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Found 3 results

  1. Pretty much implied in the title. Just did an Epic traitor mission on Desertion. Reward should have been 2500 scen pts/karma and SB. No rewards at all. I did get the popup window for doing it and it completed but 0 reward. Also side note. Secondary Bug? Ridiculousness? Description: Magranon demands 36.0 of you to bring and give small small mauls to old Avatar of Magranon. Old Avatar of Magranon was last seen near Holy Crash Batman in the centerwest regions. 36? 36 players? Sorry man but we get maybe 36 players logged in at different times in a month. I feel this way too much. Epic might be getting new blood but that "new blood" isn't distributed fairly amongst kingdoms.
  2. Rightie.... The scenario/mission system is many years old but its still feels kinda halfdone in certain aspects. Especially the new PMR gods missions which pretty much noone touches atm. So with that said, here is some new stuff to improve it. 1) fix the bug where missions status doesn't switch between enemy/everyone when gods alignment does. (this causes missions to appear doable or undoable while being the opposite) 2) Add colour to the mission progress bar. Red-shaded bar colour for enemy missions. Green-shaded bar colour for missions you have participated in. Available missions that a player hasn't been participated in remains the same as before. In other words: VS It will allow players to quickly identify available missions and easier keep track of the current mission they are doing and also quickly know if they have received sleep bonus from it. Also add a 1 or 2 pixel blue line showing how much you have participated instead of a brand new line. 3) Increase the reward of larger construction projects such as pylons. It's a high difficulty (in other words high fail chance) construction involving 4250 material and terraforming. It takes multiple hours of constructing it and in most cases you are exposed to the enemy during this time. Also divide the scenario points among all participants based on contribution. There is already a list for this... The already excisting plaques. (the plaques list a bit too many players though with no participation... but thats another bug to fix) 4) Greatly increase the scenariopoints/karma of missions that has settlement draining as a requirement and distribute it equally among all players in local that are of the same kingdom as the drainer. 5) If a person doing a valrei structure ritual or tower ritual mission is in a group: Then equally distribute scenario points/karma among the group. 6) Double the rewards of enemy homeserver missions. Increase rewards by half on Elevation. (risk vs reward and promoting pvp) 7) Split scenario point pools of diffrent gods in the spell list. 8) Upon hovering over the scenario point pools currently this is displayed "Scenario Points is a beneficial effect caused by players"... Replace it with information that actually says what it is to newbies. Like "Scenario points are rewarded from missions and have the chance of giving valrei items at the end of a scenario on Epic" 8) Upon hovering over one of the scenario point pools, add a secondary displayed line with the ammount of tickets and the ammount of points to the next ticket and the karma generated from the scenario missions. "Tickets (4), Next ticket (643 points), Karma gained (6700)" sidenote for devs: you only need the already excisting scenario points number to calculate all these things client-sided. 9) Get a ingame valrei map going... ya know... the WIP one posted earlier All the coding excist already and you can borrow some placeholder icons untill proper ones are made if need be Overall I think this will heighten the desire to participate in missions (even if its a PMR god, cuz of that sweet 30min sleep bonus). Especially the more difficult/hostile missions that a lot of people currently pass on. And just in general make valrei and missions feel more complete.
  3. Demigod/god

    is it really possible to Become a demigod/God. if so how would that work? i saw it on the Wiki and was wondering.