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Found 7 results

  1. This isn't related to Wurm or it would be in "The Scribes Corner", but that says it is for "text arts related to Wurm Online". There may be a "part 2" later, but no guarantees.
  2. Hello, I am here to warn you not to buy from this person or his friend Echo. I put my trust, not knowing his rep, in my kingdom on chaos. He learned when the best time to do his deed was. He stole so much stuff from us. 5 to 6 hota statues, SMC, about 10 high casted COC and woa tools that I put in a LMC for kingdom to use and return that I won in an auction and so much more. I tell and beg you not to buy from him. He is a thief and all he sells is not his. He has stolen it. @Mickaell@Echo you still have time to do good. @Enki I would really like it if you came to my deed on Chaos and look at everything that was taken. Sheer Pandemonium is where it was all taken from.
  3. Thief Alert

    Wanting to let the community know about another scoundrel in our midst...Princesspie and NooHope. introduced as a former player that restarted after 5 years on another toon (never mentioned name). added her to deed as citizen to assist with brick making. within 2 days, she attempted to steal our boat (used as getaway vehicle), .29kg of dragon scale, a Star emerald, numerous rares, glimmersteel, adamantium, and other valuable items. I made the mistake of trusting this person for mutual assistance, and they robbed me. I have recovered some of the items, but not everything. Please take notice of these people in your area, and do not trust them. Last known location: Near Harvestgain On Deliverance server (boat was on course to Xanadu when located).
  4. Vandalous Thief

    I caught Mojorisin stealing my cart. Upon confronting him, he started to destroy it. After a bit of shaming he logged off. Beware Mojorisin, his unjust behavior is not befitting the spirit of Jim Morrison.
  5. Betraying your own settlement in first hand should have deeper consequences and then the Kingdom should list you on "Kingdom's Wanted" which should be seen during login through Events. Only for those who are from the same Kingdom. On this list it should also give you the information of when the person was last time seen and the bounty on his head. Maybe a price on his head? Once slain you'll get paid by the Kingdom bank one certain amount of money and all his stolen items will be placed in the Kingdom capital storage, so the real owners can come and pick it up. Using this current system gives every thief out there a chance to recover, rebuild his trust in his neighbours and gain reputation, then when everything comes down to Global a heated discussion appears. Every zone is too wide to cover for 20 active players, which means your Kingdom must do something more to prevent theft from being made! Deseration isn't about PvP these days. It's RPvRP and if you're lucky you'll see small raiders in numbers of 3 to 5. What happens when a invansion comes? Will they send help? No. No one dares to leave the house. We need better and harsher punishments to those who steal and betray!
  6. Hello, I just want to let people know, someone stole several horses from my place, a cow, a couple of foals and a champion deer. They were stolen from inside my enclosure (off deed) in the West Coast. Regretably I dont remember the names of the few horses that I had, I do remember however, my favorite horse, an Aged Fat Osiostrong, gray horse, and a white Goldenwild, so if you see someone using those horses, well, you know not to trust that person.
  7. I live just below mookton on the main N/S road and I did keep my gates unlocked due to the fact i have friends in the surrounding area that I let use my forge and such. But when i got on today my pumpkins were gone, around 22 kg of cotton, all the items in my fsb (not too much was in it but its all gone) my 60ql anvils (large and small) i had bought from Nicrolis. Any leads would be appreciated but mainly this is a heads up for anybody living around my area. -UPDATE- Found my small anvil at my friends, it seems it was dropped there but everything else is unaccounted for. A friend/local/neighbour went wandering and found my other anvil by some old shack. So thats off the list now too, but at least the word is out there and I hope people learn from my mistake as well