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Found 471 results

  1. Harbor of Wholesome Hoarder (located: Melody g15 on the shore of Melody lake) is finally connected to ocean by 2 Canals: 1) Northern Lake Canal (g,f 15 + e13, all ships) and 2) Eastern Lake Canal (g17, all ships) WTA I am currently runing 3 auctions: rare rope tool rare press rare cheese drill WTS silver lump ql 50+, 6,4kg price: 1s WTS fine mediation rugs ql45+ (ql47-50 now) price: 99c+cod per item in stock: 7 items WTS gems: diamond ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod diamond ql 74,58 price: 87c+cod diamond ql 20,42 price: 30c+cod diamond ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod diamond ql 18,17 price: 29c+cod sapphire ql 17,47 price: 28c+cod emerald ql 51,70 price: 75c+cod emerald ql 46,70 price: 73c+cod emerald ql 3,72 price: 6c+cod ruby ql 50,60 price: 75c+cod ruby ql 1,00 price: 2c+cod ruby ql 29,57 price: 44c+cod opal ql 51,70 price: 76c+cod sprouts: ql 20-29,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,2c + cod per 1 ql 30-39,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 chestnut x 150 price: 1,3c + cod per 1 ql 40-49,99 pinewood x 300 price: 1,4c + cod per 1 ql 50-59,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,5c + cod per 1 ql 60-69,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,6c + cod per 1 ql 70-79,99 pinewood x 150 price: 1,7c + cod per 1 stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 1200 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 2400 stone bricks: ql 0+, price 60c/300, in storage 3000 ql 10+, price 63c/300, in storage 900 ql 20+, price 66c/300, in storage 1200 ql 30+, price 69c/300, in storage 300 if you do not have your own crates, add to price 25c per large crate (free load on your ship or vehicle) delivery possible to coastal areas if you order goods for 10s and more, delivery fee is based on distance 17.1. 2021, 7200 stone bricks sold and delivered to Szarin for 14,4s (bulk discount) + 2s, I am currently sold out
  2. WTA Remorse - 99QL Rare Silver Huge Axe (Nim 106, LT 100, CoC 101, MS 102, MD, Rune, Skin) Deep in the Lost Mountains, an ancient evil slept. Across centuries, many searched for it, some hoping to be heroes, others hungry for power. Those few who found it paid with their lives. The creature's unmatched power seeped into everything around it, raising undead horrors from the fallen. It is said that a warrior queen spent years searching for her missing husband, finally tracking him to the evil’s lair. When she returned alone to her village, she carried only a hollow gaze and her husband’s axe. They say she still has nightmares about what he had become. They say he tried to slay her with his axe. They say she wish she’d let him. Because now she has only Remorse. What is Included: 99.05QL Rare Silver Axe Imp 106 Nimbleness - Increases chances to hit 100 Life Transfer - A chance to gain a small amount of health every time they land a hit on an opponent 101 Circle of cunning - Increases skill gain on the item when used as a tool 102 Mind Stealer - Killing a non-player creature with a weapon enchanted with Mind stealer may transfer skill points to the player Monster Demise - Plus 3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures Steel rune of Vynora - Damage taken reduction (10%) Bearded Huge Battle Axe Skin Credits: @Lethyriafor all the exceptional Vynora and Fo Enchants. @Grizwaldo for their awesome rune service. @Rhydriciafor their generosity in providing this very rare skin. @Yxunomeifor their awesome lore, artwork suggestions and modelling. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  3. notice there are only two deed government types when placing down a deed for villages, dictatorship or democracy, if there are anymore that are PvP exclusive I wouldn't know, I only play on PvE. my suggestion is a Republic style deed governance where instead of 1 person being leader, the duty is split among the group. All deed decisions would be held to vote by the massed of the deeds, meaning also the switching of the deed government type would also need a vote, preventing any 1 person from stealing a deed by simply coming into power. deed expansion would also need to come to a vote as well, with the person wanting to expand (or persons) posting the request at the deed token with the money on hand to expand it, and the rest of the members of the deed placing vote if they want it expanded, all these would be majority vote rules. though there would not be taxes to keep the deed running upkeep, instead it would be left to the people of the deed to decide that. so the only drawback would be that some people might not want to expand or pay into the upkeep, and again, that would be for the people of the deed to handle. if anyone is interested in enhancing this further I would love to brainstorm and refine it more thoroughly.
  4. WTA Sufferance - 92QL Rare Silver Staff (Nim 101, LT 92, CoC 93, MS 94) This is a very rare opportunity to buy a unique and deadly weapon. Sufferance was forged by myself using @Oversixfinest silver and then enchanted by our most exalted priests @Tourniquet(Vynora) and@Lethyria(Fo). Starting bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Not Accepted
  5. Starting bid: 30s Minimum Increments: 1s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes Buyout: 50s *Please add the character you would like this mailed to with the bid. 90.89ql Nimble 98 LT 90 Coc92 Monster Demise
  6. Start bid: 25s Minimum Increase: 1s Snipe Protection : 1 hour No Buyout No Reserve No Private Bids
  7. Hello friends Wanted to make this a permanent thread on my account since every few days or every week i have some silver coins for sale, so, from now on gona bump it or update on the days that i have new coins for you. Standard and non-negotiable rate of 1silver =0.9 euro. Have references too, if needed. Pm (ingame) Zoranah for more info Thanksies
  8. WTS Silver coins 1s = 1€ Paypal Verivied Клиентам Сбербанка - особые условия.
  9. Item: Supreme Maul, Silver 90.37ql - No Enchants Starting Bid: 10s Min Inc: 50c No reserve Sniper: 1 hour
  10. Post a screenshot. Make me jealous. Cheers.
  11. Hi guys I want to sell 10s= 10e, we can make it for paypal.
  12. Apparently I have been brought up as a reference to vouch for someone named Kristaa who is selling cheap silver or something. I have no logs of any conversation with someone of that name. Kristaa - if we spoke on an alt, please contact me so I can clear things up, but I have no log of speaking to you on the forums or in-game. Anyone else, until I know whether there is an alt I spoke with, I do NOT vouch for this person! Do not buy silver on account of me being named as a reference!
  13. Due to my high deed costs and purchase expenses, I'm looking to buy silver basically all the time. I buy at 1 Silver = ~1 USD but I'm no enemy of negotiations. I have bought multiple gold before and will pay with a verified PayPal account. Transactions will be SAFE and QUICK. I'm going to start tracking who I bought from for references for you and for memory for myself from this point onward in a list below. Sellers I Bought From:
  14. starting bids at 15 silver bids going up 1 silver each buyout 30s
  15. Wellcome to Kurois's artifacts - the best archeology stuff in the best price I accept paypal as payment Fragments can be combined on a request Masks fragments: Statues and Statuette fragments: Crystal Runes: Fo: Jackal: Libila: Magranon: Vynora:
  16. Currently looking to purchase silver. Not sure what the going rate is but I am looking to get around 10silver, maybe more. I have verified PayPal.
  17. as in title, want to buy up to 50s via paypal
  18. Hello Everyone, We're organising an event on the 02/02/2019 at 15:00 UTC: Server: Xanadu J11 Deed: Rockwall In the Rockwall Arena, champion animals are prepared to fight each other to the death! Bring your Champion pet. The last one standing will get the Prize! Entry fee: 10c Prize: half of amount collected from the total of entry fee NO CHAMPION TROLL ALLOWED!!! Pm Lunadew for details, or me. See you soon to have fun!
  19. Kyle's Unlimited Chainworks -----Full Chain Armour (iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 51ql - 0.5s 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 6.0s -----Full Chain Armour(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 51ql - 1.0s 71ql - 2.0s 81ql - 2.5s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 8.0s -----Barding(iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 71ql - 0.75s 81ql - 1.0s 91ql - 1.5s 95ql - 3.5s -----Barding(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 5.0s RARE STOCK -EMPTY- -----Improvements and Questions----- PM KyleBooze here on the forums PM KyleBooze on Official Wurm Discord or /t KyleBooze ingame ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Materials Available Gold/Silver: Up to 85ql/90ql Brass: Up to 90ql Bronze: Up to ~85ql Steel: Up to ~83ql Electrum: Available upon request, no definite ql atm MOON METALS: Must be provided for improves or creation
  20. Taking only serious offers Ingame: exopath
  21. Hello! I'm looking to buy up to 70s for 70E. Paypal verified. Preferably from a Canadian seller (fees), but not a necessity. PM Thanks! Bought, thanks.
  22. I want to buy 20 silver coins for 20 euro. Verified paypal Try me ingame on Mrcoffee, reply here or pm on forum