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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! First off, thank you for taking the time to read this. The bug in question is with changes not working as intended on Epic with Sacrificing for missions. Recent Patch Changes: Changed sacrifice creature missions so the action is only 12s long instead of 30s. Changed the chance of interruption during the action to be a lot less. The way it is currently working: Primary Concern: After many attempts by several players on different mobs. Sacrifice is clearly being interrupted at a FAR higher rate than before the last update leaving us unable to complete sacrifice missions due to the frustration of interruption. Secondary Concern: The action timer for sacrificing does not reflect the twelve second action that it is suppose to take. E.g. the action timer is about 2 seconds and extremely quick for Sacrificing. Assorted sacrificial knives ranging in different QLs.
  2. Make sacrificing rare/supreme items give you Calories Carbs Fats and Proteins. Rare 50% supreme 100% or Rare 33% Supreme 66% fantastic 100%
  3. Hey! So the missions that are going on Xanadu have two sacrificing required missions, the Deadly Quill one for Libila and Black Circlet for Magranon. I found a Deadly Quill and sacrificed it, but got mission progress out of Black Circlet mission. Here's the screenshot of me picking the Deadly Quill on event tab, but got the progression on Black Circlet mission.
  4. Currently, sacrificing an animal gets you 7 favor, maximum, possibly getting you less depending on the age of the animal. This is really bad. Animals aren't exactly in infinite supply, so why not increase the amount of favor you get from sacrificing one? 1-7 favor is so low it's hardly worth doing except in case of emergency. Multiplying the current values by 4 or 5 would actually give people an incentive to do it.
  5. Greetings, I am looking to buy 1k of high quality chopped corn, to sacrifice for favor. This first time I will pickup at your location, but if the deal goes well I may buy larger quantities in the future and utilize delivery. Please send me a message here or in-game, to let me know what your price is. Thanks!
  6. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am that my 99QL vegetables give me 88QL chopped ones because my sacraficing is now linked to cooking instead of farming. I thought I would tell you how much better my priest's life is these days.
  7. Churches are nice and all, but in what religion are priests restricted to working at a fixed altar? Aren't the powers of their gods bigger than a lump of gold in a building? Problem: altars scattered all over. Every unique hunt will have 1-3 altars dropped. People leave them behind in mines and when deeds fail. So many other items can be loaded and reused, but sadly not altars, because of the domain issues. Solution: Portable Altars! A new altar type (Marble? Copper?) that has no domain influence, can be picked up (loaded at the very least, but picked up means less altars left laying around) and allows saccing, sermons and praying. Could even make it deity neutral.
  8. As title says I am looking to buy any and all rare and supreme otherwise useless components, this includes vegetables, fish, flowers, parts, raw materials, and anything else you can think of. I am offering the following: CoD at my expense: Rare: 5c Supreme: 15c Pickup (bulk only 30+ items): Rare 10c Supreme 20c I am located at D10 in Xanadu, I would prefer someone close for pickup, but willing to travel, leave a msg on the forums here or pm me in game Silas
  9. (This is based on real ingame occurances) It is a warm, early summer evening when Ulviirala enters the Large Rat Inn to sit down at the bar, choosing a stool that has quite some distance to anyone else. She raises her hand to the barkeeper and he'd be right with her, to order a tap ale right away. The evening progresses and she doesn't really bother to talk to anyone. Of course the barkeeper knew that she had something on her heart from the beginning, but he didn't want to impose. After staring away at the bottom of mug after mug, the barkeep finally approached her.. "So, what's on your mind?", the barkeep asks. Ulviirala tries to look surprised, giving him the raised eyebrow, "What?", she says. She knew all too well that she wanted to tell this to someone, but yet she felt that nobody would believe her anyway. A burden on her mind that she would never be able to get rid of. "There's obviously something on your mind you haven't been able to get rid of yet, so what's the deal? D'your boyfriend ditch you? S'your husband betrayed you, or what?", the barkeep asks boldly and confidently. Ulviirala impulsively chuckles for a second and turns her head away. "No. It's not any of that." A moment of silence passes before the barkeep makes a brief gesture, as if to ask, what it is instead. Ulviirala looks back at him, and while turning away her head from him replies, "You wouldn't believe me anyway". "I've heard a lot of stories to this day, some I believe, some I don't, and some I still ponder about to this day... and those are the best. So what kind is yours?", he asked with a really brash attitude. Ulviirala looks at him, almost with a smug face, saying "You wouldn't believe it anyways". But in truth she was not trying to be smug, she was afraid. Afraid to embarrass herself, afraid to be the laugh of the town, afraid of the consequences, afraid of that people would even put HER on the pyre for reporting the strange things she'd seen. No, she couldn't ever talk about that night when they came out. When she heard the words echo through the forest at night... mistress libila hear my plea, I offer my body to the master but my soul belongs to thee... and the insistent yell of someone else... KEEP GOING... AGAIN... mistress libila hear my plea, I offer my body to the master but my soul belongs to thee... and then the death scream. Yes. Whoever was saying that... "prayer"... certainly died soon after. His death screem echoed through the forest at night. Followed by a hollowing "GOOD, NOW BRING THE BODY TO ME". She had talked to her neighbours who sure had noticed that strange behaviour as well, and she was able to gather more information about it. She thinks she has some idea of what is happening there, and a tiny glimpse of what "the master" is. But she didn't dare talk about it to the barkeep at all. "Just leave me alone!", she exclaimed, looking away and mumbling, "I don't want any trouble at my doorstep". And the barkeep sure enough stopped asking questions, and left Ulviirala drinking just until after midnight, drink after drink, until she started stumbling out of the inn without talking to anybody at all. (To be continued... maybe... depends on the replies)
  10. Hello Devs and fellow Wurmians, after all the love the Libilan sacrificial items get (which is good and long waited for) I think it's time again to remind everyone that the yoyos are still messed up. To make a yoyo you need a 1kg shaft and 0.2kg of string. When created you have a yoyo of 0,1kg and a wood scrap of 0,1kg. A whole 0,8kg of shaft magically disappear into nothingness. Now let's take a look at the whole process for a minute: You cut a tree and turn it into ~7 logs of 24kg each. Now you turn those into ~84 shafts of 1kg each. Make those into yoyos and you have 84 yoyos of 0,1kg each. That's 8,4kgs of yoyos made from 168kgs of wood. You lose 159,6 kgs of wood. That's crazy enough... but if you compare it to other sacrificial items like locks it gets even worse. A yoyo is a useless fun item. So you have to grind a fun but useless skill to make them. But you can't just start right away... No... you first have to plant cotton fields, wait a few days and then turn the cotton into strings. Only then you can start to make your sacrificial item for your loved goddess. For Magranons locks you pick your pickaxe, mine some iron and turn it into a lock using a very useful skill which everybody needs to secure their belongings. Tl;dr Version: Yoyos take a lot of ressources and a useless skill to get the same benefits like other priests get for a fraction of their time/effort. Edit: Just to clarify... I don't want the sacrificial item of Vynora to be changed... I only want Yoyos to be fixed so it doesn't use a whole shaft to make one yoyo.
  11. Starting bid: 20s Reserve: none Buyout: 40s Min inc: 1s Snipe protection: 1 hour Free delivery to all on Deliverance, anywhere else you will have to pickup from anywhere you wish on deli (with a big boat) as their mass is rather large. A break down: 200 x 83.96 = 2720 562 x 74.60 = 6086 1208 x 64.48 = 9960 667 x 54.68 = 3988
  12. So I had a 30.56ql rare pinewood log that I cut. I saved it for a sacrifice a couple hours later (it still had no damage). I expected to get a refresh but didn't get anything. I think the problem is I cut this log from a young tree, so it gave a smaller weight log straight from the cut-down action. I notice in the past if you cut shafts from a rare log or a brick from a rare rock shard, etc. that if most of the rare is used, it won't count for a refresh. In this case, the log was still entirely intact with it's initial weight and quality. I assume the code thought that it was a mostly-used log though, not granting the refresh. Not a big deal, but just wanted to report the bug.
  13. I'm looking to purchase bulk materials for the sacrifice of our Vynora priest, Vynt. Materials must be delivered to the First Church of Wurm in the city of Ultimarus, Independence. Please send a private message with the Material Type, Material Quantity, and Price. I'll look forward to doing business with you. Sincerely, Soniczap