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Found 29 results

  1. Looking for adventure? Looking for mobs big and small? Looking for a server that is NOT saturated with other players? Serenity, one of the Epic servers can provide all this and more. A semi PVP server with higher skill gain (sorry non - transferrable) server with loads of space to wander, creatures to fight, exploration galore, old deeds to pick through or rebuild, start a new deed of your own after you skill up a bit, or hang out with me and any other players willing to join me and the handful of other players on the server. Unique hunts and rift participation is not required, but fun when you can join in. Or simply grow and help provide for the alliances needs in whatever skill you want to bring to the table. Honestly have not had need to make a lot of preparations for new players on the server or deed, but I can do so quickly if you want to join me on My Epic Home. Located not far from the starter town, I am on deed a couple times a day, and can be tagged on here if you want me to meet you there and bring you on deed. My Epic home has spirit guards to protect new players as they grow and learn, plenty of stuff that can be done on deed, and I am happy to provide space for you to build your own house, or provide a bed while you learn so you can strike out on your own. Join a friendly community and alliance. Welcome to Serenity on the Epic Servers! Lynd
  2. Day 1 : The Arrival I ran as fast as I could.. east. It was the direction my brother told me to go. He said there used to be a camp there with a tavern and training facilities. And so maybe it was at one time.. This place is deserted.. There are a few kingdom guards left, old and worn out. Most hide in there towers because its over run with trolls.. Two lost there life helping me to the so called tavern. Keeping their oath to the kingdom to protect all who fight for its glory. We are far from glory now I am afraid. Now I sit writing this thinking why did I come here anyway , but I know I must keep my oath as well. If I do not, then I am wasting their sacrifice and all those who came before. And who knows, the future King or Queen could walk though those doors any day. I will remain, train , and light these musty old forges a-new. /Delrago pushes the journal away and takes in the room upstairs of the run down tavern. / "Lots of cleaning to do", he mumbles to himself ,"I better get started"
  3. Jenn-Kellon is Recruiting on Serenity! (Epic Islands/Southern Freedom Cluster) We are welcoming all players, both casual/poor farmers and PVP-driven to join us on Serenity. Our alliance has many ancient players who have watched the great kingdoms of the Epic servers rise and fall. A few members of the community have joined together in creating a public crafting area, dubbed Noob City, directly East of Strongbox that will have nearly all crafting stations, many beds, a walled-in but public mine, walled in areas to safely farm, breed animals, and gain skills safely. There is a guard tower that will watch over the majority of the new player area. Inside the mine there is copper, slate, iron, marble, and a few forges. We please ask that you allow traited animals to remain there and to leave anything that doesn't belong to you. There are sets of tools for newer players to take in the crafting house and please do not take more than you need as there is a limited supply. That being said there is nothing of real value here in this stead so all you looters out there really won't find anything worth stealing in any building on the premises. There are large pre-leveled portions of the new player area that we do not have plans for so if you have the inclination to build your own house or have a bright idea you think might benefit these surroundings, then please go ahead. Clay is within 100 tiles North and there is a large sand pit just a few tiles away. We as a server are constantly working to bring down all the unique and legendary creatures that roam the server. We have weekly alliance slayings and a few PVP deeds on Elevation but will accept those who wish to join provided you meet some of these requirements (they are not all hard requirements but will greatly increase your chance of getting an invite to our alliance): 50+ Huge Axe Skill (for slaying unique creatures) 50+ One hand weapon/Large Shield skill (for PVP) 70+ Fight Skill 21 Body Control The server has several priests of all faiths and if you join our alliance, we'll be sure to help you with casted tools, weapons, etc as you ask for them. I have made it my duty to collect all unlocked or otherwise public rowboats and deliver them to the ports of Strongbox for easy transportation across the server. There are plans in motion to rid Serenity of its fruit tree and bush infestation and to replace them with hardwood forests. Long stretches of 3 to 5 tile wide highways extend across Serenity and connect faraway locales. To those of you who are prone to building large deeds with dirt walls, there are many ruins of deeds long gone that are 100% deed ready, provided you have the bricks for walls. We are fortunate to have dedicated repairmen who find and note all guard towers across the map. Our alliance also shares the locations of Utmost veins, 3 to 5 speed horses, and if you are planning a deed, I'm sure we can help you with bricks as well. My ingame pseudonyms are Rangerklypf, Specialist, and feel free to PM me ingame or on these forums if thinking if giving Serenity - Epic a try. I will also be happy to help you along your journey if you have any questions. We hope to see your faces and support you as you make your mark upon this world.
  4. Old player returning, looking to hang out with a group for a while. Plate smither in training, with 70 digging. Any group would be nice. PM me GMT+00 time.
  5. Am quite an old player. Around 80FS, & like smithing plate armour up to quality 80. Being fair, I just like smithing in general. Can plan biggish houses too, with a host of Jack-of-all-trade skills. Only one catch, need a ride from Elevation. I'm stranded there somewhere. Anyone interested? - if this post becomes 2 years old without a response, assume the offer's still good haha
  6. Unable to tunnel in to begin a mine on any rock tile. [19:17:47] A surface highway interferes with your tunneling operation. Same message no matter when it is tried, have moved to a mountain completely devoid of paved tiles, still unable to tunnel. Server affected (so far) Serenity. Has also been reported by other players on this server.
  7. A long time ago, I would say 2-3 years ago I was in the village of Mount Rustlemoar. It was a village in the heart of Serenity, quite some distance from the shore and fairly secluded. I was playing the game with my good friend at the time Jackburton, and while we were enjoying time crafting and digging around the deed we both heard a strange noise that no one else seemed to hear. Now granted I have about 8 years of game time, and Jack has 8-9 as well, so 16 between the both of us. We know the sounds things make, we know the game in and out. That sound we heard, could be compared to a woman screaming in the distance. Now, I know many of you may try to come up with an explanation but let me dispel some of them It was not a pig or unique death noise, it was unmistakable in origin it sounded like an actual shrill scream almost horror movie in nature. It was not related to ambient sounds that mycelium deliver, again we were on Serenity (JK Home) and mycelium is just non-existent. In relation to the mycelium, neither of us play with ambient sounds, but we do play with ingame sounds like action based ones, meaning the scream was an action of some sort. We also lived in an extremely remote area, and were the only ones in the area. Now my question to you, have you heard anything in Wurm Online that might be classified as spooky like our event? To this day I cannot think of an explanation, and Jack and I still reminisce about it on occasion.
  8. Gather up, people! I will tell you a story about travels and adventures, lands and seas, priests and monsters! The Story of Epic Priesthood began few days ago, when my beloved wife Sein took our sail boat and travelled to see the volcanoes, on the west part of our continent Serenity... I was busy with something in the village, so she went alone. That day a thick mist fell down... In that mist, Sein travelled too far to the south, and even reached the South Harbour on Serenity. Due to bad weather, she passed along the volcanoes and didn't see them at all, thinking she is still somewhere near the north-western shores. When she realized she is lost and very far from home ( and then she realized she forgot to take food with her ), she cried of help, and I rushed to find her. I grabbed my best armor and weapons, took a small rowing boat, and sailed to one of the harbours on the western shore of our continent to meet Sein. While I was waiting for her, I tried to entertain myself as I could - lighted a few fires, killed few beasts, tamed a brown bear. You know, it's an old russian tradition you know - taming bears while you wait for someone. They are great company when you are bored! About an hour later, when Sein returned, we hid the sailboat near the western shore, and travelled back home. But that's only the half of the story... Next day I fell asleep after the hard work in the village. And Sein decided to go back to the sailboat and check if it's still there... Somehow, she managed to miss all the local monsters, and arrived to the boat. Then she thought 'Why not to try to reach Elevation?'.. Really, why not? So she sailed off the coast to the ocean, in a small sailboat, heading in unknown direction to the lands she never seen... After some time in the endless ocean, she finally saw the far shore of the other continent... It was Elevation! There Sein remembered my story about the Altar of Three Gods, located somewhere in the northern regions. And she thought 'Why not to try to become a priest?'.. Really, why not? It was a late evening, on the unknown shore of the unfamiliar Epic PvP continent... The best time for taking a trip and doing something new, yeah. So she saw a long white ray, coming from the ground up to the sky... Then she sailed there all night, along the wild Elevation shoreline. Hungry bears and sharks were swimming around all night... In the morning, when Sein got closer to the light ray location, she saw TONS OF MONSTERS roaming the shores of the northern peninsula... They all gathered around the Altar, looked like they are guarding it from unwary travellers... Trolls, demons, bears, hellhounds, goblins, spiders - almost all kinds of monsters gathered there. Sein tried to climb out of water to look around, but the shore was too steep... Luckily, there were lots of lost horses swimming around that area... And somehow Sein didn't think about what happened to their previous owners. She thought "Yay! Free horses!!!" So she caught one of the horses, mounted it and climber out of water. Then Sein waited for the best moment, when some monsters move aside, and swiftly rushed to the Altar! Unfortunately, (or luckily) only ONE hellhound noticed her... And chased her of course... Sein was wearing only thin leather armor, so by the time she reached the Altar - her horse was already dead, and Sein had some serious wounds... She quickly activated the Altar of Three... and some inscriptions started to pop up, with some questions, warnings, etc. At the same time the hellhound continued to chew her... tearing her armor and body apart... Boosted by fear and adrenaline rush, Sein clicked everything she could click! Then the Red Tunnel came, and Sein died. A great luck - she managed to choose the correct resurrection point, and appeared in our village, back on Serenity. Naked, frozen and hungry of course... Everything she had was left far behind on the Elevation, near the Altar - like it was a sacrifice to the Gods - a price to become a Priest. By that moment I woke up, and came to see what happened - her cries could wake up the dead... Sein said: 'I think I just became a priest... i'm not sure though...' So I told her to check her Favor - and yep, she had more Favor than a common Follower could ever have! Somehow in the very last moment of her life - she clicked the last window and completed the Ritual.
  9. Every one knows that birch, pine and olive trees are frowned on for being invasive and block our view in forests. Well this project is all about the cutting down of all those trees on serenity. Obviously every one should take some sprouts of each trees and make their own little corral of fast growing trees. The plan is simple: First, everyone that participates gather in Strongbox. second, once every one gathered all of us move up northeast with wagons and carts. Third, pick sprouts at their leisure and store them in crates. Fourth, each of us takes 5 tiles wide and start going south fifth, chop down all the pine birch and olive trees in the way, sixth once arrived in the south shore we restart the process more to the west Finally, the trees you cut down and chop up are obviously yours. if you need some one to deliver logs and sprouts i can use my alt to deliver as need be. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. About Us Blackwater is a large settlement on Serenity looking for crafters and pvpers alike, new and veteran players are welcomed to join us. We participate in PVP and PVE events across Serenity & Elevation. Perks for joining Safe deed. On deed housing. PVP Focused Deed Use of all work houses on deed. e.g Smithy, Tailor, leatherworking, Kitchen etc. High skilled crafters [90+] Active Elevation deed. Active Teamspeak. Active Alliance. Weekly events. Help with tools and gear. Enchanted armor and weapons provided for pvp. Easy and safe access to resources. Help with developing your skills. What requirements do I need to join? Active Loyal Prem player If you have any questions or wish to apply please send me a private message on forums or in game. Thank you! In game names: Teal, Mclovin/Solarblade. Take part in Awesome PVP events.. >http://youtu.be/51QQZwXTXpQ And PVE events! >http://youtu.be/2nbjLUV6ikE Blackwater on Storm. >http://youtu.be/e60ksVHo8z4
  11. Lasting Village 2 mins east of sb now recruiting for new players. Once we have an active base I will deed up for safety. Msg Liquiddreamz or Jadesorrow
  12. Radiant Valley A Heavy Role Play Alliance http://roleplaywurm.enjin.com/ The wars of far away kingdoms have effected the lives of many civilians across the lands. Homes have been destroyed and lives taken, leaving nothing for those who are left behind. Seeking the safety of the hills, small groups of refugees from many different kingdoms seek solace in the Radiant Hills. These people seek to reclaim the freedom and peace they once had before everything was destroyed by the invading armies. They will not be hopeless sheep though, they have vowed to never let another so easily change their lives. They strive to grow stronger with the sword in bow while also creating a community that can self sustain them while staying out of the political strife of the lands. Dreams of having a safe haven are once again close to being realized. Basic Information Villagers can build wherever they like the in the centralized area near the main household. The feel of the group is to be like pioneers with separate homes in the wilderness who create a village center for meetings and trade. The villagers should work together and share commodities; supporting each other in a barter like system. Guilds, churches, and politics are all future goals of the village to create story lines within the village. Characters talents (in character skills) will be loosely based on their skills in game. Although the focus of this group is not about grinding and more about role playing, your character can't really be a master swordsmen if the character has a fight skills of 2. More guidance on this will come later. The main story line of this group is about families who've moved away from their old lands to come to the wilderness and set up away from the dangers of war. They hope that they won't be troubled here but it may be possible. Many of the characters have most likely suffered loss. Griefing and stealing from one another will not be tolerated, unless by chance your character is a thief type and then plots may be constructed for your thieving ways. Once caught though, the community may see to remove you from their paradise in character. Death will be handled in character as well. With each death a character suffers, the character will suffer a major scar or other change to their body and actions. We will see death as the character being knocked out or severely wounded. If the character has died more then 10 times in game, then that character will die in character as well. The player will then have to make a new character to play under the name if they wish. Role play will be conducted by using the /me option and describing many of our actions included with dialogue. RP will be conducted in the Local Channel while OOC will be held in the Village chat. (This may change later.) If this seems interesting to you, please contact me in game under Coren or here on the page. If you don't know how to RP I'll be happy to show you the ropes. Village Professions Elder: Coren Priest of the Three Gods: Leader of the Peace: Stonecutters' Speaker: Carpenters' Speaker: Laborers' Speaker: Agricultural Speaker: Bowyer: Armorer: Swordsmith: Leatherworker: Shipwright: UncleJames Innkeeper: Brewmaster: Head Merchant: Hunter's Guild Leader: Night Stalker's Guild Leader: Farmers: Anteos, Kilida Stonecutters: UncleJames Carpenters: UncleJames Smiths: Guardsmen: Hunters: Laborers: Willson
  13. Create a new map the size of chaos for epic without home-servers but "home islands" that are factored into the size of the map, because as it stands the current epic maps are either ruined by Valrei events or lack any true definition in land(lack of real mountains,real islands, or just in general lack of contours) or too small(Affliction). No skill resets just a map and item resets.
  14. Hello, my name is David, I have been playing Wurm for a long time and have recently been thinking about writing about my experience and have decided to do just that. However, this is the first time I have ever written a short story (although I have always wanted to) let alone a story people will read (I hope), so as this will be a learning experience for me you may find my style of writing will change from time to time, although I will attempt to make it consistent. Furthermore, I have never been known for my ability to spell, although I would class myself as an average speller, some mistakes may crop up, so please bear with me. Before we get into the story I would like to go over some of my game history, just so it makes it easier to follow. I started in Wurm about 4 years ago, however my first attempt was very brief as my old PC wasn't up to running the game so after a week or two I gave up, in that time however I fell in love with the concept of the game and knew I would come back. So about 2 years ago I got a new laptop and within the first week I was wurming. I do not remember my first character, but when I joined the second time on the new laptop I became Bandon and settled on Desertion. I played as Bandon for a few months but never really accomplished anything, nothing that I remember anyway. Then I took a break from wurm again, I have taken a few breaks over the years, some voluntary and some due to technical difficulty or something of that nature that prevented me from playing. I will be referencing these breaks in my story, but to keep with the theme I will be referring to them vaguely, such as saying “I wandered into the woods and was not seen for some time†or something of that nature. Now this story will be about my third and current character Anarion, who is on Serenity. Some may know the name, not very many. I will be talking about Anarion's adventures in the third person and I will be keeping my story based on actual events that happened in game, although I will be adding some extra content for more depth in the story, especially at the start, but all of my adventures will be based off real in game experiences. (note- the first chapter is complete fiction for the purpose of setting up the story, the second chapter is loosely based on the tutorial.) Now, without any more delay or dilly-dallying and with no further ado what soever..... let the story begin... Chapter 1 – A life of Adventure In a small village in the heart of Desertion a soft wind blew, rustling the leaves of the trees in the orchard and stirring the dust on the gravel road. The town was like any other small rural village in the are, the people kept to themselves and travelers on the road were a rarity, although as the years progressed travelers came more frequently and it was for this reason that the mayor had decided to build an Inn in the heart of the village. It was by this Inn, that was rising from its foundations as the workers toiled with bricks and mortar, that a young man stood. He watched the workers laboring and marveled at the Inn, the first stone building in the village. But what really filled his mind was the thought of the travelers who would one day dwell within. The young man, Anarion was his name, had always dreamed of travelling, it was noted by other villagers that all he seemed to talk about was distant places he had heard of or about travelers he had seen and what they had said. The behavior was considered odd and so was he, it was not like normal villagers to obsess about distant places, of course when a traveler passed on the road everyone stopped to have a look, but not for long and they were soon forgotten about as the daily tasks took preference. But Anarion would not forget, he wished for nothing more than to join those travelers, to leave his small village and see the world. Anarion's desire to leave was always put down to his lack of friends within the village, even before he was considered “odd†he had very few friends and no one could say they knew him well. As a child other mothers would tell there children to go play with him, but Anarion didn't want to play, even as a child he was reclusive, preferring to learn a new skill than charging around a field with the other children. When his parents asked about this he used his size as an excuse, claiming that the other children were bigger and even if he did go with them he wouldn't keep up, his parents didn't push the issue as they saw no problem in a boy putting practical skills over playing. Now as young man he still kept to himself, although not exactly friendless, though you would never see him in the local tavern. His lack of friends was not the reason Anarion wanted to leave, nor was it his dreams of adventures or his parents passing a few years previous, although they were a part. It was Anarion's greed that was the source of his desire. Anarion's village was not wealthy, although not exactly poor either, but with no valuable resources it was never going to be a village known by any save those who lived there, even those that passed through were oblivious to its name. This is the reason that Anarion wished to leave, in books, of which the town had few, he read about cities and great markets, of ports with massive ships and about the richer world outside his village. He was sure that if he left and made for the town of Strong Box, where every adventure he read began, he would find a place to make his fortune. He believed he had the skill, the knowledge and the determination to make something of his future, so one morning as the sun rose and the day broke he stepped out the door of his family home, with his fathers old short sword on his hip, his savings in his pocket and a few items he would need in a backpack he left his village. As he looked back to his old house he considered what would become of it now that he was gone, it was a brief thought, as he turned his head back to the road in front of him he didn't look back again. His village was his old life, this was the begging of his new one.
  15. Welcome in the Lands of Wurm, in Serenity, Kingdom and homeland from Jenn-Kellon, protected by the Withe Light, by The Holy Three, Fo, Vynora and Magranon, guide us shining bright and free, so our homeland be free off evil, war and tyranny. Me and a friend want to recrut new Players, yes, you read it correctly, new Players, because we know that it is hard to get in the game and figure out how things work, so we want to support them and educate them so they can leave the deed with many knowledge and maybe creat a own deed later. What we offer - A friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - A kind of education/knowledge - Food/water - Materials - Skillgain - A home (our deed, Wotansberg) What it needs to join us - Also a friendly, respectful and helpful atmosphere - Teamspeak 3 (link below) - Speaking English - Being from the Jenn-Kellon Kingdom of course We wil guide players, for example talk about to being a prist, talking about the for and against or help to choose which god, or in other questions and problems we will help, for free of course. We also will recruit players, when they dont know how long they will play, only a week or less. They should try it and the best way to try it is to join us so we can help them to figure out the game. Want to join or need more infos? Send me (Rainbowcrashger or Sauerkrautii) a PM ingame (in Local "/tell Rainbowcrashger"), post a comment below or PM in the forum. Thanks for Reading RainbowCrashGer and Sauerkrautii *Teamspeak 3: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=teamspeak3
  16. Week 4, Day of Tears – 1037 I found a horse dead today; dead with baby. Her death, of reasons unknown, brings about thoughts of my own mortality here in the wilds. Seeking safety further from the waters may shelter me from the raiders, but what other dangers have I opened myself too. Every night I hear the cracking of branches just off my perimeter, the growls of predators and the ever present smell of ash. In the light of day, I find that deer and cows graze happily, though at night I fear there happiness is extinguished when the spiders come. Fo protect me now, tis a dangerous land. All is for naught; I have become stronger in this feral landscape. With my aptitude for the sword I grow braver each day. I work the land as any proud woodsman would and enjoy the beautiful sights that are awarded me. Just out my window, I am reminded of my simple past as I look out at the Orchard Bay and remember the times spent next to my hermit neighbor, Eobersig. I can just make out his place from here and I wonder what new explorers pester him? Perhaps I should stop by soon and enjoy one of his meals, for they are the best in the bay. Life would be easier closer to civilization, but what would life be if it were easy? Perhaps soon others will find my mountain nice. Well, maybe after the spiders leave, then this could be a paradise for others besides my livestock and me.
  17. Hey everyone, just returning to the game and notice there is a few ruins around that needed fixed up. There is one in particular that I would like to build up on the Serenity server and I was wondering if anyone also was interested in helping out with the task and possibly starting up a village once we completed a perimeter. On a side note, if anyone is up for starting up a village and also would like to role play that would be possible too. When I say role play I'm not talking about that ERP crap, more like telling great stories and fleshing out our characters with written words. Role play wouldn't be required though, it was just an option I thought I'd throw out there.
  18. Every single time I try to go from the serenity server to the celebration server since I started this game 1 and a half months ago I get stuck when switching servers in an abyss. I am forced to close my game. and when I try to log back in it tells me I must register an account to log in..... I am a premium player. So far this bug has happened to me and my villagers 3 times and we are unable to celebration, which is very annoying. Everytime this has happened we have had to wait for a gm to responed, last night I waited 4 hours and a gm never responded. I am currently unable to log in. Please Rolf and company fix this issue ASAP.
  19. Amitabha will soon be entering Serenity and starting a monastery to spread the word of the Buddha into this new land. We are a group of guys and gals who originally met and started playing together in Age of Wushu. Most of us are 20+, with one or two exceptions, and all of us are dedicated and mature. I have a short temper when it comes to drama and stupidity, and I will kick you out without warning if you start becoming a drama queen/king or find that trolling is your favorite pass-time. It's a harsh policy, but its one that has lead us to extreme success in other games and has kept us a tight-knit group of competent gamers for quite a while. We use Team Speak 3 as our communication, and while you are not required to be on it, if you want to participate in PVP with us you will be required to at least be online to listen. In other games we are quite sizable (average 40 people online at any one time, usually spikes to upwards to 80 when we start in a new (read: new) game). But, knowing Wurm, I do not see that being anywhere near the case here. We will be lucky to maintain 10-15 regular players, which is why I have decided to open recruitment in Wurm prior to our actual entrance into the game. Do not fear, we have several experienced Wurm players, and will be having outside help from a couple of established settlements (in terms of high skilled labor, high quality tools, seeds, etc...). So we are not entering blind. If you are interested in joining us from the start, please feel free to visit our website and sign-up. If not, understandable. I will update this post later on when we actually enter the game in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading.
  20. We Are An Old Deed That Was Abandoned Except For Us And We Need New People. We Are Wanting To Go Back To Old Size 2 53x53 Deeds But We Are Not Willing To Put Money Into It Unless We Have Trusted People. Contact: Volix For Recruitment Location: Serenity
  21. Quahog is situated overlooking an idyllic bay where the quahogs are harvested. Founded by Griffin Peterson, who had been exiled to an Epic land by King Stewart III, Quahog has lived in peace with it's neighbors. Now, something stirs in the hearts of men, we are not content to sit by and watch while others risk their lives in the name of justice. Come live the adventure with us on Elevation. The preceding message is fictional, and has nothing to do with anything. If you are JK and want to experience Elevation PVP, message me. We can pick up on Serenity or the JK Epic portal on Elevation. Chaos server players welcome. (Epic portal on deed so you can go back and tend your fields) If you are not JK, but want to be... your welcome too. What you need: A good attitude. The ability to play well with others. A desire to read text of how you are hurting your enemies. What you will get: All your wildest dreams will come true. PM me, MaverickG, on the forums, IRC, or ingame for more information. This message is approved by Griffin Peterson, thank you for your consideration.
  22. Topic Now Closed. My RL friends have now joined me. When we feel we are ready to allow others to join, I will create a new post - Samo
  23. looking for 2-3 noobs who would like to start a humble vilage hidden in the woods in the twilight forest.
  24. Hey I'm a completely new player to Wurm, and think I'm going to try Serenity server. I didn't know if there were any groups/villages/guilds that would take someone totally new. My play time would be slightly erratic as I'm a medical student so my shifts change all the time. Anyways, in game name is Venderic as well, so if you have an easy going group that wouldn't mind showing a newb the ropes send me a message!
  25. 2 days ago i cut a large area of wood, then i took all tree's inside a mine and droped 3-4 felled tree's on the floor to cut them the next day, last night i cut all of them leaving them in piles on the ground . today when i started makin charcoal piles out of them i noticed that logs that were not full weight had 40 dmg, i cheked trough all piles and replaced where damaged but still had some in some piles , those left there like 3 h later were 80 damage. is it a bug or intended that used logs decay that fast? PS: i just realized what happends:/ the class object that makes the tree is transformed into the log object keeping all the values from the felled tree, like ql, rare value , name and decay counter, so when i made the small logs i never picked them up thus the decay counter for them started counting from 2 days ago when i droped the felled tree's:) i guess a fix to this is to reset the decay counter when turning the last piece of the felled tree into log. is not such a important bug but i assume is preety easy fix if devs know the code well enough to easly find ,and add a line of code ,in the function that turns felled tree into log:)