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Found 73 results

  1. Having a really cute foal born with a slightly disappointing name, I had a thought. What if, when you hit a high level of animal husbandry (say 90 or 100) you gained the ability to change animals' names? So if you get Haltula or Yazmeenpick, or a name you just don't like, you could change it to something else. Either a name you came up with, or picking from a list like the rng does anyway. Haltula could become Penelope or Sweetswift, depending on the system used. To keep things Wurmian, have the ability to change names as an ability with a long cool down, say you could only change names every 18 or 24 hours. It would add another reason to gain husbandry skill, perhaps as part of an animal husbandry overhaul?
  2. I have a bit of an issue I thought was resolved my relogging. and not sure how I can get screenies of this.. It is skill ticks. Me and my alt Duana she is very noobie, I have her rakeing my garden with her SB to help builld up her skills. She was not getting any ticks.. which is odd for a total noob I even looked on the skill window... nothing changed for several tiles and the skill tab was not popping up.. so I tried this account and the same thing was happening. I went to CA help and they suggested relogging It did help for both accounts but then................................... no ticks again...... nothing.. This sill is farming and well now all the tiles are farmed I have to wait to test it more for that skill. I have 4.0.34 (c4c1866) version and running windows 10 64 b computer **UPDATE** My alt and I can both get skill ticks on AH.. but farming not... Grains and strawberries she is a noob low skill and basic rake me I have 48 in Farming and a 44 ql rake
  3. I've asked around a bit, and I haven't spoken to many people who actually want to change the Epic skillgain system in the upcoming update. Most of the changes being implemented sound good, and I expect will bring some life to the server (already have, in fact!), but I don't recall anyone in the past requesting even quicker skillgain than we already have. And I definitely didn't hear anyone requesting this new system that completely changes how skills are gained; where actions give skill, rather than skill relying on timers. Remember, Epic already has increased skillgain (2x) and the curve to assist new players in starting the game. It has been demonstrated before that you can be completely PvP ready in under a month of gameplay! In my opinion it just makes a legitimate server cluster seem more gimmicky, like Challenge.
  4. I was told by the server I'm on that meditation skill ticks are set much, much lower than on WO. As an example, this is my latest skill tick using sleep bonus: [22:00:21] Meditating increased by 0.0223 to 21.5726 Why is the default for WU set like this when everything else is just about equal (on a 1x server)?
  5. Hello people of Xanadu. I have travelled far and wide, from coast to coast, yet a Greenish Troll or any other greenish creature still evades me. Where are they ? Please input greenish sightings here!
  6. well as the title says i think itd be cool to add some small trapable animals like beavers raccoons fox rabbits etc and add traps to catch them they provide butchered goods maybe be able to stuff them for decoration or add fur clothing and use their fur and pelts new types of meat for the new cooking update and it would be fun and a new trapping skill
  7. From the mind that brought you sandwich trees and strapping snakes and badgers to swords and shields respectively comes... A use for the turret skill!
  8. Why not allow hellhorses to stay hitched past aged but link the ability to drive the cart to the driver's skills? Same as captaining ships, you can't captain bigger ships without the required skills. The horses can be hitched but the cart can't be driven so will effectively be useless unless the driver has the skills, which will not only encourage people to get the required skills if they want to have a hellhorse cart, but also stop the worry about these valuable horses going missing via unhitching. Which means, one hellie has a certain skill, two (on a cart or wagon) has higher (say ten more on bc), three has higher, four has higher (so you can't just have four hellhorses on a wagon without the required skill). This can be adapted to the ql of the bridles and wagons and carts too, higher ql gear and vehicles mean slightly lower skill needed.
  9. Can someone please make a mod to increase the max size you can make buildings or make your skills 999 so you can build bigger... You would be a legend if you can make this happen! thanks
  10. I am running a dedicated server and using the custom map Riverlands, a 2096x2096 map made by Miretta. I am mining rock quality way above my mining skill using an 8ql pickaxe. I also noticed that my tree logs were a higher quality than my woodcutting skill using a 30ql hatchet. Of course I am still learning a lot of the ins and outs of a dedicated server and the settings but not sure what would cause this. My server is only using serverpacks mod. My client is only using connectionfix, custommap, livemap, and serverpacks mods. Thanks for any help!
  11. Just a small note for the Rock Salt page . . . According to one of the players, the ability to grind rock salt into salt occurs at milling 10 [07:35:24] <Smackeddown> (Cel) BTW its 10 milling to convert rock salt to salt Skyefox Mayor: Albia Estates
  12. The wall of text: Every other MMO I've played has major tweaking to their skills along the way and each time they do, they hit the reset button, so that the players can reallocate their skills and all be on an even playing field. In Wurm, for some reason, any time there is a loop hole in skilling, the first people that discover it get to skill up rapidly and then keep those skills forever. The other issue I have with the Wurm system is I see a lot of account trades happen solely because someone got tired of playing their character, based on the skilling choices they made last year or the year before. It results in people just leaving the game, if they don't feel comfortable making account trades. This game really is tailor made for about 300 people that love the skill system the way it is now, but not for the 1 billion other gamers out there. As a result, it can't ever grow. When bridges were added, it brought lots of old players back to the game. When Xan was added, it brought lots of old players back to the game. The only new addition to Wurm that really brought significant new players was the private servers with an upgraded skilling system. So I say, let's tweak it even more. Let's figure out a way to bring more players to the game. That has to be the goal right? I can't imagine a game company just focused on the retention of a very small legacy player base, but it sure seems that Code Club is doing exactly that. Especially when most of the developers are also part of that legacy player base. How do you decide to make good changes to the game, when those good changes are going to negatively impact your character and many of your closest friends in the game? I know I'd have a difficult time with it. I think the only way you can make a major change to the game is to make a new game, while leaving the old game intact. It worked with WU. Nobody was forced to leave WO, but people did. Why? Because they LOVE Wurm and were finally given a better choice than what classic Wurm had to offer. The people that stayed were disappointed and predicted the end of Wurm, but it didn't end. There are far more players today than before WU launched (both versions of Wurm combined). It gives people more choice to fit their play style and that is a good thing. What could the new new, new Wurm look like? It certainly isn't going to be a new graphics engine, with a fully 3d world - Code Club doesn't have the time or resources for that. But it does have the ability to make smaller changes, to alter the way the skilling/leveling works in this game. They have Epic, Classic Wurm and WU, which all have different skilling mechanics. So far, the one that works best for me is WU, where you are rewarded for your actions and not forced to constantly gimp yourself and your crafts, just to get a successful skill tick. So for Wurm 3.0, I suggest a new cluster of 4 small servers. On each island, make several large areas of protected biomes - call them "King's Parks", which can't be built on, teraformed or have any trees chopped down. Sprouting, harvesting, foraging, botanizing and cutting grass is all ok. These parks will really help protect the natural resources, beauty and spawning zones for the server. For the skill system, create a master experience bar. Every skill-able action you perform ticks a point into the master experience bar and also raises the appropriate skills for what you were doing. Skills will progress mush like they do on WU. If your tools are higher QL and have speedy enchants, your actions are faster, thus your skills will gain faster. None of the WO mechanics of let's get that plastic hammer from my son's toy tool set, then cut off my leg, to reduce the size of my stam bar, then it will take me a really long time to hammer in that nail, to get max exp for the action crap... The next step is to create skill trees. We have parent and sub skills now, which are sort of a tree, but we need to group them into 3 or 4 trees, which will be leveraged later when a skill redistribution happens. I think the trees should be Fighting, Crafting, Gathering, for simplicity. Each tree will maintain it's own experience bar. So now we have a master Exp bar and 3 Tree Exp bars. For those that like to compare skills to their friends, these will be a great way to go, much like the STP number from Niarja. More importantly, when skill imbalances happen, Code Club can do either a full skill wipe, or specific tree skill wipes. Players then reallocate exp points to the skills they want. Characteristic skills will automatically be adjusted, based on where skill points are allocated. You can't make a priest with only faith and channel have a really high strength. Players will also get paid resets. Purchase from trader or maybe even deed tokens. Pay to reset any tree, as often as you want. For the full reset of all Exp, it would only be when Code Club requires it for re-balancing and every 6-12 months of unbroken paid subscription. I think the flexibility this gives the players will really appeal to those that want to try many of the different skills at higher levels, but simply will never have the time to skill up everything to high enough levels. Many other successful games allow you to reallocate skill points, eliminating the frustration of not being able to play a different role, without having to spend the next year training up for it. We live in a world of instant gratification, so when that is the norm, it is extremely hard to succeed by offering a game that has a 10 year plan for character development. Who the heck wants to make that kind of commitment to a game? One in a million it seems, because that is about how many people have played WO for more than a month. This would also be a great time to introduce new account management. One master account and multiple character slots. I'd love unlimited character slots, since I have 60 alts, but that probably needs to be reigned in, to prevent alt sprawl (especially with boss hunts). So maybe 5 character slots max per account. It isn't like anyone will suffer, since we would all be creating new accounts and new alts. We should also be able to manage deed upkeep through account management. Nice Web Interface to cover it all in one place. If I could check my deeds and keep them paid, right from the web, I'd be frickin happy. So the summary: - New 4 server cluster - lots of protected bioms (parks) - Skilling like WU - Experience bars: Master and three skill trees - Fight, Craft, Gather - Skill reset options for trees and for all (some paid, some as rewards and some as required for re-balancing) - New Web account management system with multi-character slots & deed management. This does not have a PvP solution, but the best way I can think of to add PvP to the idea would be Epic style - Add in a portal that takes you to the PvP server, where your PvP Experience is earned. Probably with a 10x rate gain over the PvE server. I'll let those that really understand the PvP needs figure all that out, but it MUST not intertwine with the PvE servers in any way. No bringing PvP rewards to PvE. What happens in PvP stays in PvP. The PvE servers are will be set up with everything protected and secured from the start. New players should not be worrying about everything being looted from their unsecured camp site on day one. Drop a tent to secure a perimeter from theft. All permissions should be set for lock down, for everything, unless the player specifically changes it to an unsafe mode. I think we are close to that already, which is good and appreciated, but adding in the tent security perimeter could be a nice touch for the new players. May or may not be something we remove after a player passes a certain number of days of play time. Could get used in griefing, so needs consideration. Remember, much like with WU, if people leave classic Wurm to play this new Wurm, it isn't a bad thing. How can it be bad, if people are going to play something that fits their play style better? Do we want to try stuffing square pegs in the round hole that is WO today? Let anyone that wants to keep on the old classic Wurm, stay right here. Give people that like the awesome sandbox, but not the broken skill system, another alternative. At one point, I'd suggested Code Club open up their own WU server cluster, but I know that won't work, with the ability to Mod clients. It also doesn't address the skill reset needs, which is the core component to make this work.
  13. Aside from the various old discussions in regards to the pros and cons of Jumping. Rather thinking of an auto-skill that diminishes damage taken from small falls, heights of say one or two stories off a building. Believe there's sufficient techniques required, as compared with Climbing, for such to not merely rely off of a body stat. Perhaps also even balancing (not as a separate or even child skill) to provide some slight pause before falling off an edge, or while moving across some narrow area. Not that we really have such atm.
  14. I hit 65.00 mining and wanted to see what veins would give me the best gains regardless of what mining guides or what other people say and based on the equipment I had on hand at the time. These were my findings: Mining skill: 65.00 Tool used: 19QL pickaxe, steel (C85) Best result: Normal copper (+/-0.09 skill gain per 25 ore; +/-0.37 skill gain per 100 ore; +/-26 minutes per 100 actions) Comparisons: Good lead (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) and Normal silver (0.30 skill gain per 100 ore) Conclusion: I calculated it would take me +/-5 hours to reach 70 mining by the time I hit 66.24 mining. I realized that if I was mining the wrong vein (e.g., the lead or silver shown above) I would end up wasting over an hour. This means that if you use sleep bonus when mining, you can end up wasting a significant amount of SB and silver (if you pay for sleep powders) over time. Finally, take into consideration all the time you would lose from say 0-90 mining if you end up picking the wrong veins along the way. While my tests are limited, it's enough of an eye opener at least for me. Would have been neat to see the skill gain difference with a 1QL pickaxe, steel (C85). Just for kicks, I used my 89QL rare pickaxe, iron (W100C90) and came up with these results even though I knew this would happen ahead of time: Rare Pick: 0.03 skill gain in 65 ore and 372s spent mining Skiller Pick: 0.09 skill gain in 25 ore and 375s spent mining Conclusion: Using my rare pick was 67% worse than using my skiller. This is why I only use my rare pick for what it's really intended for and not for skilling. It was still fun to see just how much worse it would be though. EDIT: I forgot to mention I was using sleep bonus the entire time when doing these tests.
  15. Currently when you practice archery, when you reach Archery 40 your ability to gain skill from practice is removed completely, both with archery and all sub-skills (Long bow, Bow, Short bow). A slight change to this would be to keep the skill cut off for Archery at 40, but allow the sub-skills to continue to be practiced to their current practice skill cut off of 30 each. Then the true cut-off would be at 40 archery and 30 in Long bow, bow and short bow. I've been told by experienced archers that one needs at least 30 skill to be useful at all, so allowing players to reach that cut-off would improve the player experience by allowing them to be useful more quickly.
  16. Any advice? I had alts before with 99 dig and I never worried about skilling up. However, I'm now leveling my own and wish to get back to 99. I've noticed the skill ticks are few at 80, while just digging for basic teraforming. Do I need really steep slopes? Dedicate time to digging up clay, tar or peat? Thank you!
  17. The page above has a table with the required skill for different level roofs out of thatch. Today, we found that the 5th level requires 40 skill, and the 6th requires 47. Please update the table for this information. Thanks!
  18. I talked about this a few times in chat, but it would be interesting to have musical instruments in the game with a music skill, along with subskills for certain instruments. Some instruments would be lute, flute, and drums. Like activating it and using it will pull up something that you can click or type in to play certain notes. Higher skills will allow more notes to be played in order, or less mistakes being made, like you wanting a c note, but you end up getting an a note being played. There is yoyos and puppets in the game, why not musical instruments? When I think the old days, I think people sitting around a fire talking and playing music... even in a pub or something.
  19. New Skill Idea Skill: Hunting * Sub Skill - Traps , { To Create the tool / items to start with} New items: Small Trap box, Medium Fall Trap The items Small trap box - 4 small nails, 10 shafts, acorns Or cheese. Medium Fall Trap - Shafts , 1 rope , felled tree or Logs , Raw fish or herbs from botanise for example. * Sub Skill - Trapper , {To use the items) New Mechanic 1) - Plant the Small trap Box, (Not drop), Can not be picked up for 1 RL hour. after the timer the Bait is gone and in its place is ** x Squirrel meat, or Mouse/rat meat. 2) - Plant the Medium Fall Trap (Not Drop - Must be within 1 tile of a Tree) Can not be picked up at all Decays within 24 hours. After ** time it produces Bair meat, or Venison. Skill: Glass Smiting * Sub skill - Mixer {to make Glass lumps i.e. like Mortar} New items: Glass Mound , 1 x Sand + Smelter *Sub Skill - Enamel To make ornaments or Cutlery (we have spoons forks and knives already) 1 x Glass lump + Mallet New items: Creates plates and bowls Glass Windows * Sub Skill - Glazier Mixing Colour with glass. New items: glass window, jugs, plates etc , + paint/dye Produces stained glass windows , colourful globes , colourful ornaments. Please leave Feedback and additional add on ideas.
  20. According to the wiki both 90 faith and 70 path of knowledge gives the same title; "Enlightened". I could see that it fits for each of them, but tbh titles should be unique. I think it would be most fit to change the path of knowledge title to something else, and that ofcourse had to be something related to the other knowledge titles. I will post any examples or suggestions as i come up with them. If anyone else would come up with any titles i could edit them in to this post.
  21. I'm majorly into the fishing/cooking side of the game and would like to see additional items like more baked good (cookies, types of bread etc...), stuff like pizzas (fish, beef, pork....), or even types of soups courtesy of plants found throughout the world.
  22. Please add the ability to gain scythe skill from cutting grass I collected hundreds of units and did not gain any skill into my scythe skill.
  23. Unlock milestones, a new type of achievement, per 1000 total skill points gained. Every milestone acts like a trait for your character such as faster run speed, slower food/water drain, quicker skill gain, etc... One time buffs/rewards could be made available as well such as reaching 5000 total skill gives your character a free 1s. I think I counted 140 total skills, which means 14000 total skill, and 14 milestones. It could range from silly bonuses at lower level, to really helpful stuff at the top tier or just generally useless, but quality of life improvements that amount to a significant help at higher tier. I'll lay out a list of how it could work as an example, but these idea's are really just off the top of my head. 1000: 5% increased bite resistance (To help noobs out early on) 2000: Slightly decreased food/water drain 3000: 5% increased damage against mobs (Again, just a helpful nooby buff) 4000: Moderately reduced food/water drain 5000: 1s suddenly appears in your inventory! 6000: +1 quality on all items gathered/created 7000: Slightly decreased wear on all tools used 8000: Chance to critically fail gathering/creating items eliminated (Those random 1ql logs/ores/etc you get even at high skill) 9000: Moderately reduced wear on all tools used 10000: 5s suddenly appears in your inventory! 11000: Greatly reduced food/water drain 12000: +2 quality on all items gathered/created 13000: Greatly reduced wear on all tools used 14000: 1km Walk speed boost Considering the highest total skill uploaded to niarja currently is 8k I figure that list seems fair. If people have more idea's the buffs could be changed to every 500 total skill instead of 1000. I realize some of these suggestions might look OP, and I don't doubt that at all, it's just an example and anyone is free to throw in their criticism's,
  24. Create clay without magic I think this opens up more possibilities for settling inland, away from any lakes or oceans. True, we can always hop in a cart, travel a few minutes to the water, dig up a few crates of clay and return home, but this would be fun, making it ourselves. Pottery skill used for this. Higher skill = higher QL clay. Also, high QL dirt would help. Maybe even make the initial QL of dirt the max QL of your resulting clay.