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Found 3 results

  1. Tanelorn Training Academy First and foremost we are drama free. If we find that people aren't a good match we try resolution first, if one can't be made then we find other housing solutions for the person causing the problem. We all pay way too much money for this game to not enjoy it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Communication You must be able to speak English well enough to understand Wurm Rules and Guidelines when explained to you. The people of Tanelorn are all fun-loving people who love to work together as a team and help out new players at the same time but when you can't understand the language it makes it very hard to communicate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location We are conveniently (or not so conveniently) located in the far north east near Cherrywood Isle. On the Dump Map we are located at X42.5, Y8.5 and on the Darkmalice Map we are at 53-BC. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Us The Academy is still undergoing construction. Most of the digging is done but there are still two holes that need filled. If you want to dig we have a sister deed that still has quite a bit to do that you are welcome to come work on and grind that strength. As for The Academy, we are still building the houses and fences so there are some things that we need help with if you want to come help us grow. The Academy is a great place for you to come, skill, and help out with community projects. Our primary goal is to help you learn to survive this great bad world and then help you move out on your own. When you come to The Academy you do not come on a permanent basis so please be aware of that to begin with. You have three possible outcomes and two of those are only if there are: Most people will learn what they need to fight, hunt, forage and build, gain their skills to do this successfully and build up some stocks to go out and find their homes elsewhere. We ask that you NOT build in our hunting grounds as this will ruin things for other hunters in the future. There are so many other viable places to build and we love to help you scout them out. Another option is becoming a permanent resident of The Academy Either helping us lead, teach and direct our new players or keeping the land in great repair. This is only if there is an opening. You must be premium for this option. The final option is becoming a permanent resident of Tanalorn itself. Again, only if a position is available there. You must be premium for this option. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What The Academy has to offer: § Our help with tools and weapons (to the best of our abilities). § 2x3 houses with a large yard. § Bed in your house. § Horses and Cattle (to borrow while you are here). § Carts for you to borrow (while you are here). § Mine off deed of varying types and qualities. § Well on site. § Altars for all three Gods. § Coastal property. § 1 Templar Guards. § 50 Ql Guard Tower. ​§ Rowboat for Academy students use only. § Meals are provided until you are able to cook (perm residents always). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What more The Academy will have: § Market at Tanelorn docks to sell your merchandise. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we, as a community, have to offer: § To be part of a community. § Friendship and Trust (open community). § Semi-relaxed environment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we expect from you: As Temporary Resident: § Manners and respect. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Ability to follow directions and listen The Academy or Tanelorn leaders.< § Honesty (thievery will get you on KOS). § To be able be on often; if you don't log in for 2 weeks your house will be given away. Arrangements can be made in advance for longer absences if you make arrangements in advance with The Academy or Tanelorn Elders. § Willingness to help out other students. § Basic or Premium are okay. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. As Permanent Resident: § Manners and respect. § Willingness to learn. § Desire to help out and work as a team. § Someone who gives as much as they take. § Ability to follow directions and listen The Academy leaders. § Honesty (thievery will get you on KOS). § To be able be on daily, even if for a couple of hours. § Willingness to help out other students. § Premium player for permanent resident. § Must speak English. § Willingness to take part in community projects. § No warnings on your account.</p> § Know this game is for you, we do not want to recruit people who quit after a week. Wurm is not for the faint of heart. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Academy Rules § You are allowed to work on Academy projects; if you can't then our Academy isn't for you. § You will not grief other students or players. § You will NOT steal, cheat or anything else that will cause harm to The Academy or its students. § You will follow the guidance of the Mayor and The Academy leaders. § You will not mix low quality items with the high quality one in the bulk storage containers. § Respect other members and be polite. Grievances will be held in p.m.’s, not Freedom. § You will not kill penned animals unless given specific permission. § You will not take over someone else's job unless they have given permission (i.e. only miner mines and only the cook butchers things killed by the Templars). § If you want to practice your mining skills and you are low level you will mine in an off deed mine. § Trees must be replanted after cut. This is what The Academy will look like when done. If you are interested in joining our village please contact myself, Harvest, or Lucard in game or send a p.m. to me on the forum. Please do not send Lucard a private message as he does not check them. Please don't post here as I don't get notified and forget to check. Thank you.
  2. Seems we already have a post, please go to: http://forum.wurmonl...on/#entry737141
  3. Close

    Short and sweet...Tanelorn is hiring diggers. We will provide you with a BSB and you fill it. We keep the dirt of course. We will pay you 10 iron for each dirt you put in the BSB. Work as little or as much as you want until there is no more money or no more dirt needed to be dug, whichever comes first. Speed or skill is not an issue so all can apply. Please message Harvest in game or on this forum. You may also message Lucard in game only. We have no limit on the number of applicants who can apply so don't delay because once the work is done there is no more. Talk to you soon. Blessings, Harvest