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Found 10 results

  1. Hello beautiful people! Today after quite some time -- I am happy to auction and find a new home for a: ~RARE MARBLE STATUE OF TROLL ~ Delivery Note: Free delivery within a 1000 tile radius. Outside of this is 1s per 1000 tiles. Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: NA Sniper Protection: No
  2. As the title states: A troll literally started swimming towards me ( center of the lake). It showed the troll walking underwater as if its walking on the ground and got to me. He is now stuck in the middle of the lake, as I swam back to shore fast and he could not swim back to me this time.
  3. Awwe Yeaaah! So they must be scary maybe a Halloween 2021 event special. I'd like to see it in a pose like laying on it's side with its elbow on the ground and its hand on it's face like it was reading a book and when you get near it it gets up and murders you or maybe just a troll rug. As for the goblin cape have it bite the other side of the cape like a clasp with it's own head... like a fox fur neck warmer! or since it looks like baby Yoda, use it as a backpack...
  4. A few days ago I dominated a champion troll, to keep as a pet. I put it in a 2x1 locked pen on-deed near my house, and branded it. It went wild (stopped being my pet) a few times, once wile I was online, several times when I was not online but I'd re-dominate it without any issue. This morning though, I saw these messages in local, which surprised me: [12:35:16] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of adolescent champion troll! [12:35:16] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with adolescent champion troll! And a bit later: [12:42:41] <Spirit templar> I'll take care of adolescent champion troll! [12:42:41] <Spirit templar> I'll help you with adolescent champion troll! I ran over to the pen, which had one gate (still locked) and found that one of the pen's walls was missing and the troll was loose on the deed but in bad shape, having killed both spirit templar. I had another villager tank it while I re-dominated it It is still alive, and it still has a brand. By the time the guards re-spawned I had dominated it again. After the incident I created a support ticket, and was eventually told to make a post here. What puzzles me about this is that while the spirit templar are set to attack hostile creatures on this deed (they kill all the random crabs, etc. that wander in), I believe a branded hostile creature isn't attacked due to being branded, otherwise this would have happened the first time it stopped being my pet on-deed. I have a couple theories about why this could have triggered: Perhaps the spirit templar wandered into the troll's pen, got engaged by the troll, and that got the other spirit templar to react to it? Wurmpedia says trolls can bash, perhaps it bashed a fence and that is what got the guards against it? Either way, I am puzzled by the two sets of templar local chats. in case the pen setup is important: Deed is Port Crescendo on Cadence north wall of pen (the one that got broken) high roundpole fence, single digit ql if I recall correctly east walls of pen, both high roundpole fence, no damage, 6-7ql West walls of pen: my house, both are timber framed walls, 20ish ql, no damage, house is locked (the door is several tiles away from the pen though) south wall: roundpole fence gate, locked, no damage, 6 or 7 ql. both tiles of the pen were grass growing wild, and there were two orangewood grape trellises planted along the house walls. The southern border of the deed is 1 tile south of the southern gate of the pen In case the troll is important: Female adolescent champion troll was neither starving nor fat at time of escape. Potential steps to reproduce: If it was a case of the templar wandering into the troll pen, a small deed, with a branded hostile troll and a ton of spirit templar, and no walls on deed would probably get a templar to wander in pretty quick
  5. Yesterday I had one troll on our deed. It chased me to the animal pen and spooked me. Fair enough. That was fine and dandy, I logged off later and there was 12 within vicinity, within 8 or so tiles yesterday evening. With the help of four spirit templars, eight(?) players, three guards, we've destroyed a LARGE chunk of them, including 2 champs that seemed to spawn at once as well. I sent in a support ticket as I've been on wurm since 2013, living near mounds, and have NEVER seen this before in this intensity, so quickly appearing. I thought maybe it was an event or something. I have never seen this. I have done exploring every other day since opening day, and there were no other mounds near us (we live under a cliff, and opposite water, so...nothing that I can see). There was one mound behind our deed which we did expect trolls from, however in the past month since being on Harmony, we've only had maybe 2 every few days. The usual. It was fine. The staff member I spoke to suggested to send a bug report, as I've contacted the members of the alliance around us, and no one has destroyed any mounds that would cause a hoard, and we are quite far from newbie areas. (And I think, if a newbie came by it would be difficult for them to do so. But also, our mound is still there, producing them!) It would tell us 'An aged greenish troll has arrived!' or whatever. It's been intense. And our guards have just about had it I'm sure haha. I would appreciate if staff or someone could have a look and make sure this is normal.
  6. After update 1.3 - brown bear and troll can't deal damage. Restart doesn't help. Please fix this.
  7. On my test for 1 million creatures, I was flying around to look at the spawns. I found one of the least populated spots on my server (image below). I also found my first dead creatures. I wonder what happened to them?
  8. So I am going through the painstaking task of trying to breed champ trolls. Rough sketch up of the pens (inside a mine), the red tiles are the ones I collapse after dominating them and putting them on their one tile out of water (I want to leave the one tile of water so they cant naturally run away (which they don't) and I can feed them easier). I thought this was perfect and mined down the water section to maximum depth to reduce the chances of them slipping out somehow, then when I went down to check on one it just straight up waddled through the deep water to get to me... this should not happen as you cannot lead the troll through an inch of water in the first place... This only happens when aggroed, they do not wander through water normally. Fix please! Edit 1: It only aggros and chases through the water when i'm on land myself.
  9. Starting Bid: 7s Increments: 1s Buyout: 10s No reserve, 1h sniper Note: Right now these are just for decoration but maybe later on they will be used to make helmets out of...well that's my theory on them anyway.
  10. I seen this on my YouTube this morning and also on Twitter it is a video of the new trolls thought i would share it here for anyone that did not see it yet,