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Found 19 results

  1. PvP to PvE

    So... How many PvP based players have WURMed there way over to PvE based side as of recent ?
  2. When dragging items from one place to another (such as one crate to another), please dont ask me how may items to transfer. Just move it please.
  3. (I've moved this from a different topic to prevent it being confused with someone else's setup.) I have three servers clustered on servers hosted by PingPerfect. Most everything is working properly. They are set up in a horizontal arrangement, West -> Central -> East. We can plot a course from the Central server to either of the others, but do not get the option to plot a course from West -> East or vice versa; we must first go to the Central server. Each server's wurmlogin.db references each server in the SERVERS table. The SERVERNEIGHBORS table for each has two entries, as such: (I've put WestID, etc. instead of the actual server IDs for clarity.) West Server Server Neighbor Direction WestID CentralID EAST CentralID EastID EAST Central Server Server Neighbor Direction CentralID WestID WEST CentralID EastID EAST East Server Server Neighbor Direction EastID CentralID WEST CentralID WestID WEST Am I missing something here, or is there somewhere else I should look?
  4. Grammar error in the following message when you drive your cart away from a bsb whilst transferring bulk items into your loaded crate: Typo: [20:34:57] You are now too far away to transferring bulk items. Should be either: [20:34:57] You are now too far away to transfer bulk items. OR [20:34:57] You are now too far away to continue transferring bulk items. OR [20:34:57] You are now too far away for bulk item transfer. OR [20:34:57] You are now too far away for the transference of bulk items. OR (if really necessary) [20:34:57] You are now too far away for transferring bulk items.
  5. To put it simple, while transfering from one bulk container to another, I suggest the addition of an option to transfer as much as possible instead of "As many as I can carry" (refering to the menu below) When transfering thousands of heavy materials such as shards, bricks, dirt, etc it takes eons dragging the stuff from example crates into bsbs. While dragging items from non-bulk containers into bulk-containers there is no limitations, so there isn't really any reason why we shouldnt be allowed to transfer as much as possible from one bulk container to another at once.
  6. Dragon Hide Armour Sets: We sell custom-made drake sets for 120s each. You can choose the colour you prefer, and your set will be made just for you - no second hand clothing here! The armour set can be improved to 90 ql and enchanted with 70+ AoSP on every piece for free. Armour sets are sold for 120s per set and do not include the headpiece. The headpiece can be bought together with a set for a discounted 12s. Wonder what the colours on drake hide armour look like? Blown up a glove while casting? Can't find your pants back? Perhaps going with one colour is too boring and you want your armour in multiple colours! We sell individual drake hide armour pieces! Check the spoiler below for pricing: Drake Glove - 10s Drake Sleeve - 15s Drake Boot - 17.5s Drake Jacket - 30s Drake Pants - 25s Drake Cap - 15s Defeat and behead all thyne foes! Lifetransfer, Venom, Rotting Touch and other weapons: Custom Weapon Enchants Rare, supreme or other special weapons sometimes call for custom enchantments. We offer to enchant weapons with Fo and Vynora spells for set prices. Availability is limited, so please message Alyeska before sending your weapons. Enchants are classed and priced into two categories; Exclusive and Common. You may order enchants starting at 70 power and above. We only enchant weapons and high value armour, not tools! Exclusive class enchantments: Life transfer, Mindstealer, Venom 70-79 power - 3s 80-89 power - 4s 90+ power - 5s Common class enchantments: WoA, CoC, Nimbleness, AoSP, Frostbrand 70-79 power - 1,5s 80-89 power - 2s 90+ power - 2,5s You order your cast in the price category you desire, and that is the set price. I you order a 70-79 power enchant and the cast comes out higher, you don't need to pay extra. Dragon Armour Improvement Services: Drake Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Scale Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 2s 70QL -> 80QL: 3s 80QL -> 85QL: 2s 85QL -> 90QL: 5s 90QL -> 95QL: Pm me! Leather, Plate, and Chainsmithing. Armour sets and Improvement Services: Leather Armour Improving - (Set by Set basis. For piece by piece, please leave a message.) 00QL -> 70QL: 1s 70QL -> 80QL: 2s 80QL -> 85QL: 1s 85QL -> 90QL: 2s 90QL -> 95QL: 4s Discounted price for imping from 00QL to 90QL: 5s Chain Armour sets: Butchering Services and Butchered Products: We sell 100ql butchered items. Pelts, cochineal, furs, hides and anything else you may be looking for. 100 ql pelts cost 75c each and we have dozens in stock, so order one today! Send us a message for more information about other butchered products. You can also hire me as a personal butcher for any livestock, uniques or other animals that need processing. We have over 90 butchering skill and use a 98.5 ql supreme knife to guarantee the best outcome possible. Send Alyeska a PM for more information! Special Offers! Get 'em while they last: Enchanted tools, rares, and oddities: We are currently working on getting some new odds and ends for this section. Stay tuned! Mailing with a 1 minute delivery time is standard for all mailable items unless otherwise requested. Please add a 10c mailing fee per item for the Independence server, and a 20c mailing fee for other servers. Non-mailable items may be picked up at my deed, Muspellsheimr Kastali. It is found at 8x 55y on the community map, 9R ingame, or see the map below. Delivery is an option for orders 10s and above, pricing negotiable. Is my order done yet?? Check here for status on existing orders and requests! (opens a .pdf file)
  7. I have posted this idea in a few topics but i guess i will put it up as its own suggestion. I am suggesting that we be allowed to drag and drop crates to and from a cart/wagon to a boat and it triggers the load timer but transfers the crate over instead of making us unload only to have to load them again. Just think of it no more unload-disembark-embark (hope you put them in the right spot) then load them up. With the crate transfer you could just open your boats inventory drag and drop your crates and wait for the load timers to transfer them over then go back and get more. It is already in the game that you can drag and drop the crate but you get this error.. [07:19:25] You can only drop the large crate. I think this would take very little work to implement since most of this idea we can already do but it is blocked with the above message. I can't see anything game breaking about it and It would also open up the possibility to implement a new storage container that we can use to hold crates in a more organised manner using this same crate transfer suggestion to load them into that storage container. Edit: While they are working on permissions maybe the boat, wagon and cart can have a new load/unload setting added in that makes it easy to allow someone to load/unload making the idea work even better.
  8. What would be the best way to take a Tosiek priest and make him into a Najho priest.
  9. [16:39:25] [name] may not change village until 23 hours and 59 minutes has elapsed. This is the error I get when trying to give a settlement paper to a new villager. They are NOT changing village, simply becoming the mayor. This is a bummer when selling deeds. I did a /vinvite to get the buyer to my deed, then went to hand them the papers and found we are stuck waiting 24 hours now, to complete the trade. Not a massive problem, but an annoyance that doesn't make much sense.
  10. Some mystical gem one can purchase from traders that allows for transferring knowledge to another char. Expensive, perhaps 50s Now the catch is the skill in question does not have a 100% chance of successfully being transferred. The original owner of said skill will have their particular skill reset to 1.0 and the other char has say a 30% chance of the new skill level replacing their current skill level. Course exact numbers may change depending on Devs' wishes. EDIT: Come to think of it, this may work as a potential use for one of the Vynora artifacts with a long cooldown.
  11. Here's our current inventory: MS = Mind Stealer (steals skill from target) CoC = Circle of Cunning (increases skill gains) LT = Lifetransfer (heals wounds when hitting target) Nimble = Nimbleness (increases chance to hit) AD = Animal's Demise (increased chance of critical hits against animals) Post here or PM Aum or me in-game for purchasing. We can also do custom enchants. Large mauls can be mailed, the rest will need to be picked up at either Blossom, Reddit or Reddit Harbor.
  12. Auctioning the following rare longsword: 88.6 ql [82] Nimbleness [80] Life Transfer [99] Circle of Cunning [84] Mind Stealer Start Bid: 15s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper: 1 hour Time: The sword has no demise, winner of the auction may choose a demise for free if he/she wishes so. The sword can be picked up at Havilah on Independence at 21x24y (we have a big harbour and are reachable by sea or highways/boatbridges) Or I can deliver on Inde coastal (free delivery) and Deli coastal (50c charge for delivery).
  13. I'm looking to quickly sell the following weapons to lucky people! The prices are as follows: 70's LT for 3s. 80's LT for 4s. 90's LT for 5s. I only COD to the main cluster, or we can arrange pick-up at Muspellsheimr (8x,55y) on Independence for weapons that cannot be mailed (swords, huge axes, halberds). I do accept private purchases.
  14. Fo priest He is Path of Love, lvl 7 - so he can enchant grass. Affinity in Bowyery, not that I took it very far... [11:40:09] You have premium time until 28 Jan 2013 04:50:54 GMT [11:39:48] Tessaiga has played 35 days, 5 hours and 23 minutes and received 0 warnings. Tessaiga has never been warned before. * You have one free religion transfer to make. Would prefer bidders to have verified PayPal accounts Starting bid: 75 euros MIn. Bid increment: 5 euros Buyout: 200 euros Sniper Protection: 2 hours Auction Duration: Private bids accepted: Yes Hidden Reserve: None Comes with everything shown in the picture. Skills dumped at Jan 17, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 96.741684 Faith: 86.4255 Favor: 83.0947 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Tracking: 3.214206 Shields: 1.43393 Medium wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.6944962 Axes: 2.5577908 Hatchet: 2.572248 Swords: 4.48255 Shortsword: 1.5888551 Longsword: 6.94737 Knives: 11.756433 Butchering knife: 13.596654 Carving knife: 14.429723 Woodcutting: 6.4321675 Mauls: 1.0 Medium maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 37.857582 Fine carpentry: 4.5018024 Ship building: 8.340841 Fletching: 13.515729 Bowyery: 5.233519 Toy making: 1.9500749 Nature: 32.451347 Gardening: 9.126745 Fishing: 12.126511 Animal husbandry: 41.143738 Meditating: 30.60284 Milking: 2.199918 Farming: 56.17207 Forestry: 9.153854 Botanizing: 6.000147 Animal taming: 3.9103386 Foraging: 6.8572206 Cooking: 58.67661 Dairy food making: 1.8464736 Hot food cooking: 91.1083 Butchering: 6.4386806 Fighting: 4.023429 Shield bashing: 1.0519255 Normal fighting: 15.629169 Defensive fighting: 2.7169223 Aggressive fighting: 1.0 Weaponless fighting: 1.1678861 Toys: 1.1457 Yoyo: 1.2157966 Miscellaneous items: 28.256641 Hammer: 20.68548 Sickle: 7.243991 Repairing: 21.481468 Saw: 18.138643 Pickaxe: 1.7918537 Rake: 42.591522 Shovel: 4.766169 Pottery: 1.4016111 Firemaking: 13.952277 Religion: 17.94089 Prayer: 25.404696 Channeling: 31.499352 Preaching: 10.383101 Digging: 13.4286375 Mining: 1.4335978 Healing: 3.0254116 First aid: 5.980897 Smithing: 7.6513724 Metallurgy: 1.5899262 Jewelry smithing: 1.0 Locksmithing: 3.0119736 Blacksmithing: 17.957645 Weapon smithing: 1.0888083 Blades smithing: 1.0 Weapon heads smithing: 1.0 Ropemaking: 14.124629 Archery: 13.475917 Medium bow: 9.4936 Tailoring: 11.856562 Leatherworking: 1.3884768 Cloth tailoring: 25.524244 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 2.3549225 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 25.637194 Soul strength: 20.567146 Soul depth: 30.453367 Mind: 25.247126 Mind speed: 19.944618 Mind logic: 30.241468 Body: 17.793211 Body stamina: 19.796125 Body strength: 21.58698 Body control: 21.193256
  15. Well the time has come to sell my Vynora priest. He is currently on Celebration, but I will throw in a free Sailboat to the winner of the auction so that you can sail him to wherever you wish. He has a free /transfer. The account has no warnings or issues. He is Path of Love, lvl 7 - so he can enchant grass. His affinity is Soul Depth. He has 30 ML so he can queue 3 actions (total of 4). He will come equipped with a basic studded leather set, longsword, and tools as well as a statuette of Vynora. Auction guidelines Starting bid: 100 euros MIn. Bid increment: 10 euros Buyout: 300 euros Sniper Protection: 2 hours Auction Duration: . Private bids accepted: Yes Hidden Reserve: Yes Note: I will consider offers in combinations of Euros and in-game coin. I value 1 gold as 65 euros. PM me if you have such an offer. Below is the skill dump. Rhazul Skills dumped at Jan 11, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 99.93706 Faith: 93.70627 Favor: 31.77339 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Tracking: 6.4470587 Prospecting: 2.0 Shields: 3.8689132 Medium wooden shield: 1.2982464 Large metal shield: 6.3251896 Medium metal shield: 1.3699484 Axes: 17.365433 Hatchet: 22.877142 Swords: 21.339624 Two handed sword: 20.004303 Shortsword: 1.2552413 Longsword: 32.414253 Knives: 19.95358 Butchering knife: 28.717299 Carving knife: 7.382174 Woodcutting: 42.64398 Carpentry: 26.972843 Toy making: 21.024797 Nature: 53.87731 Gardening: 41.578552 Fishing: 44.8922 Animal husbandry: 43.05767 Meditating: 30.576197 Milking: 2.690992 Farming: 77.90396 Forestry: 41.387398 Botanizing: 34.07819 Animal taming: 22.238375 Foraging: 16.670473 Cooking: 61.573265 Hot food cooking: 93.05364 Baking: 3.2397668 Beverages: 3.7925932 Butchering: 21.760868 Fighting: 18.732311 Shield bashing: 2.485459 Taunting: 1.28512 Normal fighting: 26.750883 Defensive fighting: 1.14256 Weaponless fighting: 1.4594166 Miscellaneous items: 42.32364 Hammer: 10.81607 Sickle: 41.12371 Scythe: 15.142363 Repairing: 14.239168 Saw: 4.6928787 Pickaxe: 11.4446125 Rake: 63.33187 Shovel: 4.3186636 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 11.829827 Religion: 42.19276 Prayer: 49.723106 Channeling: 64.9478 Preaching: 13.991337 Digging: 46.27847 Mining: 9.848569 Healing: 5.307938 First aid: 13.482203 Smithing: 2.4560814 Locksmithing: 1.14553 Blacksmithing: 4.680864 Ropemaking: 5.4210734 Masonry: 1.3800492 Tailoring: 5.7409215 Cloth tailoring: 15.87771 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 6.557234 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 30.724808 Soul strength: 24.447042 Soul depth: 37.423695 * Mind: 25.919321 Mind speed: 20.327816 Mind logic: 32.631584 Body: 21.96719 Body stamina: 21.341045 Body strength: 25.182682 Body control: 21.141882
  16. I'm finally selling my Mag priest. He comes with a free /transfer to any religion of your choice. He has just under 30 days premium left. Here are his features: Able to ride a horse Path of Love 4 - Refresh ability (free nutrition) No warnings Good lockmaking skills (~80% success rate) for sac'ing. Name: Mizzrym Current Location: Celebration (I will provide you with delivery or a sailboat if you're on a different server) [22:28:00] You have played 25 days, 9 hours and 27 minutes. [22:28:00] You have premium time until 26 Dec 2012 02:37:27 GMT Skills dumped at Nov 28, 2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 76.28168 Favor: 65.86837 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Tracking: 1.0 Prospecting: 23.825396 Shields: 12.46546 Large metal shield: 21.340717 Axes: 1.0151991 Hatchet: 1.0429599 Swords: 24.985611 Two handed sword: 20.01701 Longsword: 38.980305 Knives: 5.766712 Butchering knife: 7.6065254 Carving knife: 5.864007 Woodcutting: 26.053173 Carpentry: 12.331056 Fletching: 12.267663 Nature: 6.6137247 Gardening: 1.0 Fishing: 1.0 Meditating: 16.785713 Farming: 1.0 Forestry: 2.264647 Animal taming: 9.03802 Foraging: 2.460993 Cooking: 2.58697 Hot food cooking: 2.5782614 Butchering: 7.080767 Fighting: 53.12865 Shield bashing: 4.8534374 Normal fighting: 34.197956 Defensive fighting: 1.7952398 Weaponless fighting: 1.5381598 Miscellaneous items: 46.239403 Stone chisel: 5.97254 Sickle: 1.4872297 Repairing: 10.77678 Pickaxe: 70.96392 Shovel: 1.0 Pottery: 1.0 Firemaking: 4.5300713 Religion: 22.987564 Prayer: 32.599583 Channeling: 29.909122 Preaching: 5.6459255 Digging: 1.0 Mining: 67.62071 Healing: 7.478913 First aid: 18.310331 Smithing: 9.976323 Locksmithing: 24.449402 Blacksmithing: 1.2999159 Archery: 38.189163 Medium bow: 30.015379 Short bow: 15.623218 Masonry: 11.017672 Stone cutting: 14.381644 Climbing: 4.1947975 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 23.16443 Soul strength: 26.347507 Soul depth: 21.144123 Mind: 22.336834 Mind speed: 20.484556 Mind logic: 25.761961 Body: 26.648605 Body stamina: 25.743116 Body strength: 25.986307 Body control: 21.65405 He will also come with armor and a longsword as shown below: Please leave offers here in euros or in-game silver in the post or PM me a private offer if you wish. Offers will be accepted until Monday, December 3rd. Verified Paypal only please.
  17. Hi, We have rules regarding how to handle highways. Is there a possibility to apply similar rules to canals as well? Because cattles can't swim, and boats can't go across a canal above a certain water level but they still can be pulled/pushed, seems the conflict with carts and boats not solved with the changes. I led cattles to Esert from and can't pass at a canal with the cows because the depth of water stopped them. There was no way to fix it because the canal has been deeded, the owner away for some weeks and no digging allowed even for their citizens to fix it. Please don't take this offensive, I know how good is to sail, I am building and use boats too, but I think the blocking of animal transport inside server may be against other people's fun too and has negative effect on game economy. I would like to suggest to add a rule for canals: if they are deeded, that they must have at least one tile width way where people can go across with cattles, but deep enough on other places to go with small sailing boats or knarrs at least. This has some similarity with the goal of the highway rules: deeds cannot block the traffic on important areas. Is there any possibility to do this? Of courese this problem may be solved easier if cattles can be packed to boat or can swim. Regards, Heroic
  18. I'm auctioning off a Huge Axe with 90LT and 53CoC. I believe 90LT is pretty rare, let alone the fact it is casted on a Huge Axe. [02:56:10] A huge axe with a heavy head and a wooden shaft. You'll need to wield it with both hands. You need to temper the huge axe by dipping it in water while it's hot. [02:56:10] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Xa.l.'. [02:56:10] Life Transfer has been cast on it, so it will transfer life to you when harming enemies. [90] [02:56:10] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [53] This can be mailed COD to any server. There is NO RESERVE, so if you're lucky and get it for a steal, it's yours! Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 16s (Darthryan) Min. Incr: 50c End Date: October 3rd, 8PM GMT Good luck, and happy bidding! On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. As noted above, the winner will have the Huge Axe mailed via COD unless otherwise requested. I will not travel far from NS.
  19. I'm cleaning inventory on rather decently casted weapons. Life Transfer, and especially Venom, are not the easiest casts to find. Most of these weapons just have either LT or Venom, but a couple have a decent CoC or Nimbleness cast. All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. I will not be accepting buyouts this auction as I feel people should have a fair chance to bid against each other. I do, however, accept private bids and requests on weapons. If you don't see a weapon you were looking for here, don't be afraid to PM me for an inquiry. There are also no reserves, meaning that if nobody outbids your first bid, you get the weapon! Weapon 1: 51LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 2: 56LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 3: 58LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 4: 63LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (AndreC) Weapon 5: 64LT 44C Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Ragnarok) Weapon 6: 65LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 7: 66LT Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Viruskiller) Weapon 8: 74LT Longsword Starting Bid: 2s Current Bid: 17s (Skren) Weapon 9: 52V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 10: 56V Longsword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 3.5s (Ruger) Weapon 11: 54LT Small Maul Starting Bid: 1s Current Bid: 10s (Skren) Weapon 12: 71V 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 2.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Weapon 13: 68LT 63C Medium Maul Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 5s (Private Bid) Weapon 14: 54LT 57NB 55C Short Sword Starting Bid: 1.5s Current Bid: 4.5s (Evitagen) Thanks for bidding, and hope you enjoy your new weapon! Remember, All auctions will end October 3rd, 8PM GMT. On the off-chance someone attempts to bid-snipe, I will add a 30 minute grace period after each bid past the above time. Also, please note that I cannot mail any of the Longswords. I will at my best attempt try to accomdate for this, allowing free pick-up anywhere on the Norhteast coast of Celebration or Southeast Exodus. Everything else will be mailed COD, unless buyer picks up at Northern Sanctuary on Celebration.