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Found 4 results

  1. HELLO! Need tunneling? Surface mining? Or maybe looking for someone to mine some ore/rocks or just need to flat some area? Here I come minner, digger ,mason. I can be everyone My skills: Mining 76; Masonry 43; digging 33; also have 63 FS if needed. Status: Available I have my tools with WOA to keep my actions fast! I'm living in Celebraton Q21. I have no problem to come to other servers (except chaos^^). All details about job and payment please send in PM on forum or in game to Drqsman . My timezone is GMT+2.
  2. Ok, I'm listing this as a bug, because it is frustrating as heck and can't possibly be "intended". If this kind of thing is intentional, then Rolf/Devs hate us. I am making a surface canal and mined out the bottom edge to just the right amount, the climb mode up the slope, to do some surface mining up above, to smooth out the harsh edge. While in climb mode, I stay put, even when stam is gone, so long as I don't try moving. I can mine like this for hours, but sometimes, for unknown reasons, climb turns off and I drop to the water. I can kind of live with the drop, as a hazard of climbing, but what I consider the "bug" is that I am continuing to mine as I fall down the mountain. Inevitably, I succeed all too frequently in mining out some shards, in exactly the worst places, such as impossible to concrete places and the entire project gets ruined. Like Completely botched. No choice but to scrap weeks of planning and working to create just the right look. Possible solutions: 1. If characters never move, Don't Drop them out of climb mode. 2. If not #1 above, then please make it so all mining actions stop if moving. 3. If not #1 or #2, then make concrete sticky, so it won't slide down 40+ slopes like dirt. In RL, they have been making concrete that can be plastered onto vertical surfaces for ages. Why does Wurm concrete only work on 40 and under slopes? Finally, is there some intended reason for falling out of climb mode & somehow still mining on the way down? Maybe that is the ultimate macho miner in action, but I think most of us are more like Zoolander and not tough enough to drop 10 stories and keep swinging our picks.
  3. Currently "burying" simply makes a (butchered?) corpse disappear. However, the terrain/surface where it's buried should be affected. If it's farmed/grass tile, it should become 'packed'. If it's rock or road, it should not be allowed (destroy the pavement first). And there should be some small exp gained, probably 'digging' and/or 'paving'. Maybe even create a tile-surface that is a burial mound, with time it could revert to 'dirt'. 'Burning' dead bodies is another form of corpse dispensing. It could be a subskill of 'firemaking', with a new 'furnace' creation: 'funeral pyre'. 'Mummification' and burial in mounds/pyramids is another idea, but this needs new models, both for items and buildings, and maybe a new skill.
  4. I believe that in many cases, looking at some situations on Pristine for instance, that the amount of random chance and fail to success on Surface Mining needs to be looked at or overhauled. I can understand preventing it from being every action automatically succeeds, or perhaps elongating the timer, but the current, maybe/maybe-not scenario is just too frustrating. In my Pristine Deed we're attempting to terrace the city out, layer by layer, and because of our mountainside placement, we're taking on more flak from the rock layer than is welcome, but we're hardy folk and unwilling to move. I just hoped to bring this to light and see what other players had to say on the matter.