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Found 1 result

  1. The community of the southeast peninsula of Deliverance recently founded Port Naltatis. This new settlement is supposed to provide a home for new players looking for a place to stay. So if you joined Wurm recently and are still looking for a friendly village to settle down, Port Naltatis may be the right place for you. There will be friendly and professional help from experienced players, but besides advice, training and coaching, newbies will be encouraged to accomplish things on their own - helping them to learn how to become successful Wurmians. (So, no free high ql tools, people! ) The players in the area are friendly, mature and helpful people; in return we expect you to be a well-behaved citizen and a good neighbour. As this village is meant to be a kind of "beginner's academy", we do not expect people to be permanent citizens. We would rather encourage you to find and build your own place eventually. There is currently room for up to 5 villagers, but we would like to start with 3 new players to see if the concept works out. Port Naltatis is on the southeast coast of Deliverance, next to Serendipity Bay. The community map coordinates ( Map.png) are: 40x, 35y. You may also wish to check the detailed map of the area: http://forum.wurmonl...ipity-bay-area/ If you are interested, please send a PM to Tekari, Turiel or Yaga - or just contact us in game. ----------------------- EDIT: Most of the experienced players in our alliance are online during European evening hours (~17:00 -22:00 UTC). This could mean that, depending on your usual playing time, you might experience a slight problem getting help and advice from us if your time zone is considerably different from GMT. This is NOT meant to discourage non-European players from joining the village - it will just be easier for you if you also use to play during European evening hours. .