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Found 4 results

  1. Very few people have enough pigs or other animals to make use of lots of food. After the first week or so of playing, most people can pump out far more food than they can possibly have a use for. Well, here's a passive use for food! Designate a larder for guards. Put food in larder. Any templars from the same deed, or tower guards with territories overlapping the guard larder will passively consume food and gain minor buffs. The better the food, the better the buffs, but never anything good enough to make them ridiculous.
  2. On Jackal, my templars are stuck in the mine. One is stuck inside a Marble Vein. They are not responding to Aggressive Creature alarms, it has been this way since the last reboot. I made sure that the aggressive creature box was not checked to prevent them from responding. I submitted a support ticket #160045. I did not have a mine door on the mine when this started, but do now. They would have been helpful when I had a Champ Rift Beast visited me. Grumpysmith
  3. This looks like an issue that's unintended: When a player kites a mob to someone's deed and then helps the templars kill that mob, templars (and tower guards in the vicinity) will turn hostile and attack the player. It's effectively like the player has been put on KoS - templars will remain hostile even after several hours and relogs. (There is no KoS message however.) It happened to a friend earlier today, and I was able to reproduce the issue with one of my alts. I suppose the reason is that the player is actually not permitted to attack mobs on deed (by deed permissions), but still can do it because the mob was targeted before he entered the deed (??). This could be pretty dangerous for careless new players who are trying to fight mobs after kiting them to the next deed!
  4. I would like to propose the idea of changing the skins for spirit templars. The spectral eagles look amazing, I would love if our spirit templars could be changed. A troll would be interesting, or even changing the gender of the spirit templar. I'm not asking for the spirit templar to change in any other way. Such as to be stronger, just simply changing the skins would give players a better sense of ownership when it comes to their deeds. I apologize if someone else has already proposed this a long time ago. Please feel free to add your thoughts fellow Wurmians. Cheers,