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Found 11 results

  1. Hey o/ Quick question, are skins an expendable item that destroys itself upon use or can skins be applied multiple times? Wurmpedia only mentions: This could be read as the skin being removed from inventory and applied to the item and destroyed upon trying to remove the skin from the item. But it could also be read as the skin being applied to the item, it staying in inventory and the way to remove the skin from the item is to destroy the skin in inventory. Sub question, in the case skins can only be applied once, are there any drawbacks to applying a skin to an item except for the possibility of the item decaying eventually? I'd like to know more about it before deciding to apply it to something or to store it away. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!
  2. Some stuff to sell soem have price and some not so give a shout and see what we land some are pickup at R9 on cadance som can be mailed, pm me here or ingame Andrea Green Hatchling Hide 4x (0,01/eatch) 2,5s/eatch SOLD Blue Dragon Hatchling Hide 4x (0,01/eatch) 2,5s/eatch SOLD Forest gignat Blood Blue Dragon Hatchling blood 4x 2,5s/eatch green dragon hatchling blood 4x 2,5s/eatch Cleaver short sword skin bear army statuette skin SOLD Executioner medium axe skin Jewelry casket skin 3x cleaver shortsword skin small axe iron QL40 with Masterwork skin applied on it Exquisite small maul skin 2x Horsemans halberd skin Oil of the blacksmith 2x 2s/eatch SOLD suprem Crude knife QL52 RARE slate statue of pumpkin terror 30S Gems total QL 6762,41 (13 sapphire, 19 ruby, 17 emerald, 3 diamond, 6 opal ) (have a lot more more if intressted 150 gems more around) Around 2.6k unidentified fragment with some damage
  3. New Helm Skin - Rare Open Helm - Iron Starting Price: 10s Min increment: 1s Buyout: 30s Private Bids: None
  4. 5 Rare large chests with Sturdy Large chest skin 3 Rare large chests with Skeleton Chest skin All are dyed perfect black 1,1,1. Various wood types, thou they all look the same no matter their wood type. Prices 15s per Rare chest with Sturdy Large Chest skin 12s per Rare chest with Skeleton Chest skin. Pick up is D22 Exodus, Elysium on the coast.
  5. Added 2 more: 22Aug 2020 I made some new skins for some creatures (not just horses!) if you would like to use them, have at it! I will also make available some skins from the old creaturepack mod that I can't find elsewhere. For some of these textures, I bounced off of other textures done by other people. Thank you to Malena! The new horse colours introduced to WO were amazing. These skins are super simple to use. First you will want to close the game and its launcher, or you will get an error when trying to copy files into the graphics jar. You will need WinRAR or something like it, to be able to open the file. Find your WurmLauncher/packs folder. Find the graphics.jar, and make a copy of it. This is your original, keep it safe somewhere. Then open it up with Winrar. For a creature skin, navigate to /creatures (or /creatures/horse) and you will see the file names that you will be replacing. Simply name the file what colour you would like to replace, and then drag and drop it in here! Name examples listed below. Final step: click okay to the box that pops up when you drop the file in. No need to change anything. Easy! Here are some pictures! Here is the ocelot, unicorn, hell horse, troll and goblin, scorpion, wolf(husky) and brown bear(panda) that I use. Here are some png files. There are some that I don't like - but I will still offer them if someone wishes to use them or edit these themselves. To give you an idea of what you're renaming these files to, a horse must be named one of the following: Renaming is easy. Just look for the file names to replace for the exact name you will need for any creature. The dds files are listed below. On Feb 27, 2019: I remade my dappled grey: Here is the dun: Here is the creamy palamino: Here is the knabstrupper: Here is the appaloosa: Copper: Molten Hellhorse: Goblin, Blue: Troll, bluejeans: I made my scorpion slightly redder: and darkened up my mountain lion: And these next ones aren't mine, but here they are in dds format: Rocky Mountain horse: Mountain Lion: (yes, this will also change your rugs) Dalmatian dog: Dalmatian dog butchered: Hen, white and black: Rooster, black: Panda Bear: Panda Bear butchered: Pig, red: Pig, red, butchered: Husky (wolf) : Husky, butchered: And by request, my (purple) rainbow unicorn! and here is the file to place inside the graphics jar (/creatures/horse). Name it: A couple of rugs: A woven rug: The alternate version without the weaving: Rugs go in Furniture/Carpets White hell horses! White with purple: White with pink: White with blue: White with red: White with green: White with yellow: A new horse color (with a big thanks to Joneya, since I began with one of her re-skins!): 18Mar2019: Updated white and purple hellie 21 Mar 2019: 2 new horse colours! Brown on the left, and chestnut on the right. brown: chestnut: Edit March22, 2019 : Updated the white with pink hellie. Edit March31, 2019 : I reworked the Rocky Mountain. What do you think? Download link: Edit April2: Happy accident, a galaxy horse! (Or a Glitter Baby?) (It's much better in person, it sparkles when it breathes!) Galaxy Horse here: Edit April 3: Skewbald Appaloosa. Out of sheer desperation for some kind of skewbald wurm horse, I drew this one, and I like the results! Download link: Edit April4: Haflinger! Flaxen chestnut, of course. Grab it here: Edit April8: I decided my unicorn needed a makeover, to better show off the variations. White Unicorn: May 16: Caravels. Love my new purple sails (painted), but I also wanted to see where I was going. All I changed graphically was the sails transparency at the bottom. Hooray! \o/ Link is here: It goes into transports/ships May25, 2019: Another horse! I finally made a whiter horse that I'm happy with! If you like it, here it is: June 1st : And bouncing off of that last whiter horse, here is an alternate version. Link is here: Edit Aug22, 2020 1: Predator version? Super advanced invisi-armor? Whatever you call it, it's fun! 2: Another chestnut/brown variation. And 3: More shade changes, I think I will use this one for my old black colour! ❤️ (edit: it looks too good for old black. I will replace blood bay with this one.) Darker Bay shown above: A new rug, and the purple bed. Snag the rug here: And the purple bed here: If you're interested, here is a bluer version of the purple bed. 27 Aug 2020 4 new equinical colorations today! A darker flaxen chestnut. I like it a little better. Here (below) is an updated dun, with a creamier texture: Here is a flaxen Appaloosa. ooooh. And below, I changed my grey horse again. Aug 31 2020 Piebald Appaloosa! I wasn't sure about this one at first, but it's really grown on me. Especially the foals, they are gorgeous. :
  6. The weapon, shield, armour skins of wurm that currently exists in the Premium award store is a great addition to the game. However the community is split between pvp and pve and in order to get the pvp community to also open their wallets and spend some monlthy subs on these skins would be to make an option that is maybe 3 times as expensive as a regular skin but make it an infinite resource for that account but only for that account. The problem pvp face atm is that anything you own can be lost even purchased store items, this is how it should be in pvp but there is no reason why we cant have skins and cosmetics that doesnt change the outcome of combat be one of the few things that you do keep upon death. Problems with this solution: if you can have an infinte supply cant you just make an endless amount of that weapon and give it out to all players on the cluster? Yes, you can and this is where we need a clever fix if devs can give input on this. Maybe we can change how permanent skins work, instead of an item you stick to a weapon you just get all weapons of the purchased specific skin to be displayed as such only when your account is holding it. Once dropped its just a regular weapon once more. If this could be fixed I imagine tons of players on the pvp clusters would bathe their characters in customised items. As weapons/armours/shields of all types are very commonely used on the pvp clusters constantly and currently there is a demand to distinguish pvp groups from one another. *edit* This is how kingdom tabard works as it displays your kingdom no matter who made the tabard, maybe we could make skins work in a similiar fashion?
  7. WTS jackal skins 2,5s each All are original collected at historical first Jackal Moon Conquest - paid my blood and sweat, not from token shop! If you take care of the history of ur weapon ofc. Skins cannot be mailed so you have to come to Ravendream on Independence (O/P 17 ingame map, 34x45y Albia map) or meet at UDA bay of Crystal Lake ( N18 ingame map, 38x42y Albia map). However easiest option is to send me (Xagru) ur weapon by mail, I will apply skin and will send you back. Im usually online 10AM-10PM UTC.
  8. This might seem like a bit of a daft question but I'm wanting to add a new skin to the GUI but not sure how to go about doing it. I know how to edit existing skins but want to add the option so the new GUI would be in the dropdown list in options. Similarly, if I add a new weapon or armor how'd i go about using a new icon for that, I get that I can just edit the existing armor.png or weapons.png but how'd we call that icon ? Thanks in advance for any advice =)
  9. I would like to propose the idea of changing the skins for spirit templars. The spectral eagles look amazing, I would love if our spirit templars could be changed. A troll would be interesting, or even changing the gender of the spirit templar. I'm not asking for the spirit templar to change in any other way. Such as to be stronger, just simply changing the skins would give players a better sense of ownership when it comes to their deeds. I apologize if someone else has already proposed this a long time ago. Please feel free to add your thoughts fellow Wurmians. Cheers,
  10. I would love to see functionality of the select bar for all of the alternative UI Skins. Would love to play with them, but without the convenience and utility of the select bar, the other skin options are not really an option.
  11. So Ive played for alittle while now and I've been looking at this same dog skin for awhile of "dog" what about adding breeds to the game for a multitude of purposes and uses. Such as a German shepard, pitbull, boxer,or other fighting dogs. They get a slightly higher FS then the other dogs. Maybe labs, beagles, brittneys, or hounds for hunting purposes. Maybe the point/bark and deer or phesant to let you know they are close by. Collies, and Shepards for farm use. Just a though instead of just a wierd brown thing. Give a minor increase to animal husbandry or make finding livestock animals easier. Or maybe youd like your bestfriend and companion by you in the game. All just thought and ideas to make the game a more personal/ exciting one.