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Found 3 results

  1. Scabbards, Sheaths, and holsters Original Wurm Character models Character customization has come a long way in Wurm. When I started the game, every single character online looked identical. Green tunic, green pants, black belt with a gold buckle. Now we can choose how our characters faces look right down to the crook in our nose. With all the new cosmetic items as of late (masks, shoulder pads, new necklace models) I'm sure many players are dreaming of the possibilities of how their Wurm Online character could look. And while many players are asking for new items (capes, cloaks, scarves, etc), I think that there is a blatantly obvious omission from the existing character appearance. Every single character in this game carries an object in their hand. Ninety nine percent of players carry a weapon. Sword, axe, staff - you have it, there are many weapons. But not one of them has a sheath. No scabbards. Not one holster on Wurm Online. Imagine a war party riding out on horseback, with axes slung over shoulders. Swords dangling from belt sheaths. Staves slotted in holsters diagonally across the back. It'd be practical in the real world, but it'd simply look nice in Wurm. An example of how weapon sheathing could look. The way I imagine it working is whenever you go out of your fighting stance (right click > No Target after engaging an opponent), the game would check if you have a scabbard, sheath, or holster equipped. If so, and so long as the weapon type you have correlates to the type of sheath you have, you will put your weapon away into it. The current "no-targeted idle" can remain in game for the people who don't have a sheath equipped. Perhaps there could be an advantage to sheathing your weapon. Increases in movement speed could be one. It can be slight, but would still give a reason for people who are out of combat to "no-target" in order to get the speed "buff". Other buffs could include crafting bonuses (you work faster when your weapon is away, and a tool in your hand) - and could perhaps, shorten action timers. And I'm just mentioning a few ideas, but you could even expand it further. Sheathing would be great! And by the way, I'm not suggesting that this be added ASAP. Its a cool idea, but I am sure there are other things that will be prioritized. This would just be a cool little perk sometime down the road with this game. So, Wurmians, what do you think? Should weapon sheathing be a thing? Post what you think below!
  2. The ability to craft and wear leather Sheaths Currently you can wear a quiver, in your side where a sword sheath would be. You can make this slot on the character able to to use both? What would be the use for the sword sheath? Much like arrows are put into a quiver, we can store weapons inside the sheath. As a back up weapon. ? Every sword needs a Sheath. Scenario #1 Bob ! Your Bob, Imagine riding on your cart along the waters edge of xanadu, trying to find your way to a highway, you stop sever times to check your compass. Wishing you would of bought a new one. you eventuality come across a guard tower going east. The guards grunt a few nasty words as you pass on by. You smear them bacm calling them trolls. The fog, slowly rolling down the moutians ahead, almost as think as smoke, hinder your chance of ever finding the highway. You decide to make camp but as prepair your tent you hear a loud thud off into the distance, echoing even. You grab your flint and strick the steel on the tar filled lantern, another thud soubds ! But closer... in a hurry you shine your lantern around attempting to find any signs of life, you heard storys of bears in this area. but suddenly a pair of greeniah colored eyez come to view. A Troll ! It charges you head on. You quickly engaged and aim for its head, as you swing at the nasty beast with your short sword, your able to land a small hit. you remember the storys your grand father told you about trolls. No not the guards you passes a few miles back, but of the healing powers these trolls have. You know that your small cut wont last long. You try go find that special long sword you bought from a traveling salesmen. With your attention not focused in combat the troll lands a deadly blow to your left shoulders, even knocking the wind from you. You try to hold him back as you search your bags and large cart. You land another blow a small cut on its arm, but its wound slowly heals right before your eyes! And then you remembered you had it in your newly crafted maple raft with it still sticky with sapp oozzing out of the nail holes. You pull out the long sword and swing. you can almost see the fear inside the trolls eyes as if he knew what he was just hit by. your able to land a few more hits, as the encnhantment takes effect its wounds get worse and he falls. Dead.. You pray to the gods there was a better way to store weapons on your person. Something you can wear on your toolbelt, something and then the words roll off your lips (sheath) the gods give you the information you need. The next morning you locate your leather from a large crate inside your cart. You get to work. You make a large sheath, you take off your quiver and store it away. And replace it with your new invention. The Large Sheath.. You put your long sword in one of the slots your crafted out of leather and iron rivets. Even your short sword has ita own new alot. you decide why not add your carving and leather knife in there respected holes you made for the sheath. Still fresh in your mind you make several prototypes to test out. You practice switch out your weapons, and do a little stretching. The wound you suffered only left a bruise. You decide to put plate armour on for the remaining of the journey. You get several odd looks even gettting the nick name Rambo by a passerby near the summerholt gates. Bob lived a very long life, selling his new invention to everyone in freedom. He was never caught off guard aging trying locate his weapons to fight certain types of things. Help bob spread his invention across the lands.
  3. sword sheaths and guiges and for axes and mauls maybe something like this? i would suggest they would work like 1-slot toolbelts and containers at the same time but just for the weapon or shield it is meant for. the guige would have to be attached to the shield its used for aswell. all items would be leatherworking and possibly golden gemstone-encrusted scabbards for swords made by the jewelry smiths. secondly i want to suggest a one-handed spear weapon that only lets you equip a shield in the left hand, no idea how that would work with the coding just would love to see it if possible