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Found 75 results

  1. I've done some testing lately and have come to the conclusion that Valrei is highly imbalanced in favor of Magranon. Read on for an explanation. This imbalance can be attributed to 3 major factors 1. Layout of the map's Buff/Trap/Slow tiles: The valrei map's special tiles are not very evenly distributed. For example, Fo and Libila are both pretty well boxed in by trap/slow/hostile tiles, while Magranon starts right next to a strength tile to start off scenarios with a significant buff. 2. Imbalanced edge crossing connections: I checked the Wurm Unlimited code to determine all of the possible edge crossing connections. To my surprise, a lot of them were 1-way only. After drawing all of the connections, it became apparent that Magranon has a much wider range of connected tiles that he can access from his edge of the map, as compared to either Fo or Libila. The result of this wider spread of edge crossings is that Magranon can access more tiles in fewer moves than either Libila or Fo. 3. Imbalanced deity characteristics in the new combat system: The starting stats for the 3 main gods are imbalanced, highly in favor of Magranon. This was very easy to test, as the Wurm Unlimited code has a method for simulating fights between gods for testing purposes. By simulating 1,000,000 fights between Lib v Mag, Lib v Fo, and Fo v Mag, I was able to see that Libila and Fo are fairly evenly balanced, but Magranon is stronger than both Libila and Fo and has a win rate of about 60:40 or better versus either of these gods. 1000000 fights completed between Libila and Magranon. Libila won 39.1482% of fights, Magranon won the remaining 60.8518%. 1000000 fights completed between Magranon and Libila. Magranon won 60.8139% of fights, Libila won the remaining 39.1861%. 1000000 fights completed between Libila and Fo. Libila won 50.782% of fights, Fo won the remaining 49.218%. 1000000 fights completed between Fo and Libila. Fo won 49.6064% of fights, Libila won the remaining 50.3936%. 1000000 fights completed between Fo and Magranon. Fo won 37.014% of fights, Magranon won the remaining 62.986%. 1000000 fights completed between Magranon and Fo. Magranon won 63.1285% of fights, Fo won the remaining 36.8715%. In summary, Valrei is in dire need of rebalancing. The map layout and edge crossings favor Magranon. This could partially explain why historically MR/Magranon won valrei most often. With the addition of the new deity stats and combat system, Valrei has become even further imbalanced in favor of Magranon.
  2. I got some Valrei items to sell. Would love to sell some bigger amounts at a time, but if you need just a few it's also great 10c/each In stock for 20.09.2022 - 153 Valrei items PM me here or in game (Malajane). Cheers!
  3. Current Valrei scenario has an interesting bug. Scenario started with 4 items to be collected. Mag got 2 of them then started heading home. Approximately 6 hours ago he moved to his starting tile (Castle Glittercrown). On his starting tile we had Wurm and Libila present there. When Mag reached home, normally scenario should've ended since he had 50% of items needed to win. But he hasn't won, which is bugged. Also the ingame Valrei Map is incredibly buggy, not sure if anyone has looked into this but it doesn't always show all gods, doesn't correctly display which way they are going and doesn't correctly display the items on the ingame Valrei Map. Using the strikelimit one since that is accurate. Screenshots here :
  4. Hey Guys, So we had now the second time that after a server restart the current missions on defiance failed and do not appear again after a server restart . Which is pretty annoying if you get to ~90% 10 minutes before server restart. From the first time i do not have a screenshot but here is one for the birdcage-case. I was taken before we hit 95+% And furthermore yesterday we had do create 300 ropes in like 15 minutes or so. The Mission didnt failed right away but keep getting updated after like 5-10 minutes of the expired timestamp. So there is something definitly buggy with the timestemps on defiance. TBH like 23 mins for a difficulty 4 mission is a bit much CM Response on the ticket:
  5. Current scenario lists a total of 3 items available for completion of the scenario in the twitter feed for the scenario. Valrie map shows a total of four items with two of the items on the NoGump the Dirty tile. Twitter feed lists only 1 item for the NoGump the Dirty tile. Libila gathered one Charming Spirit and returned to her home tile which meets the win requirement for the 3 items listed in the twitter feed but wasn't awarded the win. Graphical display & win conditions are different than what is defined in the twitter report.
  6. [23:48:19] This giant cherry wasn't mature when it was picked from the tree on Valrei, home of the gods. God food that may contain strange powers! It has 3 charges left. This auction is for a SINGLE charge of the Green cherry. Auction winner will meet me at my deed, Rainbow Retreat, on the Deliverance server, s14, and be prepared to use the charge there. Starting Bid: 45s Bid Increments: 5s
  7. I got the following message while digging clay: [00:28:41] You find a Beautiful Opal in amongst the dirt. There was no dirt there, it was clay. Maybe it would be possible to use the tile type/name instead of just displaying 'dirt'.
  8. We guided Magranon to The Fence (where Fo was), because Fo has the stuff we need. And we were expecting them to fight when Fo left The Fence. Except they didn't... Disappointed
  9. Like the title says want to sell 1 charge Scroll of binding. It's a last charge so it can be stored for later use if you are waiting for some title but want this as well. Accepting serious offers via pm on forum. Paying will be in silver coins or via paypal in euros(all fees on buyer) from reputable players. If you pay in silvers i don't care who you are [20:54:59] A parchment roll inscribed with symbols that glow faintly as you eye them. You have a hard time refraining from reading as you feel that it will change your inner being. It has one charge left. Spell granted: Karma Slow (Slows Attack Speed) Resistance: Crush 15% (Decreases crush damage taken by 15%) Weakness: Slash 10% (Increases slash damage taken by 10%) And you also get title Spellbinder P.S. Due to enormous value of item i require only trade in person in case of trading for silvers, will travel anywhere beside Chaos or if you wanna come I even have place ready for using it at Deli..
  10. Libila won the Valrei Scenario, and the top prize (A tome) went to a JK Fo follower (Loetuw) instead of a HoTS Libila follower. This tome should have been rewarded to one of the Libila followers within the top 20% of contributors.
  11. On Elevation, Libila mission told us to build an Obelisk on the Northwest. After preparing the area in the northwest and attempting to build, event gave the message "This must be built in the northeast". After going northeast and building the obelisk, event gave the message "The Charge Of Song is complete! However, it failed to fulfil the requirements to become an Epic focus point." Mission did not complete and is still sitting there on 1%. Some screenshots: Edit: Just to clarify there's 2 bugs at play here, most likely related. Firstly: The mission details gave the incorrect build location, which was only realised when an event message gave an error when attempting to build the obelisk. Secondly: Upon going to the "correct" location and building the obelisk, it failed to complete the mission, even after moving/rotating the finished obelisk.
  12. Currently when a Valrei mission expires or is completed, any Valrei creatures that spawned due to the mission are left behind roaming the server. This leads to large amounts of drake spirits, eagle spirits and even the dreaded "avenger of the light" wandering around the server, often clumping up near server borders. This server border hugging is especially bad when combined with the instability issues people often experience when interacting with the border themselves; with people crashing, dropping out of boats and just generally getting stuck. This is annoying enough without being hounded by 20+ eagle spirits whilst it's happening. The biggest issue however, is it makes for a very poor experience for new players. It's one thing avoiding bears and wolves in the forest as a newer player, but it is a game breaking experience running into a near unkillable, faster than a horse, kill you in 2 hits, Avenger. This sort of creature would be fine if it was a rarity, as with uniques, but they are in fact extremely common. Upon the mission ending, I would suggest: Making all Valrei spawned creatures automatically despawn or Increasing their aging by a large multiple.
  13. Not sure if this was the intent but the missions on Epic are getting a bit "out of hand". First we had a "Magranon requires 36 of you do give x item to his avatar".....Uh...ok? Next mission? Description: Magranon commands 49.0 of you to bring and give green common wool hats to aged Avatar of Magranon. Aged Avatar of Magranon was last seen near Starfall in the centerwest regions. Sorry guys but this...this is way unbalanced. I get needing 10-12 people for some missions but 49? I haven't seen 49 people logged in on one server in 2 years. Not without their storage and prayer alts. Is this what missions are supposed to be?
  14. Not sure if this is an issue over multiple servers, we'd need feedback from other players, but I have noticed the recent trend of freshly spawned avatars is for them to start running away from the deeds they spawned at. First one ran about 200-250 tiles away from the deed where he spawned. The next one ran about 300 tiles away from the deed he spawned at. Thought they were supposed to stay near the deeds where they spawned right?
  15. Pretty much implied in the title. Just did an Epic traitor mission on Desertion. Reward should have been 2500 scen pts/karma and SB. No rewards at all. I did get the popup window for doing it and it completed but 0 reward. Also side note. Secondary Bug? Ridiculousness? Description: Magranon demands 36.0 of you to bring and give small small mauls to old Avatar of Magranon. Old Avatar of Magranon was last seen near Holy Crash Batman in the centerwest regions. 36? 36 players? Sorry man but we get maybe 36 players logged in at different times in a month. I feel this way too much. Epic might be getting new blood but that "new blood" isn't distributed fairly amongst kingdoms.
  16. "Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime. Yeah, well, try it! I am so sick of fish! Fish for breakfast. Fish for lunch. Fish for supper. Day after day, meal after meal, fish, fish, FISH! I am thinking of taking up mountain climbing just to get as far away from fish as humanly possible!” - Sir Witwicky on board ship in the middle of the ocean HI Everyone! Well, a big week with some big announcements, I've been keen to share them all with you, for a brief overview check out this link But first... Patch Notes An Epic plan Starting with the upcoming large update, we’ll be changing how transfers from Freedom to Epic work. Instead of how it works now with your Epic and Freedom characters being completely separated, when using an epic portal to transfer from Freedom to Epic your skills and characteristics will follow with you, overwriting anything on your Epic character where the values are lower. This will only be a one way type deal, so any transfers back from Epic to Freedom will act as they do now where you’ll be back on your Freedom character with their skills. For an example of how this works, if you have 60 carpentry on Freedom and 30 carpentry on Epic, the next time you transfer to Epic your carpentry will copy across and be set to 60. Any skilling up done on Epic will stay on Epic and when transferring back to Freedom you’ll be back to your 60 skill on Freedom. Transferring from Epic to Freedom is a little more difficult, and we'll continue to discuss our options with this prior to the launch. We are hoping this will make the option of playing on Epic much more viable for most people that spend the majority of their time on Freedom since the dreaded skill regrind will not be necessary. In addition to the above, we will be changing how skilling works on the Epic cluster in a few ways. First is switching the skillgain system over to the ‘new’ system that is mostly used by Wurm Unlimited servers where using your skill is all that is needed to gain in it instead of the current system that relies on timer length and successful skill rolls between 0 and 40. In addition to this, the experience rate on Epic will be set to 2x as well as the action timer rate being increased to 2x. This will make most actions take half the time and give twice the skill gain, making things a bit easier for new players to get into the game on Epic. The curve will still be in effect. With PvP being the endgame focus on epic, we want to ensure that getting to that stage is not too long for players starting out. Not only that, but hopefully these changes make regearing and preparing tools, weapons and other aspects of the PvP system a lot easier to recuperate after a loss. This coupled with the ability to drop in and out via epic portals straight to Freedom means it's a lot easier to get into the action faster, and hopefully encourages more activity. Meditation Meditation has long been an issue raised and we've already mentioned plans for an overhaul in the future works, but we'll be making some small changes to it in this update on epic as well. As has been stated in many areas, meditation on epic is somewhat different to how it works on Freedom. Given the curve hinders rather than helps in this case, (requiring 70 actual skill meaning 91 effective) it actually makes it harder to raise. In this update we'll be changing this from requiring actual skills to effective skills. This means high path levels in meditating are much faster to gain, with level 11 requiring roughly 47 meditation instead of 70, but that's not all. We'll also be halving the time it takes between each path up, meaning the maximum length of time between path increases is 12 days instead of 24. This of course is aimed at both new players and existing players crossing from freedom to get pvp ready and in on the action, and we'll continue to monitor it once implemented to see how it pans out. Sleep bonus We'll also be making changes to how transferring between clusters affects players, and that will be by granting sleep bonus to the opposing cluster (going from freedom to epic will give sleep bonus on freedom and vice versa) This is aimed at encouraging travel between the two clusters, and also gives a nice little bonus. As you can see these are major changes focused on improving flow and feasibility of getting into PvP on epic. Valrei Changes There are a fair few changes going on with the Valrei system on Epic and Freedom so we’ll just touch on a few of the main points for now and may expand upon these at a later date. First up, and one of the larger changes to how Valrei works, if that player gods will no longer roam the board on Valrei. Players that use the key to the heavens will still exist on the Valrei board while they are demigods, but once they fully ascend to godhood they will be removed from the board to live out their days as gods. Existing player gods will also be removed from the board when this update goes out, however they will still provide missions and all other benefits of being a god to players. Missions for player gods will act as other missions, but will not affect the Valrei board in any meaningful way - instead they will just provide bonuses and rewards to the players completing the missions as normal. We’ve also revisited all mission types, difficulties and rewards to hopefully be a bit better than currently. Each mission type will have its own related difficulty levels and rewards scaling with difficulty. More info will be available in game for these missions than currently available, showing what needs doing and what the player (and god) will receive when the mission is completed. Successfully completing a mission for a god will cause the next mission to spawn at a higher difficulty (and higher reward for completion), where failing a mission will cause the next mission to be at a lower difficulty. Related to this is a rework of how end of scenario rewards work, where the rewards have been split up into different tiers based on scenario participation by the player. More participation in missions across the scenario will mean a higher chance to get a reward at the end of the scenario, and also a higher chance to get a better reward than those with less participation. The god that wins a scenario will also have a reworked reward system over what it currently used. Lastly for today, we’ve changed how the entities on Valrei fight each other when they move. Currently the entities on Valrei have two stats for their attack and vitality - these stats are used in fights when one entity tries to leave a tile that contains an enemy. These stats will be completely changed and reset in this update to instead be related to the 7 characteristic skills that are in game - Body Strength, Body Stamina, Body Control, Mind Logic, Mind Speed, Soul Strength and Soul Depth. All of these stats will be used in a more complex fight system where the entities can move around a smaller game board with various actions available to them - such as ranged attacks, casting spells, and melee attacks. Once a fight occurs, a history of it is then saved on the server and will be available to players in game where you will be able to watch a replay of the battle and see exactly how your favourite god lost (or won!) Other Epic changes There are other planned changes for Epic as well, some of these will be Epic specific changes to PvP mechanics and other game mechanics aimed at eliminating some of the less desirable meta and also systems that haven't worked as intended over time. More info on those will be available later. Highway rules changes As we advised with the launch of the new highway system, we’ll be phasing out the existing highway rules in exchange for a new ruleset with the next update too. The focus will be on returning the majority of control of the highways to players, but still allowing for accountability and control by the GM team when necessary. This is subject to change prior to launch, so please do keep an eye on the GM rules in the city hall on our forums. Wurm Unlimited on Humble Bundle! This week saw the launch of a special Humble Bundle, one with Wurm! We’ve seen a LOT of new players on the servers and I’d like to say welcome to them all, we hope you enjoy your stay, and only get eaten by like, five spiders. If you haven't checked out the bundle yet, here it is! Community Content. This weeks community content is a beautiful screenshot by kasumi, who routinely travels the lands and takes some of the best pictures of wurm I’ve seen, it’s just amazing! That’s it for this week, I’ll be back next week with some more news, and some might say we’re saving the best for last.. That’s me, I’m the one saying it, next week will blow your woolen socks off! Until then though, keep on Wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team
  17. Hi guys! I'm buying Valrei mission items (under 90dmg), you can CoD it Boldheart without asking. Paying 20c each! Thank you! Got enough, thanks!
  18. The moons of Wurm are a beautiful sight suring the night, many is the time I've looked up to see what the position of the moons are just for the hell of it. Still, it would be nice for some kind of moon linked feature so... Moondrops. They come in 7 colours. Red : Can be applied to a weapon\tool to cause an infected wound on strikes for the next 10 mins (0.05 used), if drunk poisons the user (inflicting a random light but infected wound) (Jackal) Green : Can be drunk to grant +0.01 in a random stat (Body, Mind, Soul) (per 0.01 drunk), can be applied to a tool for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used) (Valrei) Pale : Can be applied to a serious wound (0.02 used) or a bad wound (0.01 used) to turn it into a medium wound. If drunk reduces a random wound 1 level per 0.01 drunk. (Seris) Yellow : Can be applied to a weapon for +5% skillgain on the next hour (0.05 used), if drunk gives 0.01 in a random weapon skill (per 0.01 drunk) at the cost of sustaining a light wound. (Jackal + Valrei) Pink : Can be drunk to restore 10 karma, can be applied to a wound and will either remove it or make it worse by one stage (50% chance), a serious wound will become infected if it fails (0.01 used). (Jackal + Seris) Emerald : Can be drunk to increase healing by 0.01 (per 0.01 drunk) or applied to a wound to reduce it one level (0.01 used per action) (Seris + Valrei) Scintilating : When drunk gives +0.02 in a random skill (per 0.01 drunk), when applied to a weapon/tool grants +5% skillgain on the next 2 hours (0.05 used), when applied to a wound removes it (bad or less costs 0.01, serious 0.02). (All three) Moondrops are randomly dropped during wurm nights for events involving outdoor activities and plants. That is harvesting crops, cutting saplings, foraging, botanising, picking flowers/reeds, cutting grass (and any other people can think of). The chance is low (see below) of getting a moondrop. The moondrop given depends on the stage the moons are in. All 3 moons are not full and all are below half. Moondrops generated are Red, Green, Pale. If a moon is new its moondrop is not generated. (1/10000 find rate) One moon is above half but not full, the others are not : Generates the moondrop of that moon only ( 1/5000 find rate) 2 moons are above half but not full, the other is not : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/5000 find rate) All 3 moon are half or above but none are full: Generates Yellow, Pink and Emerald moondrops (1/5000 find rate) One moon is full : Generates the moondrop of that moon only (1/1000 find rate) Two moons are full : Generates Yellow, Pink or Emerald (So if valrei and jackal are half and seris crescent we would get yellow moonderops) (1/1000 find rate) 3 Moons are full : Generates Scintilating moondrops (1/1000 find rate) When a moondrop is found a container must be empty for it to be collected. Only 0.01 is collected at a time (so it takes a while to get!). Quality is always 100. This item does not decay, but requires a container (which does!), These liquids give minor bonuses, are findable by all players regardless of skill level and are a reasonable item to trade. Edit : Corrected the spelling of ``Jackal''
  19. The next grand conjunction promises to be the best ever with the moons clustering very tightly in the Western sky before sunrise. It is 00:00:00 on day of the Wurm in week 1 of the starfall of Silence in the year of 1066. 00:52 Seris rises in the WNW 01:01 Valrei rises in the NW 01:47 Jackal rises in the WNW 04:50 Sol rises in the NW 09:35 The conjunction of Jackal and Valrei attains minimum separation of 7.8 degrees 13:21 The conjunction of Jackal and Seris attains minimum separation of 1.4 degrees 16:00 The conjunction of Jackal and Sol ends 16:17 Valrei sets in the SW 16:56 Seris sets in the SW 17:11 Jackal sets in the WSW 19:11 Sol sets in the SW
  20. WTB 5.75kg of Dragon Scale Feel free to send it to me at 65 copper/.01kg in quantities more than .01kg.... and 50 copper if only .01kg. WTB One of each Valrei item for now, as I have none. WTB Fantastic Bones! (only fantastic not interested in supreme or rare) Feel free to msg me about payment arrangements. Generally I prefer silver in game. If you want paypal payments I will require the item in game first before sending payment.
  21. Those interested in the Wurmian sky should make a note of an upcoming conjunction of all three of Wurm's large moons. Best viewing will be at about 20:00 on Wrath day, week 3 of the Raven; moons will be nicely grouped in the Eastern sky shortly after sunset at that time. But any time within a few (Wurm) days before and after best viewing the sky should still look interesting. This will occur more or less in the middle of Apple season so if you are out and about harvesting apples, get out from under the trees somewhere with a view of the Eastern horizon. According to my forecasting It is 20:00:00 on Wrath day in week 3 of the Raven's starfall in the year of 1063. Jackal: alt=+17.7, azm=-92.3 Seris: alt=+32.2, azm=-74.0 Valrei: alt=+11.0, azm=-85.9 This event is probably as good as they ever get. Assuming of course that the new client retains the current moon positions if it is released in the interim. Last time I looked the test client showed the moons in different places than the production client. FYI the corresponding terrestrial time is approximately 2017-01-23T08:07:13.750-0600. So early afternoon for western Europe and morning for central USA.
  22. Hello, so since years ago, every time a unique is killed, and a tome drops in the corpse, it is up for grabs by any person there. This seems to be even a exploit like Enki mentioned, since you should not be able to pick up anything on deed with the permissions for it disabled. Lately seems its even a reason to kill this unique creatures behind closed gates. So why not fix this? if pick up is disabled, how can X person grab a item that dropped inside my deed by Wurm? My deed... Or whoever deed. Make tomes, cherry and all those Valrei items that drop on a unique death, to follow the deed permissions as well please.
  23. Had a nostalgic attack and played some old Dungeon Keeper II, and got to looking at the possession spell for taking control of individual minions. Something similar in Wurm could be an enchant or personally better yet as a sorcery ability, perhaps even replacing one of the more "worthless" ones. Or an artifact ability, anything is possible. As the name implies, possession allows you to take over the target monster like its your own character. Your character remains where you cast the ability, vulnerable to attacks and etc. High difficulty to begin with, and it scales higher based on the target critter's combat rating. You are limited to what that particular creature is capable of to begin with on its own. You can remove yourself from the creature at any time, limited by the usual logout rules. EDIT: ie no leaving while in a fight. The creature dying while you are possessing causes a backlash, which permanently removes some of your mind speed and/or logic. The exact amount could correlate to the possessed creature's Combat rating.
  24. Those among us who care about things celestial will be treated to a grand conjunction of Wurm's three largest moons in the near future. For quite a while now I have been studying the motions of the moons to discover the principles of their motions. I now have sufficiently accurate estimates of the orbital planes to be able to predict their positions with reasonable accuracy. So I am pleased to be able to alert sky gazers of an interesting conjunction of the moons in the hours surrounding day of the Wurm in week 3 of the starfall of Dancers in the year 1061, which is coming up in less than one Terrestrial week! I put together a graphic showing more or less what to expect here on Google Drawings (sharing now enabled). In Wurm just like in real life all of the really interesting astronomical events happen when the weather is overcast. So I am making an additional prediction of rain or fog at the same time :-/