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Found 5 results

  1. Yesterday I had one troll on our deed. It chased me to the animal pen and spooked me. Fair enough. That was fine and dandy, I logged off later and there was 12 within vicinity, within 8 or so tiles yesterday evening. With the help of four spirit templars, eight(?) players, three guards, we've destroyed a LARGE chunk of them, including 2 champs that seemed to spawn at once as well. I sent in a support ticket as I've been on wurm since 2013, living near mounds, and have NEVER seen this before in this intensity, so quickly appearing. I thought maybe it was an event or something. I have never seen this. I have done exploring every other day since opening day, and there were no other mounds near us (we live under a cliff, and opposite water, so...nothing that I can see). There was one mound behind our deed which we did expect trolls from, however in the past month since being on Harmony, we've only had maybe 2 every few days. The usual. It was fine. The staff member I spoke to suggested to send a bug report, as I've contacted the members of the alliance around us, and no one has destroyed any mounds that would cause a hoard, and we are quite far from newbie areas. (And I think, if a newbie came by it would be difficult for them to do so. But also, our mound is still there, producing them!) It would tell us 'An aged greenish troll has arrived!' or whatever. It's been intense. And our guards have just about had it I'm sure haha. I would appreciate if staff or someone could have a look and make sure this is normal.
  2. Let's say Player A has a deed. She minds her own business on a PVE server. Let's say Player B lives nearby. He, for whatever reason, has warranted a KOS on Player A's deed. Case 1: Player B minds his own business and never returns to Player A's deed. This is fine. Case 2: Player B does not mind his own business and enter's Player A's deed. Player A's deed is not a highway, so he is not welcome and the KOS is legitimate and allowable. Player A is justified here, whereas Player B is not as he should not be entering an area where he is unwelcome. In this case Player A has low FS and bad gear, so he leaves when attacked by guards. This is fine, but current game mechanics do not punish him for returning to the deed multiple times. Case 3: Player A's deed covers a highway. This is not fine. Player A has forfeited the right to KOS players by deeding over or building a highway. This is not the subject of my suggestion. Case 4: Player B does not mind his own business and has high FS and good gear. He kills all of Player A's guards and stays on her deed just to harass her. This is not okay. Regardless of Player B's age and status, he is unwelcome on Player A's deed and therefore should not be there. To rectify case 4, I will make a few suggestions. These changes to KOS should be restricted to the pure PVE servers, but Chaos and Epic players who also play on Freedom servers are welcome to comment here. The suggestions are independent and are designed to be +1/-1'd independently (and implemented independently if at all). Suggestion 1: Boost the combat rating of all guards on deed by 100 vs players on the Kill on Sight list. This applies to spirit templars and tower guards whose towers are on the applicable deed. This should be enough of a boost to deter even the strongest unwelcome players from harassing others. This has no effect on cases 1 and 2. In the event the situation is an example of case 3, Player B should have a /support ticket open anyway for being KOS'd from the highway. Until it is resolved it is unwise to enter Player A's deed. This suggestion therefore has no effect on case 3. Suggestion 2: Auto-kill players who remain in hostile perimeter for too long or who hop in and out of hostile perimeter too many times. An auto-temp-ban situation may be required for players who choose to park KOS'd alts on hostile deeds for "fun" and then re-park them once they die (i.e. run to deed, die to guards because KOS, respawn and repeat). There is a nice little time limit already in-game for us. When a KOS'd player is on your deed for an extended period of time you get two messages: [00:47:42] Something is wrong. An irritating feeling comes over you and you cannot focus. Your normal skill gains suffer. [00:52:42] You now feel greatly disturbed by an enemy presence. While your normal skills still suffer, your aggressive actions are probably more effective. When the second message appears, the KOS'd player should be auto-killed. Retention of inventory contents is optional and up to the developers. This has no effect on cases 1 and 2. It also has no effect on case 3 for the same reasons as suggestion 1. Suggestion 3: Allow players to kill other players who remain on deed long enough to get the second "enemy presence" message. This is for players who choose to take matters into their own hands and is potentially very problematic. Again, no effects on cases 1, 2, or 3. It may cause a problem with case 4 as it involves player vs player combat and the deed owner may die in this case. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Please post here. If you decide to +1/-1, please add a reason.
  3. When I first started out as a total noob in Wurm, about a year and a half ago now, Pristine was a pretty bumpin' place. Deeds were wall to wall everywhere, and so were the things that wanted to eat me. I had no idea how to craft anything or even where to start. That's when I ran across an area marked 'Public Rest Stop.' It had a Forge, and Oven as well as free burnables such as kindling, wood scraps, and logs, as well as a various assortment of other free goodies that every noobie can use but has no idea how to acquire as of yet. That place saved my hide, and I've never properly said, 'Thank You'. Recently I found that the place was still there as I was running an alt through, and once again, I've made use of this facility that someone graciously created for public use. So a hearty 'Thank You' to whomever owns and operates the 'Public Rest Stop' close to (south east of) Blossom on Pristine. The second 'Thank You' goes out to whomever created and maintains Clay Harbor. That place is a godsend for anyone just starting out and who can't find clay to make such basic items as a pottery jar or two (to hold water!!!), and pottery bowl beyond the one they start with. FYI, there is also a new rest stop just south of 'A Zen Moment' on the Pristine public map. (X16 Y23) for anyone who is travelling by that way. Tilda did a wonderful job with it. If you are wandering through and need a rest stop, be sure to give it a visit. And a thank you as well to anyone who's ever made a place for public use. Without these places, we'd all have been crunched a lot sooner and may not have stuck it out if we'd been clubbed to death so soon by a wandering troll. My hat is off to all of ye. Post Scriptum: Perhaps if others know of public areas on Pristine, they can add them to this thread for all to benefit from, kind of as a master list of sorts. Also, if people have the locations of public areas on other servers, they could also add them if they so desire, with coordinates either of the in game map, or their public map. (Be sure to specify which!)
  4. So a troll was on my deed this morning. I have like 70 fs, and the attack options for the troll were all red. This was just a normal aged troll, mind you. Is this a bug, or?
  5. Shuunnnnn

    Seems like the normal player base will have to handle the trolls without help from the mods... Starting now, I'd like to get everyone involved in shunning(ignoring without the /ignore) these pests. The ones I am aware of are: Royal Seff Tamasin If we can all ignore them and not respond to any of their troll comments(if they ask a serious question about the game or want to do a trade or something go ahead and talk to them) hopefully they will stop trolling and find something else to do.