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Found 8 results

  1. I'm no sound designer, but it seems like some of the animal sound variety is a bit lacking, to the point where it feels like some kind of legacy code prevents adding more somehow. I hope that isn't the case. Good sound design can make a game feel a lot more vibrant and conveys important information in a subtle way. With that in mind, it's rather offputting to hear the same exact sound files used between wolves, hounds, and rift beasts. Similarly so for trolls, jackals, and ogres. I'd like to list some specific issues and what could be done instead: Wolves: The "whine" when hit is weird and does not convey the action's impact very well; they should yelp or growl when they are hurt so it feels like I'm killing a wild animal, not torturing a helpless dog. This goes for all the other canine-like monsters. Hellhounds: Perhaps they should share a similar sound profile to the wolf, but with a filter or added affect to differentiate them a bit more. Perhaps a more inhuman (incanine?) growl/yelp/whine to make them seem more demonic. Rift Beasts: Similarly to the hell hounds, they need a way to convey the fact that they are supersized alien dogs from an alternate dimension. Their size should reflect that too, with a much deeper pitch to all their sounds. Jackals: I know they have the troll sounds but perhaps they shouldn't sound like a dog either so much as the weird humanoid hybrid they are. A warbling effect, along with sounds more typical of a hyena's could be properly intimidating. Now for the more brutish side of things: Trolls: Good overall. No real complaints as they sound like the big, lumbering, nose-picking buffoons that want to club you in the head. Ogres: Like the rift beasts, they need a much deeper tone to their sounds to emphasize their size. And maybe some proper underwear too. Nogumps: I've never encountered these before but I assume they have the same troll sounds too. One fun detail I can think of is to make them play each sound twice or accompany them with a variation, to add to the theme of a two-headed creature. On a more positive note, I think the sounds for most of the other creatures is spot-on. Mountain lions sound fierce, crocodiles terrified me when I first encountered one, and spiders/scorpions are rightfully creepy with their chittering. That's all, thanks for reading.
  2. I would like to see more types of these Shop Signs. Would be extra nice if we had a sign for each skill category. Carpenter, Smith, Alchemist, Bow/Fletcher, Cook, The animal trainer/farmer guy... Then, with each sign, attach a looping sound pertaining to the title that can be controlled from the sign options.
  3. Since day one, I've wished I could change all my volume levels for Music, Ambient, creature, fighting, etc. I also want this to be controlled while INGAME and not something that requires logging to change. I'm sure it is just a Java issue, but by golly, please figure out a way to solve it I imagine a world where I can listen to the Wurm soundtrack when playing casually, then turn it off when I think I hear some sneaky critter near by. Where as I am sailing and need a quick compass heading, I can just disembark, check, embark, then turn down that awful water sloshing sound (because nobody seems to want this fixed?) and keep sailing. Where I can be playing, while in a Webex meeting with work, muting the game, but leaving the webex volume normal, so I don't miss my meeting. Pretty much every game does this. I think our Code Club devs are more than smart enough to do it too. Just need to talk Rolf into letting them tackle it and I know they can figure it out. I have 195 yellow potions I'm happy to donate to any dev player account as incentive, because they are fun!
  4. I know in the past the animal sounds where removed because some people complained about "ear shattering sounds" and such. But maybe there is a chance to give voices to animals making that an option in the settings same like other environmental sounds, like a check box to enable it and a slider with 3 levels, akin to how tile decoration works maybe? Inspired by Malena's video: >
  5. Is it possible somehow to force the crafting sounds to actually play even if the timer is shorter than 5 seconds? This might seem odd to a lot of you folks but I really do miss hearing those... Since I'm playing on a default Adventure preset with accelerated timers I've noticed I almost never hear them -- they seem to only play if the action timer is 5 seconds long or so. A slider setting for those would be most awesome, actually. Barring that, maybe someone knows a way to tweak the client..?
  6. Emote sounds

    So who was the weirdo that thought it would be nice to change sounds on emotes to this bad crap you have added now ? I mean the voices sound so dead it's like you are beating 2 corpses and make them talk, I just hope it isn't two real persons that has made the voices now because i would be feeling really bad for them having a conversation with any other person. Worksounds is annoying to hear over and over, this was annoying to hear once..guess it's time to turn of all sounds in game Please for the love of sanity remove this piece of crap and get the old ones back.
  7. I'd like to suggest when the devs are done upgrading the art in game they take a look at the sound effects. I know a lot of folks don't play with the sound on but for those of us who do this would add another upgraded experience into wurm. Just my 2 bits.
  8. Did they add a new "Beach" sound recently that plays whenever your anywhere near open water? Because i haven't changed any of my normal sound settings and i'm now noticing an unending roar of waves plays all day, ALL DAY.... It's nice and pleasent i guess in moderate doses but since i live about 30 tiles away from open water and spend most of my time with-in 30 tiles of open water it NEVER STOPS!