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Found 16 results

  1. wts Star Diamond

    WTS 3s (in-game <stevelee>)
  2. Hey guys as the title states I am looking for a Star Diamond and/or Oakenwood Star Diamond Staff. Leave a post here if you have one you would like to sell or PM me on forums or in-game to discuss the price. -Thanks in advance =Jakeii=
  3. WTS Star Diamond

    WTS one star diamond (ql 18) - Would like to get 3s but will take best offer. Can mail.
  4. For Auction: 70QL Star Diamond

    The perfect topping for any serious wizards staff.....mined from the depths of Xanadu. Starting price 5s Increments 50c 1 hour snipe protection. Buyout 10s (COD to buyer from Xanadu) ​
  5. WTA Star Diamond

    Selling a 1ql star diamond, CoD from Xanadu. Min Increase 50c No Reserve 1H Sniper Protection No Private Bids Starting Bid 2s Buyout 7s
  6. [CLOSED] WTA Star Diamond

    Star Diamond Starting Bid: 2.5s Bid Increase: 0.5s Buyout: 8s 1 Hour sniper protection No Private bids Pick up on Xanadu H9 Or COD at purchasers expense
  7. WTA star diamond 51.80ql

    star diamond 51.80ql Starting Bid: 3 s Bid Increase: 0.5s Buyout: 6s 1 hour sniper protection reserve none private bids not accepted Pick up at L8 xanadu or COD at buyers expense
  8. Found these two beuties while mining. Who wants them more than me? Start bid: 3s each Buyout: 6s each Increase: 0.5s Sniper: 1hr Please state which gem you bid for, FREE COD in entire Freedom cluster
  9. 7.33ql Star Diamond - [Lock]

    Starting bid: 4s Increments: 50c Buyout: 8s Buyer pays CoD
  10. Ended, Please Lock

    Star Diamond - 66.23ql Location: e18 on In Game Map, x29/30 y9 Release - Wharftown Starting price: 5s Min. increase: 50c Sniper protection: 1h (if triggered, auction will end when the last bid stays as last bid for an hour) Reserve: NONE Private Bids are accepted (but the Bid will be listed here, so people have a chance to counter it if they wish - the identity of the bidder will remain private). Delivery: Can be mailed at buyers expense or picked up at Wharftown.
  11. Star Diamond 91.45ql

    Star Diamond 91.45ql "A perfectly clear, many-faceted diamond." Location: (L-19 in game map) 42x 34y Independence - Menzoberranzan Starting price: 5s Min. increase: 50c Buyout: Offers accepted Sniper protection: 1h (if triggered, auction will end when the last bid stays as last bid for an hour) Reserve: NONE I do NOT accept private bids on this item. Delivery: Can be mailed at buyers expense or picked up at said location.
  12. A perfectly clear, many-faceted diamond. 87.76 Star Diamond Starting bid: 4s Min Inc : 1s Buy out: 13s Private bids/buy outs: none all bids/buy outs in thread please Snipe protection :1 hour Winner can pm or post in thread if they want to pick it up or have it Cod to them (from Release)
  13. done [close]

    Can be closed, thank you!
  14. [Sold] Star Diamond

    Star Diamond Starting bid: 2s Increments: 0,5s Buyout: 5s Snipe protection: 1h Will CoD to buyer (Freedom or MR).
  15. Star Diamond

    I'm selling a QL27 star diamond. Starting bid: 3s Buyout: 8s 2h snipe protection Can CoD to buyer