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Found 10 results

  1. Star Gems and staff

    21ql star diamond - 2s 40ql star sapphire - 2s 39ql emerald staff, oak - 2s (pickup only north Independence can not be mailed)
  2. WTA Star Diamond

    Selling a 1ql star diamond, CoD from Xanadu. Min Increase 50c No Reserve 1H Sniper Protection No Private Bids Starting Bid 2s Buyout 7s
  3. yellow potions and star gem

    all 19 yellow potions for 1 silver
  4. Hello! I have two black opals for sale. 2s each. Can be mailed. It's used to make opal staff PM me with offer!
  5. -------------------------------------- Star Emerald : QL 59,88 : 5s Rare Unfinished Forge : 7s -------------------------------------- Prices can be discussed! (You get the forge for 6s if you pick it up in south Xana) PM me here or ingame (" Haraldost ")
  6. Clearance Sale (CLOSED)

    EDIT: I put most of this and more on a merchant at Valley of The Damned Market Place (Xanadu) 83ql - rare longsword, iron (HD 88nim,89LT,71coc) - 10s (can not be mailed) 22ql - rare long spear, birchwood - 3s (can not be mailed) 79ql - rare long spear, birchwood - 4s (can not be mailed) 75ql - rare halberd, iron - 7s (can not be mailed) 25ql - star emerald - 5s 46ql - sapphire staff, willow - 5s (can not be mailed) 68ql - saddle (92woa) - 3s 55ql - exquisite meditation rug (83coc) - 1s 1ql - pickaxe, steel (80coc) - 1s 99ql - snow lantern - 1s 99ql - snow lantern - 1s 99ql - snow lantern - 1s 84ql - large shield, iron (87coc) 1s 61ql - shield, cedarwood (84coc) 50c
  7. I'm buying the following: - Seryll Lumps (1kg ONLY). 1s per - Seryll Armor : 90ql great helms, and low ql plate sabatons, chain pants/arms/boots/gloves/helm - Low Quality Gems (3-10ql) - Low Quality Star Gems PM Shazaam ingame or here on forums with your price(s). You can also PM Mycelium in game. Located on Deli.
  8. Just wondering as they are special and look nice if they will give off a slight light or glow to them ever??? Maybe even the Star Gems themselves could give off a faint light of the color they are??
  9. Hello mighty wizards, witches, and nifty creators of Staffs. Great news from the Independence island! Up for auction is a nice green star emerald, the quality is 22, uncut and of rare beauty. But quickly, to the facts: Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increase: 50c Buyout: 5s No reserve, no private bids, no sniper protection. Happy bidding! P.S.: Method of delivery is negotiable with the winner.
  10. Star Emerald

    This 20ql Star Emerald is rare and pretty. I will mail and pay shipping Amiti Deli server Starting Bid: 5s Reserve: Hidden Min. Increase: 1s Ending: 3 days from now 1 hour Snipe protection Price lowered to 3.5s start bid for the last hours! Auction is done, please close