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Found 23 results

  1. I am based in Central Cadence P13 deed is Eclipse Bay. Connected to the highway system. Click Here for deed Location Free deliver via Wagoner on Cad. Blacksmithing Imps Bulk Smithing (Made to Order) Lamps (Made to Order) Ship Building: We now offer Support beams at 100 for 7s made to order. And have an 90 skilled Carpenter on Deed.
  2. I provide all mats; send by wagoner ALL LARGE CRATES ARE YOURS TO KEEP! 50ql wooden materials; pegs, belaying pins, tenons, deck boards, hull planks, planks, shafts, small medium and tall masts 70ql imped wooden materials; keel sections, bench, small and large tackle, oars, yoke 70ql misc; tar, ribbons, small nails 50ql ropes; cordage mooring thick ropes, wemp plants and fiber 50ql cotton materials; too many to list atm, we do it! arch wood addition 50c upon availability build it for you? introductory 15% off market price!
  3. Rose Respite Shipwright Rose Respite Shipwright located at E9/E10 Melody offers a wide range of nautical craft. Rowboat (3 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 1-2 hours 2 Cedarwood 1 Cherrywood 2s Delivered 1s Pickup Sailboat (2 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 4-5 hours 2 Cedarwood 5s Delivered 4s Pickup Corbita (2 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 2-3 days 1 Lavenderwood 1 Lingonberry 10s Delivered 8s Pickup Cog (1 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 5-7 days 1 Cedarwood 14s Delivered 12s Pickup Knarr (0 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 8-12 days 1 in progress 30s Delivered 28s Pickup Caravel (0 in stock, taking orders) Time to build is 14-16 days 36s Delivered 34s Pickup There is currently 0 order(s) in progress, with 0 pending. Overland transport/delivery is possible for an extra fee Please contact Opaveus to see if coverage is provided in your area Accessories Creature Cage 75c Blacksmithing Services BotD (WoA + CoC equivalent) Enchanted Tools Pickaxe head, iron BotD 50 75c Pickaxe head, iron BotD 45 70c Rake head, iron BotD 55 75c Imp service up to 50ql for Blacksmithing, 40ql for Armor, 35ql for Blades and Weapons Archaeology 1 Raspberrywood Tenon 2 Blueberrywood Tenon 8 Thornwood Peg 1 Applewood Peg 1 Camelliawood Peg 1 Raspberrywood Branch 1 Camelliawood Branch Other Services Clay For special orders, Shipbuilding, and Other Services, Contact Opaveus in-game or leave a post below with details and I will get back to you as soon as possible For Blacksmithing items and services, contact Gorgoth in-game or leave a post below with details. For Archaeology items, contact Opaveus in-game or leave a post below with details.
  4. DRAGON'S MARKET Welcome to the Dragon's Market, we are located on Harmony at I-13. Prices may vary according to market and demand. Delivery on request for a small fee, there could be delay due to high demand. Cruise Liner All ships are custom made to your choice of wood including any archaeology wood. Free ship improvement to 50ql! Rowing Boat 2s Ready within 5 hours Small Sailing Boat 5s Ready within 7 hours Corbita 25s Ready within 2 days Cog 30s Ready within 3 days Knarr 40s Ready stock available Caravel 75s Ready within 4 days Don't like empty ships? Noone does! Get your ship ready to sail with crates, cages & wagon! Prices negotiable for bulk order with ship. Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Creature Cage 80c Wagon 4s Redefined Woodworks If it's wood, you name it and we'll make it! Bulk Utilities Small Crate 10c Large crate 20c Floor Boards (100 pcs) 4s Large Planter 30c Support Beams (100 pcs) 7s Specified Containers Larder 1s Wardrobe 1s Animal Housing Bee Hive (50 ql) 1s Chicken Coop (50ql) 2s Custom furniture order also available! Exotic Home Décor Decorate you house with the most exotic decoration of the Wurm world Alchemist's Cupboard 1s Tapestry (Any) 50c Turret (Any) 1s Canopy Bed 2s Axe Display 50c Sword Display 50c Little Paradise Create your little paradise! Lumber Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Fruit Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Bush Sprouts (100 pcs) 1.5s Oak/Willow Sprouts 5c Single Sprouts (100 pcs) 2.5s Mixed Flowers (100 pcs) 2s Post you orders or PM Wrumdragon, Froststorm or Libelle ingame.
  5. Sharkbury Ships All our ships come with the following: ☠️ Choice of wood type for the final peg/tenon ☠️ Free delivery on Harmony, Melody, or Cadence (for purchases over 5s) ☠️ Free lead mooring anchor ☠️ Free future imping for all ship purchases at Sharkbury [Harmony K23] ☠️ Help loading/unloading of your crates & creature cages We also have a selection of crates & cages available to purchase! ⛵ The boats below are complete to the final peg/tenon and available for purchase now: ☠️ Small Sailing Boat (Quantity: 1) ☠️ Corbita (Quantity: 1) ☠️ Cog (Quantity: 1) (We aren't taking future orders at this time, only selling the boats listed above, as they are ready to go!) 💰 Prices 💰 Rowing Boat: 1 silver Small Sailing Boat: 3 silver Corbita: 15 silver Cog: 25 silver Knarr: 45 silver Small Cedarwood Crate: 10c Large Cedarwood Crate: 25c Fish Keep Net: 1s (Preserves freshly caught fish on your boat) Sleep Powder: 1.5s Cedarwood Creature Cage: 1 silver 🦄 Creature Cage Filled With Cute Baby Unicorn Foal: 4 silver 🦄 Contact Picklelicious or Pickwicke in game to arrange delivery details. (she/her)
  6. I recently had to transfer a couple of unfinished knarrs between two deeds using a ship transporter. The ships were facing different angles because unfortunately those were the angles at which they were started back in the day, and unfortunately when I unloaded them, they kept their strange angles - one was particularly jaunty. It was really difficult to find a suitable place in my workshop. It would be great if unfinished ships would unload from the ship transporter facing in the same direction as the transporter - straight ahead - just like finished ships. This would make logical sense in real life because the ship has been 'all round the houses' in the transporter and should have no 'memory' of its initial rotation angle. There is no reason to keep the original building angle once the ship has been in the transporter. Additionally it would make a lot of sense to add 'Rotate' to the manual movement commands (Move, Push, Pull etc) for unfinished ships whilst they are on the ground. There is no reason we should not be able to rotate them to our chosen angle. This has been mentioned before, but I think that it could be a simple fix, and would make organising Wurm's shipyards a lot easier and tidier. Thanks!
  7. Welcome to Thor's one stop rope shop (and accessories!) Status: OPEN Established Apr. 2013 Location Thunderstorm Keep, SW corner of Xanadu, middle of Q11 Map location HERE Possible payment types Silver Referals: 6s each Paypal (not only verified but premier account): 1:1 EUR/Silver or USD equivalent Bitcoin ( price +5% - rates in USD/EUR as above) Litecoin ( price +5% - rates in USD/EUR as above) Delivery prices Please check with me if delivery is available and at what prices Orders over 15k favor are free Private PMs as well as posts are welcomed! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offers For Priests For Shipbuilders For various tasks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedback on service is welcomed and appreciated! Thank you for your business and please come again!
  8. One simple function Able to load row boats onto large ships Rowboat, Small Sailing Boat and Knarr -- 0 rowboats Loaded (too small) Corbita and Cog -- 1 Rowboat Loaded Caravel -- 2 or more Rowboats Loaded Especially for the caravel this would be a great addition because you wont have to park that big ass vessal but just moor it and grab the rowing boat row to shore.
  9. NEWLY UPDATED: March 29th, 2016 Storm's End is located in the north shore region of Crystal Lake, about 1/3 km from the shore line itself. Our deed is located on the community map at 43x33y. We have recently expanded once again, and we now boast a size of 51x35. If you are interested in joining Storm's End, please PM me either here on the forums or in-game, and I'd be happy to give you a tour!
  10. Enderman's Shop: cheap bulk orders, ships, food Status: Accepting new orders Ingame charname: Enderman Pickup preferred in Tarsis East (P25 Xanadu) or Hispania (E11 Xanadu). If you want delivery in your place, consult price before. Price doesn't include the crate (you must buy every crate or trade for an empty one). Bitcoin accepted as payment method too . Large orders can be divided in several orders and queued accordingly for providing a fast service to all the customers. Prices: Coins Silver coin: 1 euro Fine carpentry 50ql wagon: 80c Ships Caravel: 15s 50ql Knarr: 10s 50ql Cog: 5s 50ql Corbita: 3.5s 50ql Small sailing boat: 1s 50ql Rowing boat: 50c 50ql Bulk orders Stone bricks: 1.9s / 1K Colossus bricks: 2s / 1K Slate shards: 1.5s / 1K Slate shingle: 2.5s / 1K Slate slab: 10.25s /100 Concrete: 1s / 100 Mortar: 2.5s / 1K Planks: 1.5s / 1K Small nails, large nails, rivets, hooks - 1s / 410 Ribbons, frying pans, sauce pans 1s / 110 Ores under 37ql (iron, copper, zinc): 1s / 1K Wemp plants: 1s / 1K Large crate: 9c each Small crate: 4c each Food Cooked meat: 1s / 1K Vegetables (corn, onion, potato, pumpkin, etc..): 1s / 1K Items now in stock (ready for pickup) Tarsis East (P25 Xanadu) 500 wemp 800 barley 700 potatoes 600 corn Hispania (E11 Xanadu) 1000 onions 500 cooked meat Orders Orders being worked on Orders awaiting start Orders ready to pickup/deliver Reyaa - 2k bricks, 1k mortar included crates. Pickup in Hispania. 6.2s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s McGarnicle -100 concrete, included crates and delivery to F12 - 1.05s
  11. I've seen suggestions like this in the past, but I'd like to make my own twist on it. First, I'd like to see a river barge style boat introduced about half as long, and twice as wide as a Knarr. It should resemble a rectangle, with a platform upon which a dredge can me , or already is mounted, maybe include a dredge, or two, as construction components. Second, when you dredge with this boat it empties the dirt into either the operators inventory, or into the barges inventory. Third, this boat should be able to hold two Large Crates, or one if you feel two is overpowered. This would require that the person dredging couldn't just start it off and head AFK indefinitely. Dredge should be considered to be a command like level that goes until you run out of room or stamina. One the note of digging, it would be handy to have a command lite flatten and level, that would lower the flat tile you're standing on by one slope, in each corner. This would be extremely useful for if you wanted to sink a hole straight down 50-60 slope, or more, and not have to run around to corners manually digging there to keep the slopes all at a "non-falling" level. There are several times I would've found this option extremely used when lowering a couple tiles from a flattened surface above down to the level of some rock. Maybe don't make it available until 50 digging or something.
  12. Novastrov Shipyard: I think I am of the skill level that I feel confidant to be able to produce ship efficiently i.e. Ship Buildings: 76 Woodcutting: 62 Ropemaking: 55 [2013-04-10] [21:53:43] You have just received the title 'Harbormaster'! [2013-16-11] [09:36:53] You have just received the title 'Shipwright'! [2014-02-07][21:09:54] You have just received the title 'Ropemaker'! [2014-02-08][18:33:10] You have just received the title 'Tailor'! Now Accepting Sleep Powders (1.25s) & Referrals (6.5s) as Payment for Goods or Services, No Change will be given.... Other Supplementary skill usage provided by a friend, Therefore Novastrov Shipyards is opening for business. See below for Random Ships in Stock Prices: All included Lock & Anchor. Vessel: Prep Time: Build Time: Rowboat: 0.90s 2 Days 2 Days Sailboat: 1.25s 2 Days 2 Days Corbita: 5s 4 Days 4 Days Cog: 8s 6 Days 6 Days Knarr: 14s 7 Days 10 Days Caravel: 24s 8 Days 12 Days Wood type is your choice I have access to all types. 5 Free Large Crates with every ship (except Row & Sail Boats) Used Ship Stock: Rowing Boat, Oakenwood 50QL - 95c Cog, Cherrywood 50QL - 8s - (No Key) Trade in Values: Knarr: 13s Rafts: 1s per 10, Random wood types. 1 day per 10 build time. The Process: As I am a one man producer I am only able to make one boat at a time, so I’ll be having a build queue I will not be taking money up front, but if we have not exchanged funds 1 week after I complete it, it will be sold to the next customer or auctioned off. Build Queue: Purchaser: Vessel: Order Date: Start Date: Finished Date: Fasterdoudle Sailboat 10/1/2013 10/1/2013 10/1/2013 Repris Knarr 10/6/2013 10/6/2013 10/18/2013 Japiker Caravel 10/13/2013 10/16/2013 10/27/2013 Balishae Knarr ---------------------- Canceled ---------------------- Japiker Knarr 11/01/2013 11/01/2013 11/16/2013 Kegan Knarr 11/21/2013 11/22/2013 12/01/2013 Luceat Knarr 11/30/2013 12/01/2013 12/10/2013 gnomegates Caravel 12/14/2013 12/15/2013 12/25/2013 Turkey Caravel 12/26/2013 12/27/2013 01/04/2014 Gnomegates Knarr 02/13/2014 02/13/2014 02/16/2014 Roarkindrake Knarr ---------------------- Canceled ---------------------- Bulk Boat Components: Hull Planks & Tenons (per 100) 40QL - 75c 50QL - 1s 60QL - 1.25s Deck boards & Pegs(per 100) 40QL - 90c 50QL – 1.15s 60QL - 1.40s Collection: Will be from Novastrov Docks Located at X38, Y37. Contacts: Ingame: bigsteve or bigsteveusa PM bigsteve on Forums. Eye Caddy to follow!!!! Construction List: Rowboat:4 Sailboat: 6 Corbita: 2 Cog: 2 Knarr: 7 Caravel: 3
  13. Welcome to Glorious Greenlegs! Do the woes of the deep birchwood forests of Xanadu make your axe cry? Trouble in troll town? Or just a dirt pile too big to dig with a mediocre shovel? We offer tools and weapons for the new frontier as Xanadu quickly becomes the fastest growing and most populated lands. Map: The Glorious Greenlegs Smithy and Trading Port is one short stop, located on Xanadu at R15 in the southern bay of the New Dawn Alliance, and can serve all your needs as an adventurer and settler. We can also send items by mail, and would be willing to deliver within reach of the town! For orders contact Wilford or Balack in-game or PM me here on the forums. Weaponsmithing Weapons 50 ql - Iron - 15c 50 ql - Steel - 20c Knives/Misc Butchering Knife - 50 ql - 10c Carving Knife - 50 ql - 10c Sickle - 50 ql - 10c Scythe - 50 ql - 10c Blacksmithing Tools 55 ql - 10c 65 ql - 15c 70 ql - 20c Anvils Small Anvil - 55 ql - 10c Small Anvil - 65 ql - 15c Small Anvil - 70 ql - 20c Large Anvil - 50 ql - 10c Large Anvil - 60 ql - 15c Lighting Lantern - 50 ql - 10c Lantern - 60 ql - 15c Iron Lamp - 50 ql - 10c Iron Lamp - 60 ql - 15c Misc Frying Pan - 50 ql - 15c Frying Pan - 60 ql - 20c Sauce Pan - 50 ql - 15c Sauce Pan - 60 ql - 20c Chain Armorsmithing 50 ql (set) - 70c 50 ql (individual piece) - 8c each 60 ql (individual piece) - 15c each Shieldsmithing Small Metal Shield 45 ql - Iron - 6c Medium Metal Shield 45 ql - Iron - 8c Large Metal Shield 45 ql - Iron - 10c Shipbuilding Temporarily unavailable until I can get some more wemp. Sorry! We now offer shipbuilding services! Every boat is made to order, improved to 50QL and includes a lock and 40QL anchor. Rowboat - 90c Sailboat - 1.20s Corbita - 5s Cog - 8s Other Items and Services 1,000 Bricks - Temporarily Unavailable
  14. Greetings all ! "You see a corbita under construction. Ql: 34.71798, Dam: 0.0. The corbita needs 1 peg to be finished." Buyer choose wood type After it will be fihished, i improve it to 65+ql Included: Boat lock Mooring anchor Pristine & Release free delivery Price: 5s You can order additional up to 49 Large crates for 7 c/each. Thank you for attention.
  15. Greetings all! Society of Trolls settlement is located on Release at X32 Y11. In our settlement You can buy or order following products: Enchants (Vynora spells): Rule for Order (Vynora spells): 50 enchant power - 90c and 1c for 1 power from 51 to 59 60 enchant power - 1s and 10c for 1 power from 61 to 70 81+ ql Carpentry tools - add 20c Stock, for sale: Merchant "Atman's Carpentry" at RCM (x25, y25, near East Gate) Carpentry: Spindles, Spatulas, Clay Shapers, Fine Fishing Rod (Willow), Grooming Brush, Practice Doll : 51+ ql - 15c oakenwood 71+ ql - 25c oakenwood 81+ ql - 50c oakenwood Mallets: 51+ ql - 10c oakenwood 71+ ql - 20c oakenwood 81+ ql - 45c oakenwood Storages: Bulk Storage Bin - 15c Large Crate - 15c (10+ Large Crates for 9c/each, 20+ for 7c/each) Small Crate - 10c Fine Carpentry: Rope Tool, Floor Loom, Fruit Press, Cheese Drill, Press, Buckets, Barrels, Chests, Armor stand, Racks and other: 51+ ql - 30c oakenwood 61+ ql - 40c oakenwood 71+ ql - 50c oakenwood 81+ ql - 70c oakenwood Wagon 65+ ql - 1s Wagon 65+ ql with 9 Large Crates - 1s90c Fletching: 41 (full quiver) x War Arrows or Hunting Arrows (Maplewood): 40+ ql - 1s 50+ ql - 1s75c Ropemaking: Mooring Rope - 10c Thick Rope - 15c Cordage Rope - 20c Cloth Tailoring: Sheet - 10c Trangular sail - 10c Small Square sail - 15c Square sail - 20c Meditation rug 60+ ql - 30c Fine Meditation rug 60+ ql - 40c Beautiful Meditation rug 60+ ql - 50c Exquisite Meditation rug 60+ ql - 70c Shipbuilding (all ships ql 60+ except rafts): Raft - 6c Small Sailing Boat - 1s20c Corbita - 5s Cog - 8s Knarr - 15s Caravel - 25s Goods: Logs 60+ ql - 1c per log Logs 70+ ql - 1c50i per log (if you buy/order more than 200 logs, then 1c per log) Logs 80+ ql - 2c50i per log Bricks x 500 - 1s (PM for Order) Charcoal, below 30ql x 500 - 1s50c Charcoal, above 30ql x 500 - 2s Planks, below 70ql x 500 - 50c (PM for Order) Planks, above 70ql x 500 - 90c (PM for Order) Support beams x 10 - 40c (PM for Order) Delivery options: Delivery of goods(order) less than 2s is discuss individually If your order more than 2s - Free Delivery For other Woodcutter and Carpenter services PM to Atman on forum or ingame: Woodcutting skill - 83+ Carpentry skill - 92+ Fine Carpentry skill - 79+ Thatching skill - 21+ For neighbors have discount. Thank you for your attention.
  16. 3 Deeds (incl. 1 trader) only 5-10 min from Freedom Market YOU are looking to settle near the center of the biggest Freedom server Independance? YOU are looking for deeds to serve your versatile needs? YOU want to grow a large herd? YOU want a place to build your ships? YOU want to farm veggies and also reed? YOU need wood for your ships and tools? YOU want to have a source of income to pay for those deeds? YOU want a safe working space? Then I have what you need: Hillside Refuge, Greenborough and Seeview Harbour - all close by close only few riding minutes from Freedom Market right next to Festival Cove. On map: Hillside Refuge: Hillside Refuge has: - a well-treated trader, - a spirit templar, - a mine with different QL iron veins + lead (for mooring anchors) + marble, - lots of fruit and lumber trees, - a manor with forges and oven and beds, lots of space for storage and loom - pens and farm areas (only partly offdeed in legal enclosure connected to deed and so far under Magranon influence for repairs) - an almost finished small stronghold (incl. practice dolls and archery target) - 2 wells (+1 in mine) for your water-supply. - and a Guard Tower close to west border (covering highway). - [edit] silver/gold altars of all 3 Freedom gods Here some pictures of Hillside Refuge: Greenborough: Greenborough has: - more farming/breeding space - House with forge, bed, oven, storage, loom and sightseeing tower - Guard Tower in perimeter covering most of the deed - additional legal enclosure for farming (Mag influence) - oaks and willows Picture: Seaview Harbour Seaview Harbour has: - not much to be honest - some ground raised from the sea - offdeed legal enclosures for reed and ships up to knarr-size - ondeed clay Pictures: The deal would of course include all house-writs and gate-keys, the deeds, several BSBs and FSBs (few things still in there) and a breeding pair of 5-speed horses (if wanted and delivered for free when deal is complete, colour as you like). Starting bid: 60s No reserve No buyout No snipe protection Minimum increments: 1s
  17. hello everyone , my character's ingame name is Dedri and i'm presently located on deliverance at 41.5x,17y. . I intend to sell anything and everything except bricks and mortar since i know of a few people who depend on that market. I don't have any set in stone prices, everything is Negotiable. I'm willing to deliver anywhere on deli if the order is over 1s or anywhere within the freedom cluster if the order is over 5s. I also plan to focus on making rafts,sailboats(1s-2s,negotiable),nails,ribbons, fence bars, unfinished bsbs, unfinished beds,unfinished carts, floorboards,planks,lamps, lanterns,or blacksmithing tools. My skill lvls are 56 blacksmithing,60 carpentry,and 29 fine carpentry. So since i have 56 blacksmithing the max lvl tools im willing to make is around 66ql. Please feel free to reply or pm me ingame At Dedri for ordering or for any questions you might have . Thank you for your time and have a pleasant day.
  18. We should be able to move (push/pull, rotate) ships in construction. We can limit this action to the deed owner and/or ship builder. Why this proposal ? Because I have no idea where the boat is going to spawn when assembling two keel sections. Very annoying when you try to have some organization in your shipyard. I hate having two ships overlaping or half in the sea.
  19. Hi guys, I'm wondering what is the best way to build a Corbita on deed without running in danger to have the boat finished by somebody else. The 2 options I'm seeing, is a fenced-in area or a boat house. The "build in secure cart" was disabled before 1.0 at least for larger boats if I'm right? For a house - does a Corbita pass through double doors and are there any skill requirements for push / drag? And would a 2 level house suffice or would the mast peek through the roof? Thanks in advance. Magnir
  20. Arreat Plateu's workshop is finally in business! Hours of operation: Thursday - Sunday Shipping Info: Items will be sent by mail or be available for pickup. Orders of 10s or more may be delivered anywhere on Independence. The goods: Blacksmithing Items 50 QL - 25 copper 70 QL - 50 copper 80 QL - 80 copper Shipbuilding Sailboat - 2 silver Corbita - 8 silver Cog - 12 silver Knarr - 16 silver All ships come with lock and anchor free of charge and are imped to 50QL. The QL on these is guaranteed to be 60+ for Corbita's and up. Construction time is guaranteed to be under two weeks. Currently Building: Knarr Queued: 0 Order Status (ships): open Leatherworking 50 QL items - 25 copper 50 QL studded set - 2.5 silver 50 QL leather set - 2 silver Carpentry 50 QL - 25 copper 60 QL - 40 copper Cloth Tailoring 50 QL items - 25 copper 60 QL items - 40 copper Fine rug - Add 10 copper Beautiful rug - Add 20 copper Exquisite rug - Add 30 copper Misc items (sheets, sails etc) - 10 copper Ropemaking Any rope - 10 copper I look forward to your custom, cheers! Order History:
  21. Currently, you have the choice between building a corbita for perhaps .50 skill, or just improve 5 oars for 10 levels of shipbuilding. This seems pretty backwards to me, and thus I will suggest that shipbuilding gain skill a la coal making, where it is all about attaching stuff
  22. Soul Society is now an ideal location for new players who wish to build ships or specialise in skills which support ship builders. We currently have in our village/alliance multiple ship builders you can ask advice from, a Sail maker, Rope maker, Tree farmers and many other people who can help in different ways. We are looking for people who are new to the game, ideally between one and four weeks experience with the game with an intrest in the naval/trading side of the game. We are also happy to accept people with more or less experience or different interests into our other alliance villages. Assistance and some training provided, as well as access to resources, loan horses and eventually, your own area to build as you wish, within some small limitations for village aesthetics. Soul Society is a sea-side deed of a six village alliance with plans for three docks, a Guard Tower and more direct road link to Green Dog and our alliance. Our Alliance emphasises personal freedom and helping each other to acheive our goals. No specific skills are required, and village chores or alliance projects are purely voluntary. If you are interested in joining, or if you would like more information, PM Qyrti either in game or in this forum. Alliance Website: How to find Soul Society using exisitng roads: