell imagine situation that you digging mine 200-300 tiles long and can't make turns at every vein (making cave canal) already removed 17 veins but this is very depressing Game becomes stupid work when you just hitting mine hotkey all day long for weeks and don't even know when this will end.