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Found 5 results

  1. So on my server, I made a custom map and changed the water level to much lower than normal. As a result, I now have sharks on land, as shown in this picture. I should have done a video, because when in motion, all 4 sharks will literally circle that poor horse. So question is, do I have to stick with the default water height in the custom mapping programs, to avoid this, or is there another fix? I haven't tried fishing yet, but when I do, will I be able to fish on dry land? Edit.. not sure why I can't get imgur images to paste in here now.
  2. I am new to the Wurm thing and was wondering is it possible to see sharks, sea monsters, and make server clusters so i can explore/do deep sea fishing with my girlfriend
  3. <Silverbean> [03:03:13] You target Old starving huge shark. <Silverbean> [03:03:37] You have received the hunted status and may be attacked without penalty for half an hour. Strange... No idea what happened here. Just in a boat with some buddies thinning the massive shark population over on serenity, when *BLAM* hunted. Worst day of my life guys... Worst day.
  4. Edit: To clarify, there is some variety in the potential of this armour and that is why the poll is so varied. Either we can have a halfway armour between plate and chain or we can have a 80% of dragon armour substitute. /Edit Between chain and plate armour: Materials: Bear skin Shark skin Lion pelt Wolf skin Crocodile hide 2-5 kg of steel per piece 5-8 kg of iron per piece copper bronze tin Skills: First part of the process uses leather working. - 70 skill Second part uses chain armour smithing - 70 skill Third plate armour smithing - 50 skill (Why? So that it probably uses three smiths and makes leather working more relevant.) Basic process: Make a basic armour set using the animal parts, the padding under the armour with LW. Attach the chain pieces for the joints and to hold the plates on. Attach plates to the pieces. Results: Breast plate weight 3.80 kg (chains is 2.20 and plate is 5.72) Speed on cobble stone 12.79 km/h (chain is 13.90 km/h and plate 10.89) 62.5% damage reduction at QL 100 (chain 55% - plate 70%) Low glance rate - cutting Medium to high glance rate - piercing Medium glance - mauling Sorry, these are the closest I came to finding what I meant to show you:
  5. Was this just a here and gone fad? I'd like to see them spawn again. Made sailing a boat more exciting every now and then.