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Found 4 results

  1. Please close the thread, I just moved to another place and I am unable to do the same service.
  2. The Traveler’s Transport Taking you where you need to be, for free. Hello! I am Sofetios. I am running a free water taxi/bus service to people who need to get places. This will be done on my knarr, named “Traveler’s Transportâ€. This is a cross-server service, so I will be traveling between all non-pvp servers. I will be talking in GL Freedom and Freedom chat describing where I am, most likely by quadrant of the map I am in. So if you need a lift, just send a pm or a message in Freedom if I am in the area. A few things you should know: 1. I will not go through canals, too much pushing/pulling. 2. When we are 3 minutes or less away from a server cross, you must not be AFK. This is because when people cross servers on boats, usually they get disembarked. 3. Tips are welcome, but absolutely not required. It can be in coins or items. 4. Where you want me to pick you up and drop you off must be accessible by the outside ocean. Not in a lake or something closed off. 5. I will be picking up and dropping off people along the way if there are people to be picked up. 6. This is not a cargo ship, you are responsible for yourself and your belongings. Now, you may be asking why I am doing this. There are a few reasons amongst others. Some of them are: 1. To help new players get where they are going 2. I am usually pretty bored 3. To just generally help out people by taking them places when they have no means of transportation. I can be hired to do private transportation. Though this will cost based on how far away the place you are going is, if you need me to wait for you to get a ride back home, and other variables. Thank you, and I hope to serve you soon!
  3. Hey Wurmians, If anyone is looking for a ride or needs small transport I am your guy, Just PM me in game, username Kushmode, Open ended offer i will always be giving rides on the Kushmode Express. All Pricing Can be discussed in game but price will be fair. Hope to hear from you! -Kushmode
  4. -= BobbaFrete General Transportation Company =- .:Anything shipped anywhere on freedom servers:. *up to 440 kg (2 loads of 220 kg) and 200 items* (or more. if it fits on containers) * fast traveling on all freedom servers *Nice prices, willing to negotiation * we work with people transportation as well (taxi) Prices Table: - Shipping Price: 60c (local price as well) - per server change: 40c - Taxi service: 25c (and 15c per server change) ***shipping price is the same. no matter how much cargo space you use*** Contact: - forum - Pm: Xmagnum - Pm: Igoro we are open to negotiate prices and more cargo/items space (one more boat) --thank you for using our company--