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Found 10 results

  1. Like the Title says Selling Settlement Form for 8s *Delivery Free for Release PM Stonecutter1995 here on the forums for a offer or pm Stonecutter ingame
  2. WTS Settlement Form 8s sold
  3. WTS Settlement Form 8s Pick-up @ 7x 37y cozy bay Deliverance
  4. Anyone has a spare form to get rid off on Celebration? I need to shift my deed 6 tiles south and dont wanna pay full price for it.
  5. I'm sure many of you have had this issue. The mayor of your village goes offline for months and it hampers village growth, or perhaps somebody who owns a lot of writs to a perticular area hasn't been on in ages and it's stopping an expansion. My Idea is to add a small textbox at the bottom of writs and Settlement Forms that allow for the addition of a sort of safety owner. You would type the name of a character into this box, and set a time period (scaling monthly from 1 month to 6 months) If you were to be offline for this length of time, the ownership of the writ/deed would default to the person whom you named in said writ. That way, if a mayor takes an extended leave from Wurm, he can safely set a 2nd in command to recieve ownership after a specific time period, letting the village get back on it's feet again. Should the original owner then log back on, the writ/deed would be re-transferred to their character immediately. it should be noted that this field can be left blank and the writ/deed would function normally. Any comments, suggestions, questions?
  6. Hello! I'm located in Exodus and i'm looking to buy a settlement form from someone that don't need it anymore, for a price of 8s-8.5s-9s I know that I can buy it for 10s from a normal trader, but if someone have bought it for mistake and want to have back more coins than the normal trader.. well, just contact me Thanks!
  7. Hello, im going to the epic server's and i bought this stuff but no way to get what i lost back, so i am trying to sell it.. Just a Settlement form (paid 10s) and then my two soft caps.... But i will give you all three of these items for only 9s. My ingame User is Roomfourone. Thanks!
  8. I've tried to /support this twice over two days, i didnt get a reply for 2 hours the first day and had to logg off, then i tried again today and its been nearly 8 hours with no response so i guess i'll post here in hopes of some help. In my inventory i had 1x Settlement Form (for creating a deed) and 2x Deed forms (for current deeds) (one of them was from my original deed, the form stayed with me on disband and never dissapeared, the other form is for the deed i am currently holding onto, Arcanum). I noticed all three of these items had dissapeared yesterday, i've tried relogging multiple times and checked everywhere in my inventory/backpacks as these are no drop items, but they have failed to appear. I havent changed server recently (i'm on the elevation server) and on examine i am still shown as mayor of the deed, it hasnt disbanded, although this still wouldnt explain my missing settlement form or the random dissapearance of my souvenier form.