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Found 2 results

  1. Offers accepted! A merchant is available with many of these items at Valendriel S10! Sleep powders: 1.1s each Compasses: QL 69.30 - 3.3s Enchants: Saw 72ql woa88 - 1.8s Pickaxe 1.5ql coc50 - 10c Pickaxe 1.5ql coc62 - 25c Pickaxe 1.5ql coc70 - 60c Pickaxe 70ql woa44 coc76 - 1.1s Pickaxe 72ql woa65 coc89 - 2.6s Pickaxe 72ql woa84 coc86 - 3.4s Pickaxe steel 2ql coc61 - 40c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc63 - 45c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc64 - 45c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc66 - 50c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc67 - 50c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc68 - 50c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc77 - 70c Pickaxe steel 2ql coc79 - 80c Small anvil 70ql coc72 - 90c Leather glove, 70ql, Aosp98 - 2.8s Maul, iron 57.09ql n72 fb87 coc71 - 2.5s Axe, iron 49.03ql n75 fb85 coc70 - 2.5s Huge axe, iron 80ql AD n84 fb88 coc74 - 5s Huge axe, iron 80ql n75 fb75 coc73 - 4.5s Longsword, iron 69ql n67 fb81 coc75 - 3s Longsword, iron 80ql n79 fb71 coc95 - 7.5s Large maul, iron 79ql AD n60 fb59 coc69 - 4s Large maul, iron 79ql AD n91 fb72 coc52 - 7s Large maul, iron 80ql n75 fb95 coc80 - 7.8s Large maul, iron 80ql n82 fb87 coc68 - 5s 2h sword, iron 79ql n78 fb84 coc82 - 5s 70ql Chain, aosp enchanted, 50i per aosp power: Jacket: aosp70, 62, 52, 51, 48 Pants: aosp56, 52, 46 Sleeves: aosp52, 49, 45, 44, 39, 36, 35, 33, 33 Coif: aosp66, 50 Dyes: I now have 44kg each of: 211 rgb dye 56.04ql. [19:35:37] Dye, used to colour clothing and items with. Colors: R=211, G=211, B=211. 216 rgb dye 61.47ql. [19:35:24] Dye, used to colour clothing and items with. Colors: R=216, G=216, B=216. 217 rgb dye 62.50ql. [19:35:00] Dye, used to colour clothing and items with. Colors: R=217, G=217, B=217. 5 silver takes it all (collection only), or can split for 5c per kg. Made to order: (Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Leatherworking, Shipbuilding) We are not taking orders for the time being Full iron/copper chain armour set 50ql: 75c Full iron/copper chain armour set 70ql: 1.8s Blacksmithing tools 40ql: 10c Blacksmithing tools 50ql: 15c Blacksmithing tools 60ql: 35c Blacksmithing tools 70ql: 50c (Large anvil +20c) (Fine) Carpentry tools 50ql: 15c (Fine) Carpentry tools 60ql: 35c (Fine) Carpentry tools 70ql: 50c Carpentry tools 80ql: 65c Carpentry tools 90ql: 80c Leather armour set 60ql: 40c Leather armour set 70ql: 1.3s Leather armour set 80ql: 2.3s Studded +10c Toolbelt 50ql: 20c Toolbelt 60ql: 30c Toolbelt 70ql: 40c Toolbelt 80ql: 60c Saddle 50ql: 30c Saddle 60ql: 40c Saddle 70ql: 50c Saddle 80ql: 90c Ships: Rowboat 50c Sailboat 1.5s Corbita 5s Cog 8s Knarr 15s Caravel 25s Ships will be 50ql with lock and anchor, delivery not included. Taking offers: Snow lanterns: 2x99ql Fireworks 3x80ql Potions: 25ql, 2x29ql, 30ql, 31ql, 32ql, 45ql, 60ql, 87ql Yellow potions: 3x16ql, 3x32ql, 3x48ql, 3x50ql, 3x64ql, 3x80ql, 3x96ql, 4x100ql Rare zinc lump, ql 35.78 Supreme zinc lump, ql 75.62 Rare lead lump, ql 55.50 Supreme lead lump, ql 45 Rare gold lump, ql 2.50 Rare gold lump, ql 27.95 2x Rare tin lump, ql 56.50 Buyer pays CoD. Pickup from Xanadu S10.
  2. Horse Ironbenny found

    Came across a brown horse "ironbenny" at about Q9 as i was sailing west to Deli. if that's your horse, I hauled his ass to shore and dropped him off ont he rocks by the parked MR wagon near Q8