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Found 4 results

  1. I recently traveled the areas and thought, other RPG games have those many lots of NPC around in the area, and many servers such as Indy do not have lots, let's say, few spawn of whatever creature. There could be Grave Robbers or Ruin plunderers that spawn whereever there were old villages - they indicate where to investigate to find old ruins / old deeds ! They could be killed ofc, get XP from them, same as any other mob.
  2. Just a useful quality of life thing. Calling a Guard (This is not a "Help" call) -I would like via the usage of the "Call" emote, to be able to summon the targeted guard to my location. And have him flagged as non-patrol for like 30 - 60 seconds to allow for arming, and healing as appropriate. Or even protection in a hostile area. However anyone calling "Help" would override this, but perhaps as a "Last to go" option? Guard Death - I would like to request that guards stop "dropping dead" where ever they happen to be. As a deed owner, I would like to project a little more control over Guards that I sponsor by giving them armor and equipment. So I would like to ask that when a guard is flagged for "death" instead of dying instantly where ever they happen to stand. Have them head back to their tower and stand down. Maybe even "Salute" and drop all their equipment on the tower tile? Anyone else have any suggestions?
  3. Trying to equip my tower guards with a sword and shield. Something is going wrong with the shield. He won't take it. Wondering what's up. It won't try putting it in his hand. It always tries to give it to him one up from where I choose. Like if I try to put it in his hand, it says it won't fit in an arm. And if I try to put it on his arm, it says it won't fit on his torso. The sword works fine, though. He takes that in his hand with no problem. [20:22:41] a shield wont fit in a left arm. [20:22:50] a shield wont fit in a left arm. [20:22:55] a shield wont fit in a torso. [20:22:59] a shield wont fit in a right arm.
  4. For PvE only, for PvP different suggestions may be preferable. Tower guards are incredibly weak against stronger mobs on PvE. Equiping them with better amor/weapons improves their chances of survival, but the downside is that anyone can take those items. My suggestion is to restrict equiping-unequiping of guards to either: 1) Only the person who built the tower. 2) The owner of the deed the tower was built on. 3) Have a window where you can trade with or equip the guards by right clicking the tower (so tower could be fenced off, locked or placed under same restrictions as 1 or 2) Of course, the bodies of guards would need to be protected by the same restrictions as above. (if 3, equipment of dead guards could automaticly be returned to an inventory window in tower). PS: I know that to protect a deed you can just as well pay for templars. Allowing you to equip them with weapons as well may or may not be a necessary counterbalance. I should note though, that equiping 5 guards with high end gear can cost more than you'd ever spend on a single templar on freedom. (5x50ql chain + 5x50ql huge axe costs 8s at current rates on pristine. for 70ql this is 20s.) Once again, this is for PvE only, for PvP different suggestions are most likely more beneficial. Edit: The system I currently favor most is having a right-click inventory window for the guard tower with weapon/armor slots for each guard. These items are protected by deed item permissions if ondeed, otherwise not at all. Upon death of a guard, the gear is returned to the inventory and re-used by the next guard that spawns. Offdeed towers could be protected by locked fences or .... Weapons will take damage in battle just like they do when a player uses them.